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  1. Tabassum, Shabana and Rosli, Norhayati and Suriyah, Wastuti Hidayati and Ichwan, Solachuddin Jauhari Arief (2021) Stochastic modelling of the oral cancer proliferation and death in the presence of Thymoquinone as anticancer therapeutics. In: 28th Simposium Kebangsaan Sains Matematik, SKSM 2021, Virtual.
  2. Musri, Nabila and Christie, Brenda and Ichwan, Solachuddin Jauhari Arief and Cahyanto, Arief (2021) Deep learning convolutional neural network algorithms for the early detection and diagnosis of dental caries on periapical radiographs: a systematic review. Imaging Science in Dentistry, 51. pp. 1-6. ISSN 2233-7822 E-ISSN 2233-7830
  3. Ichwan, Solachuddin Jauhari Arief and Yacob, Muhammad ‘Azmi and Mohd Ramlee, Mohamad Arif and Lestari, Widya and Taher, Muhammad (2021) In vitro anti-cancer activities of luvunga scandens (‘Mengkurat Jakun’) on oral squamous cell carcinoma cells. Materials Science Forum, 1025. pp. 191-196. ISSN 0255-5476 E-ISSN 1662-9752
  4. Ichwan, Solachuddin J. A. (2020) Salivary biomarkers as a diagnostic tool: a brief review. In: Aceh International Conference in Dentistry 2020, 10th December 2020, Aceh, Indonesia. (Unpublished)
  5. Ichwan, Solachuddin J. A. (2020) Genetic changes in oral cancer & premalignancy. In: Live Webinar: Oral Medicine Workshop 2: International Lectures Series, 25th November 2020, Jakarta, Indonesia. (Unpublished)
  6. Ichwan, Solachuddin J. A. (2020) Phytochemicals for the management and prevention of oral squamous cell carcinoma: current progress and challenges. In: 11th Annual Indonesian Society for Cancer Chemoprevention (ISCC) Conference and Congress., 9th -21st November 2020, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. (Unpublished)
  7. Idrus, Nurul Haida and Azmi, Nina Suhaity and Che Zahari, Che Nur Mazadillina and Arief Ichwan, Solachuddin Jauhari (2020) Cytotoxic and anti- inflammatory activities of Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) from selected sea food waste extract on cell lines. In: Materials Science Forum. Trans Tech Publications, pp. 258-264. ISBN 978-303571664-1
  8. Ichwan, Solachuddin J. A. (2020) Re-opening dental school & dental practice in Malaysia & Indonesia amid Covid-19. In: The “COVID19 Symposium Online-International-Multidisciplinary” Meeting, 26th-28th June 2020, Sakarya University, Turkey. (Unpublished)
  9. Ichwan, Solachuddin J. A. (2020) Strategy & planning on the road to re-opening dental school in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic: a scenario from Malaysia. In: Webinar: "Clinical Dental Education Preparation in the Covid-19 Pandemic Era", 9 June 2020, Yogyakarta, INDONESIA. (Unpublished)
  10. Ichwan, Solachuddin J. A. (2020) Transmission precautions for dental bioaerosols in dental care center: its implementation during & post Covid-19 outbreak. In: Integrated Dental Management in The Covid-19 Pandemic Situation - WEBINAR, 16th May 2020, WEBINAR. (Unpublished)
  11. Husnunnisa, Husnunnisa and Ismed, Friardi and Bakhtiar, M. Taher and Ichwan, Solachuddin J. A. and Bakhtiar, Amri and Arbain, Dayar (2019) Screening of some Sumatran medicinal plants and selected secondary metabolites for their cytotoxic potential against MCF-7 and HSC-3 cell lines. Journal of Research in Pharmacy, 23 (4). pp. 770-776. ISSN 2630-6344
  12. Ichwan, Solachuddin J. A. (2019) Predatory journals & publishers: How to identify them? In: 4th Health Research Colloquium Makara Journal of Health Research (MJHR) 2019, 22nd-24th November 2019, Jakarta, Indonesia. (Unpublished)
  13. Ichwan, Solachuddin J. A. and Taher, Muhammad and Doolaanea, Abd Almonem and Mohamed, Farahidah (2019) Tumor suppressor P73-loaded PLGA/chitosan nanoparticles: a novel non-viral gene delivery system for oral squamous cell carcinoma therapy. Documentation. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)
  14. Ichwan, Solachuddin J. A. and Husin, Atiyah and Suriyah, Wastuti Hidayati and Lestari, Widya and Omar, Muhammad Nor and Kasmuri, Abdul Razak (2019) Anti-neoplastic potential of ethyl-p-methoxycinnamate of Kaempferia galanga on oral cancer cell lines. In: Conference on BioMedical and Advanced Materials (Bio-CAM 2017), 28-29th November 2017, Pulau Langkawi, Kedah.
