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Abd Rahman, Saodah (2011) 1Malaysia tidak menghapuskan identiti kaum. Utusan Malaysia. p. 10.

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Abdullah Yusof, Selamah and Wan Jusoh, Wan Jamaliah and Abd. Rokis, Rohaiza (2013) Risk exposure, risk-bearing capacity, and risk-coping strategies: A comparative study among urban households. In: IIUM Research, Invention and Innovation Exhibition (IRIIE) 2013, 19-20th February 2013, Cultural Activity Centre (CAC) and KAED Gallery, IIUM.

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Badi, Jamal Ahmed Bashier (2014) مرتكزات الوسطية الدينية عند علماء المالكية. In: المذهب المالكي أصوله وقضاياه , 27-29 January 2014, Tripoli, Libya. (In Press)

Badi, Jamal Ahmed Bashier (2014) Barriers hindering tafakkur (thinking) from an Islamic perspective. In: 2nd International Conference on Creativity & Innovation for Sustainable Development (IICI 2014), 20th-22nd October 2014, Conference Room, Kuliyyah Information and Communication Technology, International Islamic University Malaysia.


Che Mohd Salleh, Marhanum and Kassim, Salina and Razali, Siti Salwani (2016) A review on special takaful coverage for abandoned houses. In: National Seminar of Abandoned Housing Projects : Causes & Solutions, Kuala Lumpur. (Unpublished)


Dzulkifli, Mariam Adawiah and Rokis, Rohaiza and Abdul Rahim, Adibah (2012) Memahami gejala pengkid: indeks mengenalpasti golongan yang dikatakan pengkid dan tanggapan masyarakat Negeri Sembilan. Project Report. Nil. (Unpublished)

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Dzulkifli, Mariam Adawiah and Rokis, Rohaiza and Abdul Rahim, Adibah (2013) Public perception toward and identification of pengkid: A case study of people of Negeri Sembilan. In: IIUM Research, Invention and Innovation Exhibition (IRIIE) 2013, 19-20th February 2013, Cultural Activity Centre (CAC) and KAED Gallery, IIUM.


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Khamsiah Ismail, Khamsiah and Nor Faridah Abd. Manaf, Nor Faridah and Farizah Jaafar, Farizah and Che Noraini Hashim, Che Noraini (2015) Effects of group therapy on female inmates’ self-belief and psychological well-being: a case study at Malaysian women prison. In: 6th Global Conference Probing the Boundries – Experiencing Prison, 6-8 May 2015, Dubrovnik, Croatia. (Unpublished)


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Mir Ghani, Sabah and Solihin, Sohirin Mohammad (2016) من مقاصد السياحة في ضوء القرآن الكريم التدبر وإعمال العقل = Glimpses from the purposes of tourism in light of the Qur’an: pondering and application of the mind. At-Tajdid, 20 (39A). pp. 307-332. ISSN 1823-1926

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Wan Mohd Nasir , Wan Hazwani and Fatah Yasin, Raudlotul Firdaus (2016) Intra-family relations of the residents of Pertubuhan Kebajikan Warga Tua Nurul Saadah, Terengganu: guiding principles from the Qur’anic perspective. In: 3rd International Conference on Global & Social Entrepreneurship (3rd ICoGBSE) 2016, 23rd-24th April 2016, Johor.

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