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  1. Che Man, Mohammad (2020) Pengecaman gigitan ular berbisa. The Malaysian Medical Gazette.
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  19. Che Man, Mohammad (2019) Vaksin pneumokokal: Pencegah jangkitan kuman paru-paru nombor 1 di dunia! The Malaysian Medical Gazette.
  20. Che Man, Mohammad and UNSPECIFIED and UNSPECIFIED (2019) Kudis buta (Scabies): Gatal yang menyeksakan! The Malaysian Medical Gazette.

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3Optimization of transfection of human coxsackie and adenovirus receptor into mammalian cells mediated by liposomes-base gene delivery1072
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6Cardiovascular disease risk factors assessment and glycemic control among type-2 diabetes mellitus patients : a comparative study between primary care and diabetic specialist clinic in Kuantan, Pahang 965
7Reasons for seeking treatments for oral health problem in medical primary care clinics: a pilot mixed method study in Kuantan Pahang952
8Prevalence of Depression and Its Associated Risk Factors in the Primary Care Setting in Kuantan942
9Penjagaan postnatal & perancang keluarga930
10Trans-sexual: role of primary care doctor921
11Blood pressure control assessment among Type-2 diabetes patients: a preliminary retrospective cohort study in Kuantan, Pahang State, Malaysia911
12Prevalence of depression and its associated factors among Malay male methadone maintenance therapy patients 895
13Is oral health problems one of the reasons for encounters in medical primary care clinics in Malaysia? A pilot epidemiological study among selected three medical primary care clinics in Kuantan, Malaysia891
14Comparison on the effects and safety of Tualang honey and Tribestan in sperm parameters, erectile function, and hormonal profiles among oligospermic males884
15Mental health assessment among staff working in an institution in Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia: does designation of workplace determine it882
16Foot problem and foot care practice among diabetic patient in a primary care clinic874
17Medical and Islamic responses to harm reduction practices872
18Psycho-social and spiritual backgrounds, experiences, and needs as a transsexual: a qualitative study within Persatuan Insaf Pahang863
19Working mother : Challenge from medical and health aspect859
20The prevalence of the clinical preventive health care services of the University Health Centre, IIUM857
21Kehamilan & proses kelahiran853
22Pengalaman berinteraksi dengan golongan transgender853
23Apolipoprotein e gene polymorphisms in essential hypertension: a preliminary study with meta-analysis843
24Characteristics and reasons for diabetic-defaulters between primary care clinics and diabetic specialist clinic: A prospective cohort study in Kuantan, Pahang838
25Dengue diagnostic test for point of care testing: a preliminary study among primary care physicians in Malaysia 813
26Prevalence of hypertension among adult type-2 diabetes patients: a preliminary study in Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia811
27Breastfeeding and breast cancer risk: a case control study in Terengganu, Malaysia806
28The reliability of an error classification system developed for use by the International Islamic University Malaysia Primary Care Clinic800
29Metabolic syndrome among diabetic patients : A study between primary care clinic and diabetic specialist clinic in Kuantan, Pahang798
30Why the fuss continuing breastfeeding783