  15. Ichwan, Solachuddin J. A. (2019) How to get published in high-impact journals. In: The 3rd Health Research Colloquium 2019, 13th April 2019, Bandung, Indonesia. (Unpublished)
  16. Suriyah, Wastuti Hidayati and Ichwan, Solachuddin J. A. and Kasmuri, Abdul Razak and Taher, Muhammad (2019) In vitro evaluation of the effect of Pluchea indica extracts in promoting glucose consumption activity on a liver cell line. Makara Journal of Health Research, 23 (1). pp. 48-52. ISSN 2356-3664 E-ISSN 2356-3656
  17. Mazlan, Mazma Syahidatul Ayuni and Ichwan, Solachuddin J. A. and Rosli, Norhayati (2019) Effects of Chondroitin Sulfate (CS) on (HeLa) Cervical Cancer and Breast Cancer (MCF-7) cell lines. Journal of International Dental and Medical Research, 12 (1). pp. 38-41. ISSN 1309-100X
  18. Afriza, Dhona and Ichwan, Solachuddin J. A. and Suriyah, Wastuti Hidayati and Wahyuni, Fatma Suri and ., Yanwirasti and Tejo, Bimo Ario (2018) Prediction on binding affinity of nordentatin and quercetin against anti-apoptotic BCL-2 protein. Journal of International Dental and Medical Research, 11 (3). pp. 1116-1122. E-ISSN 1309-100X
  19. Ichwan, Solachuddin J. A. (2018) Strategies to get published in high-impact journals. In: The Health Research Colloquium 2018, 24 November 2018, Hilton Garden Inn Bali, Indonesia. (Unpublished)
  20. Arief Ichwan, Solachuddin Jauhari (2018) Salivary biomarkers as a diagnostic tool: a brief review. In: Kuliah Pakar (Lecture by Expert) for Faculty of Dentistry Universitas Padjadjaran 2018, 22nd Feb. 2018, Bandung, Indonesia. (Unpublished)

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1Antioxidant activity of leaves of Calophyllum Rubiginosum1925
2Production of recombinant protein by gene cloning from mammalian cell culture1681
3Halal issues in the mammalian cell culture for recombinant protein production1664
4Effect of Pluchea Indica on glucose consumption of chang liver cells1629
5Anti-cancer activities of Thymoquinone, constituents of Nigella sativa against oral cancer cell lines 1600
6Inability of p53-reactivating compounds Nutlin-3 and RITA to overcome p53 resistance in tumor cells deficient for p53Ser46 phosphorylation1581
7Production of recombinant p53 protein by PCR-based site directed mutagenesis of plasmid DNA1565
8Cooperation between ARID3A and p53 in the transcriptional activation of p21WAF1 in response to DNA damage1543
9Silencing endogenous mutant P53 Using Sirna Induces P73-Mediated Apoptosis in Human Head And Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma 1527
10Synergistic anti-cancer effects of recombinant adenoviruses DRIL1 and p53 gene transfer against human lung cancer cells1456
11Growth Suppression of non-small lung carcinoma cell H1299 transfected with p53 and p73beta1449
12Pluchea indica extracts stimulates insulin secretion through enhancement of Irs2 and Glut2 genes expression in RIN-5F pancreatic β-cells 1411
13Therapeutic targeting of p53-mediated apoptosis pathway in head and neck squamous cell carcinomas: current progress and challenges1394
14Thymoquinone, an active ingredient of Black Seed (Nigela saliva) induces distinct apoptotic pathways in C33A and Siha Cervical Cancer Cell Lines)1393
15Apoptotic activities of thymoquinone, an active ingredient of black seed (nigella sativa), in cervical cancer cell lines1294
16Defect in serine 46 phosphorylation of p53 contributes to acquisition of p53 resistance in oral squamous cell carcinoma cells 1252
17Commelina nudiflora L. edible weed as a novel source for gold nanoparticles synthesis and studies on different physical–chemical and biological properties1239
18Nutraceuticals as potential therapeutic agents for colon cancer: a review1170
19E2FBP1/DRIL1, an AT-Rich interaction domain-family transcription factor, is regulated by p531139
20Biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles using marine microalgae isochrysis sp.1097
21Intracellular biosynthesis of Au and Ag nanoparticles using ethanolic extract of Brassica oleracea L. and studies on their physicochemical and biological properties1095
22Review on in-vitro amebocyte culture–a lesson learned from past 1083
23Beyond anticoagulant: heparin as a potential anti-cancer agent1075
24Dental bio-aerosol: a potential occupational hazard in dental practice1048
25Proteins are potent biomarkers to detect colon cancer progression1045
26In vitro anticancer activity of Au, Ag nanoparticles synthesized using Commelina nudiflora L. aqueous extract against HCT-116 colon cancer cells947
27Gene therapy in oral cancer: a promising prospect869
28Modelling the cancer growth process by Stochastic Differential Equations with the effect of Chondroitin Sulfate (CS) as anticancer therapeutics844
29PLGA-Chitosan nanoparticle-mediated gene delivery for oral cancer treatment: A brief review840
30Anti-cancer activity of Luvunga Scandens extract against squamous cell carcinoma815