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Politeness, Pragmatic, Discourse Analysis, Error analysis

Arina Johari joined the IIUM in December 2004 as a lecturer in CELPAD. She is now a Lecturer in the Malay For International Communication Program at Kulliyyah of Languages and Management (KLM). Her expertise is in socio-pragmatics, linguistics politeness and error analysis. She has published on the above areas particularly in topics relating to pragmatics, linguistic politeness and error analysis. She is also the author and co-author of several chapters in books on the above topics published by Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka. Arina Johari obtained her Bachelor Degree in Malay Linguistics and Journalism from UPM (1999); Master Degree in Educational Administration from UPM (2002); and PhD in Malay Pragmatics at UM, Malaysia (2019). She has taught various courses in Linguistics and is curremore...

B.A (Hons) Malay Linguistics and Journalism, UPM - 1999 M.Sc Educational Administration, UPM - 2002 PhD Pragmatics, UM -2019

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Latest Additions

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