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Abdullah Bukhari, Abdul Rahim (2006) Rancangan TV realiti patut jadi platform semai budaya inovasi. Utusan Malaysia. ISSN -

Abdul Rahim, Adibah (2006) Bridging the gap between Islam and the West: a reconciliation approach. International Journal of Muslim Unity, 4 (2). pp. 23-43. ISSN 1675-7777

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Abd Rahman, Saodah (2006) Memelihara akidah demi perpaduan umat. Utusan Malaysia. ISSN -

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Abdullah Bukhari, Abdul Rahim (2006) Post mortem Ramadhan 1427. Utusan Malaysia. ISSN -

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Abd Rahman, Saodah (2006) Mencapai hakikat kebahagiaan sejati. Utusan Malaysia. ISSN -

Abdul Rahim, Abdullah Bukhari (2006) Jin tidak boleh ditangkap. Utusan Malaysia.

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Abd Rahman, Saodah (2006) Mencapai hakikat kebahagiaan sejati. Utusan Malaysia. ISSN -

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Abd Rahman, Saodah (2006) Risiko salah guna kebebasan di Britain. Utusan Malaysia. ISSN -

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Abd Rahman, Saodah (2006) Pemimpin Arab perlu lebih wibawa. Utusan Malaysia. ISSN -

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Abd Rahman, Saodah (2006) Sikap keras guru sekolah agama di Britain. Utusan Malaysia. ISSN -

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Abd Rahman, Saodah (2006) Media Barat jahil agama. Utusan Malaysia. ISSN -

Abd Rahman, Saodah (2006) Patriotisme penduduk Islam warga Britain. Utusan Malaysia. ISSN -

Abd Rahman, Saodah (2006) Sikap emosional melampau timbulkan keraguan masyarakat Barat. Utusan Malaysia. ISSN -

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