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  1. Malla, Pravanjan and Liu, Chi-Hsien and Wu, Wei-Chi and Nordin, Anis Nurashikin and Rath, Dharitri (2024) Magnetic metal-organic frameworks as sensitive aptasensors for coronavirus spike protein. Analytica Chimica Acta, 1309. pp. 1-10. ISSN 0003-2670 E-ISSN 1873-4324
  2. Abu Hassan Zahri, Nur Nazihah and Nordin, Anis Nurashikin and Mohd Mansor, Ahmad Fairuzabadi and Ab. Rahim, Rosminazuin and Md Ralib @ Md Raghib, Aliza 'Aini and Suhaimi, Muhammad Irsyad and Lim, Lai Ming (2023) Biocompatibility assessment of wearable C/TPU/Tegaderm strain sensors. In: 2023 9th International Conference on Computer and Communication Engineering (ICCCE), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  3. Nordin, Anis Nurashikin and Abd Manaf, Asrulnizam (2023) Design and fabrication technologies for microfluidic sensors. In: Microfluidic Biosensors. Elsevier, pp. 41-85. ISBN 978-0-12-823846-2
  4. Azmi, Nur Hanisah and Nordin, Anis Nurashikin and Suhaimi, Muhammad Irsyad and Meng, Lim Lai and Ab Rahim, Rosminazuin and Bashri, Mohd Saiful Riza and Samsudin, Zambri (2023) Portable data acquisition and fluidic system for electrochemical Sensors. In: 2023 IEEE International Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference (I2MTC), 22-25 May 2023, Kuala Lumpur.
  5. Suhaimi, Muhammad Irsyad and Nordin, Anis Nurashikin and Md Ralib, Aliza 'Aini and Voiculescu, Ioana and Mak, Wing Cheung and Ming, Lim Lai and Samsudin, Zambri (2022) Mechanical durability of screen-printed flexible silver traces for wearable devices. Sensing and Bio-Sensing Research, 38. pp. 1-7. E-ISSN 2214-1804
  6. Mohd Mansor, Ahmad Fairuzabadi and Sedek, Salmah and Nordin, Anis Nurashikin and Mohammad, Mardhiah and Hashim, Yumi Zuhanis Has‑Yun and Wan Nordin, Amir Farid and Goh, Kian Liang and Abdul Azih, Muhammad Naimmuddin and Abdul Razak, Megat Razeem and Ibrahim, Aishah and How, Soon Hin (2022) Application of real‑time cell analysis biosensor technology for drug cytotoxicity studies in primary lung cancer cells. Biomedical Materials & Devices. pp. 1-12. E-ISSN 2731-4820
  7. Khan, Muhammad Abbas and Ahmad, Ijaz and Nordin, Anis Nurashikin and Ahmed, A El-Sayed and Mewada, Hiren and Daradkeh, Yousef Ibrahim and Rasheed, Saim and Eldin, Elsayed Tag and Shafiq, Muhammad (2022) Smart android based home automation system using internet of things (IoT). Sustainability, 14 (17). pp. 1-17. ISSN 2071-1050
  8. Abdul Ghani, Muhammad Afiq and Nordin, Anis Nurashikin and Zulhairee, Munirah and Che Mohamad Nor, Adibah and Ahmad Noorden, Mohd Shihabuddin and Muhamad Atan, Muhammad Khairul Faisal and Ab Rahim, Rosminazuin and Mohd Zain, Zainiharyati (2022) Portable electrochemical biosensors based on microcontrollers for detection of viruses: a review. Biosensors, 12 (8). pp. 1-21. E-ISSN 2079-6374
  9. Khan, Muhammad Abbas and Al Harbi, Abdullah G and Kiani, Saad Hassan and Nordin, Anis Nurashikin and Munir, Mehr E and Saeed, Sohail Imran and Iqbal, Javed and Ali, Esraa Mousa and Alibakhshikenari, Mohammad and Dalarsson, Mariana (2022) mmWave four-element mimo antenna for future 5G systems. Applied Sciences, 12 (9). pp. 1-12. E-ISSN 2076-3417
  10. Asri, Mohd Afiq Mohd and Mak, Wing Cheung and Norazman, Siti Azizah and Nordin, Anis Nurashikin (2022) Low-cost and rapid prototyping of integrated electrochemical microfluidic platforms using consumer-grade off-the-shelf tools and materials. Lab on a Chip, 22 (9). pp. 1779-1792. ISSN 1473-0197 E-ISSN 1473-0189
  11. Suhaimi, Muhammad Irsyad and Nordin, Anis Nurashikin and Md Ralib, Aliza Aini and Lim, Lai Ming and Samsudin, Zambri (2022) Flexible, Piezoelectric Aluminum-Doped Zinc Oxide Energy Harvesters with printed electrodes for wearable applications. International Journal of Sensors Wireless Communications and Control, 12 (1). pp. 48-68. ISSN 2210-3279
  12. Khan, Muhammad Abbas and Rafique, Umair and Savci, Hüseyin Serif and Nordin, Anis Nurashikin and Kiani, Saad Hassan and Abbas, Syed Muzahir (2022) Ultra-wideband pentagonal fractal antenna with stable radiation characteristics for microwave imaging applications. Electronics, 11 (13). pp. 1-11. E-ISSN 2079-9292
  13. Nordin, Anis Nurashikin and Nazri, Muhamad Aiman and Lim, L. M. and Ali, M. Y. Tura and Mansor, I. and Suhaimi, M. I. and Othman, R. and Meskon, S. R. and Samsudin, Z. (2021) Fabrication and characterization of printed zinc batteries. Bulletin of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, 10 (3). pp. 1173-1182. ISSN 2302-9285 E-ISSN 2302-9285
