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Abduh, Muhamad and Dahari, Zainurin and Omar, Mohd. Azmi (2012) Bank customer classification in Indonesia: logistic regression vis-a-vis artificial neural networks. World Applied Sciences Journal , 18 (7). pp. 933-938. ISSN 1818-4952

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Khalid, Haniza (2017) Segmenting agricultural land market according to development potential: A latent class approach = Mengasingkan pasaran tanah pertanian menurut potensi pembangunan: Pendekatan kelas terpendam. Jurnal Ekonomi Malaysia, 51 (1). pp. 145-157. ISSN 0126-1962

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Book Chapter

Adewale, Abideen Adeyemi and Daud, Mustafa and Abdulkadir, Rihanat Idowu (2015) Implications of financial exclusions for microentreprises under development in Ilorin, Nigeria. In: Small and Medium Enterprises in Selected Muslim Countries. IIUM Press, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, pp. 189-202. ISBN 978-967-418-303-5

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Proceeding Paper

Abu Kassim, Noor Lide (2020) Data analysis for biomedical research. In: Workshop (Webinar) on Scientific Writing in Conjunction with 3rd ICOMOI 2020, 7th September 2020, Kuala Lumpur. (Unpublished)

Ayojimi, Salami Monsurat and Fa-Yusuf, Habeebah Simisola and Haron, Razali (2020) Will inclusion of precious metals in Nigerian stocks and oil portfolio lead to diversification benefit in the era of covid-19? MGARCH-DCC approach. In: 22nd Malaysian Finance Association Conference 2020 (MFAC 2020), 17th-19th November 2020, Shah Alam, Selangor. (Unpublished)

Daoud, Jamal Ibrahim (2017) Multicollinearity and regression analysis. In: The 4th International Conference on Mathematical Applications in Engineering 2017, 8-9 Aug 2017, Kuala Lumpur.

Daoud, Jamal Ibrahim (2014) Statistics and its importance in validating research findings. In: 3rd International Conference on Mathematical Applications in Engineering (ICMAE'14), 23rd -25th Sept 2014, Sunway Putra Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. (Unpublished)

Hassan, Arif (2012) Respondents versus Informants Method of Data Collection: Implications for Survey Research. In: Australia New Zealand Academy of Management Conference 2012, December 5-7, 2012, Perth Australia. (Unpublished)

Idid, Syed Arabi (2017) Conducting public opinion research in Asia: From the Malaysian experience. In: World Association for Public Opinion Research (WAPOR) Asia Meeting & WAPOR Asia Conference 2017, Dhaka, Bangladesh. (Unpublished)

Khalid, Haniza (2014) Identifying latent groupings in market data: a latent class approach. In: International Conference on Research Methods in Management and Social Sciences (ICRMMS-2014), 27-28 September 2014, Kuala Lumpur.

Khalid, Haniza (2014) Spatial analyses in price models: looking for evidence from a land price study. In: International Conference on Research Methods in Management and Social Sciences (ICRMMS-2014), 27-28 September 2014, Kuala Lumpur.

Mohamed, Shaheera and Khalid, Haniza (2016) Distortionary agricultural trade policy and food security: a causal analysis. In: Persidangan Kebangsaan Ekonomi Malaysia ke 11 (PERKEM ke 11) 2016, 27th-28th Jul 2016, Putrajaya.

Nik Idris, Nik Ruzni (2010) Estimating the bias in meta analysis estimates for continuous data with non-random missing study variance. In: Seminar Kebangsaan Sains Komputer Dan Matematik 2010, 21-22 December 2010, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

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Zhang, Hengchao (2021) Application of meta-analysis in economics and finance research: a case study on OIC stock markets. In: Economics Seminar, 10 September 2021, Virtual. (Unpublished)

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