  14. Nazri, Muhamad Aiman and Lim, Lai Ming and Samsudin, Zambri and Tura Ali, Mohd Yusof and Mansor, Idris and Muhammad Irsyad Suhaimi, Muhammad Irsyad Suhaimi and Meskon, Shahrul Razi and Nordin, Anis Nurashikin (2021) Screen-printed nickel–zinc batteries: a review of additive manufacturing and evaluation methods. 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing, 8 (3). pp. 176-192. ISSN 2329-7662 E-ISSN 2329-7670
  15. Voiculescu, Ioana R. and Li, Fang and Nordin, Anis Nurashikin (2021) Impedance spectroscopy of adherent mammalian cell culture for biochemical applications: a review. IEEE Sensors Journal, 21 (5). pp. 5612-5627. ISSN 1530-437X
  16. Nordin, Anis Nurashikin (2020) Marketing basics for technologists. In: Talk on Marketing Basics for Technologists, 16th October 2020, Kuala Lumpur.
  17. Nordin, Anis Nurashikin (2020) How to publish in high impact journals. In: Webinar Series: How to Publish in High Impact Journals, 28th October 2020, Kuala Lumpur. (Unpublished)
  18. Nordin, Anis Nurashikin and Ramli, Nabilah (2020) Regenerating Muslim inventors – the present future. Ulum Islamiyyah: The Malaysian Journal of Islamic Sciences, 31 (August). pp. 1-18. ISSN 1675-5936 E-ISSN 2289-4799
  19. Ramli, Noor Amalina and Nordin, Anis Nurashikin and Zainul Azlan, Norsinnira (2020) Review on strain sensors for detection of human facial expressions recognition systems. International Journal of Nanoelectronics and Materials, 13 (3). pp. 445-472. ISSN 1985-5761
  20. Adam, Ismail and Khan, Sheroz and Zaharudin, Zarimin and Abdul Kadir, Kushsairy and Nordin, Anis Nurashikin and Yaacob, Mashkuri and Khalil, Ashraf (2019) The load reliant power transfer of the series-to-series inductive resonant wireless power transfer. Test Engineering and Management, 81 (November-December). pp. 5702-5708. ISSN 0193-4120

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1Flexible and stretchable circuits for smart wearables815
2MEMS biosensor with integrated impedance and mass-sensing capabilities798
3Performance evaluation of MEMS piezoelectric inertial energy generator787
4Optimization of printing techniques for electrochemical biosensors748
5Simulations of surface and bulk acoustic wave MEMS biosensors748
6Development of integrated electrochemical-quartz crystal microbalance biosensor arrays: towards ultrasensitive, multiplexed and rapid point-of-care dengue detection739
7RF oscillator implementation using integrated CMOS surface acoustic wave resonators 738
8Effect of single event upset on 6T and 12T 32NM CMOS SRAMs circuit732
9Development of an RF-CMOS surface acoustic wave (SAW) resonator722
10Review on strain sensors for detection of human facial expressions recognition systems718
11Recent trends in dengue detection methods using biosensors702
12Design and modeling of MEMS SAW resonator on Lithium Niobate702
13Classical equivalent circuit characterization for a double-layer capacitor702
14The impact of scaling on single event upset in 6T and 12T SRAMs from 130 to 22 nm CMOS technology700
15Verification of quartz crystal microbalance array using vector network analyzer and openQCM699
16Design and modelling of an impedance-based MEMS biosensor699
17A novel design of a low-voltage low-loss T-match RF-MEMS capacitive switch695
18The load reliant power transfer of the series-to-series inductive resonant wireless power transfer689
19A K-band switched-line phase shifter using novel low-voltage low-loss RF-MEMS switch683
20Design, simulation and fabrication of piezoelectric micro generators for aero acoustic applications675
21RF-MEMS based oscillators673
22A novel cell-based hybrid acoustic wave biosensor with impedimetric sensing capabilities673
23Microfluidic concentration gradient for toxicity studies of lung carcinoma cells670
24Design and simulation of two-stage CMOS amplifier for MEMS resonator669
25Piezoelectric thin films for double electrode CMOS MEMS surface acoustic wave (SAW) resonator667
26Design and fabrication of Surface Acoustic Wave resonators on Lithium Niobate658
27Cytotoxicity studies of lung cancer cells using impedance biosensor657
28Design and simulation of an on-chip oversampling converter with a CMOS-MEMS differential capacitive sensor657
29Arduino-based biosensor impedance measurement656
30MEMS biosensor for monitoring water toxicity based on quartz crystal microbalance655