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Abu Talib, Nori Yani and Abdul Latiff, Radziah and Aman, Aini (2020) An institutional perspective for research in waqf accounting and reporting: a case study of Terengganu state Islamic Religious Council in Malaysia. Journal of Islamic Accounting and Business Research, 11 (2). pp. 400-427. ISSN 1759-0817

Abu Talib, Nori Yani and Abdul Latiff, Radziah and Aman, Aini and Palil, Mohd Rizal (2018) An exploratory study of accounting and reporting practice for waqf among state Islamic religious councils in Malaysia. International Journal of Islamic Thought, Vol. 13 ((June) 2018). pp. 90-105. ISSN 2232-1314 E-ISSN 2289-6023

Ahmad Sarkawi, Azila (2020) Development of wakaf land for housing provision: wakaf-zakat collaboration. [Copyright] (Unpublished)

Ahmad Sarkawi, Azila and Aripin, Srazali (2020) Identifying shariah governance and construction procurement system of property development under Islamic Johor Corporation. International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation, 24 (01). pp. 549-561. ISSN 1475-7192

Ahmed, Mezbah Uddin and Rosman, Romzie (2020) Financial reporting of waqf institutions. In: Islamic Social Finance Outreach Programme (ISFO 2020), 10th-11th March 2020, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (Unpublished)

Alaghbari, Lina Mohammed Abdo and Othman, Anwar Hasan Abdullah (2020) الشمول المالي اإلسالمي والتخفيف من تداعيات وباء كورونا من خالل أدوات الزكاة والوقف. In: Islamic Social Finance: Pandemic Crisis and Possible Solutions (ISFPCPS 2020), 29th -30th September 2020, Kuala Lumpur. (Unpublished)

Alamoudi, Arwa Abubaker and Othman, Anwar Hasan Abdullah (2020) Available financing resources for Islamic microfinance institutions to alleviate poverty: cash waqf approach. In: International Conference on Islamic Social Finance: Pandemic Crisis and Possible Solutions (ISFPCPS 2020), 29th -30th September 2020, Gombak, Kuala Lumpur. (Unpublished)


Bello, Hafis and Ayob, Mohd Fairullazi and Ahmad Sarkawi, Azila (2020) Assessment of waqf models for provision of affordable housing in Malaysia: a case study of Majlis Agama Islam Wilayah (MAIWP). Journal of Architecture, Planning and Construction Management, 10 (1). E-ISSN 2637 0026

Bello, Hafis and Ayob, Mohd Fairullazi and Ahmad Sarkawi, Azila (2020) Maintenance management framework for waqf properties. [Copyright] (Unpublished)

Bello, Hafis and Ayob, Mohd Fairullazi and Ahmad Sarkawi, Azila (2020) Preliminary study on the maintenance level of waqf properties: federal territory, Kuala Lumpur. International Journal of Islamic and Civilizational Studies, 7 (3). pp. 89-97. E-ISSN 2289-8204


Che Mohd Salleh, Marhanum and Razali, Siti Salwani and Megat Laksana, Nan Noorhidayu and Che Embi, Nor Azizan and Abdullah, Nurdianawati Irwani (2020) Developing a sustainable model of Waqf-based Takaful for flood victims in Malaysia. Journal of Islamic Accounting and Business Research. ISSN 1759-0817 E-ISSN 1759-0825 (In Press)

Che Mohd Salleh, Marhanum and Siraj, Siti Alawiah (2019) Amalan perakaunan zakat di majlis agama Islam negeri terpilih. IPN Journal of Research and Practice in Public Sector Accounting and Management, 9 (1). pp. 47-66. ISSN 2180-4508 E-ISSN 2682-9347


Eletrebi, Mohamed Fathy and Suleiman, Hassan (2020) شر كة العنان بين مقاصد األموال وإدارة األعمال Company unleashes the purposes of money and business management. In: 3rd UUM International Islamic Business Management Conference (IBMC 2020), 24-30 September 2020, Sintok, Kedah. (In Press)


Hamdan, Norman and Osman@Hussin, Ahmad Zamri (2016) Accounting for waqf: a conceptual rumination. In: Conference on Waqf Higher Education 2016, 30th-31st March 2016, Shah Alam, Selangor. (Unpublished)

Hamdan, Norman and Osman@Hussin, Ahmad Zamri and Ab Rashid, Hafiz-Majdi (2019) The stakeholders ecosystem of waqf institutions in Malaysia. Jurnal Syariah, 27 (2). pp. 281-300. ISSN 0128-6730 E-ISSN 0127-1237

Haneef, Mohamed Aslam and Pramanik, Ataul Huq and Mohammed, Mustafa Omar and Muhammad, Aliyu Dahiru and Amin, Fouad Md (2019) Integration of Waqf and Islamic microfinance for poverty reduction in OIC Member Countries: a case study of Nigeria. In: Equitable Islamic finance. The Islamic and Training Research Institute (IRTI), Jeddah, Kingdom Saudi Arabia, pp. 1-24. ISBN 9789960323305


Ismail, Halim (2017) Seminar on Zakat, Waqf and Sadaqah. In: Seminar on Zakat, Waqf and Sadaqah 2017, 19.04.2017, Royale Chulan Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. (Unpublished)

Ismon, Nur Yuhanis and Hingun, Mohsin (2020) Fiscal advantage of waqf and the rule of tax exemption for charitable purposes under the Income Tax act 1967. IIUM Law Journal, 28 (1). pp. 253-276. ISSN 01282530 E-ISSN 2289-7852


Laallam, Abdelkader and Kassim, Salina and Engku Ali, Engku Rabiah Adawiah and Saiti, Buerhan (2020) Intellectual capital in non-profit organisations: lessons learnt for waqf institutions. ISRA International Journal of Islamic Finance, 12 (1). pp. 27-48. ISSN 2289-4365

Listiana, Lisa and Syed Jaafar Alhabshi, Syed Musa and Osman@Hussin, Ahmad Zamri (2019) Exploring perceptions towards policy formulation in Indonesia waqf sector: an organizational legitimacy perspective. In: The 7th ASEAN Universities International Conference on Islamic Finance, Universiti of Darussalam UNIDA Gontor. (Unpublished)


Mahmud, Mek Wok and Mohd Zain, Nor Amni Bazilah and Fatah Yasin, Raudlotul Firdaus (2019) The participation of Muslim women in Islamic philanthropy in the digital era: a Malaysian experience. AFKARUNA: Indonesian Interdisciplinary Journal of Islamic Studies, 15 (2). pp. 165-186. ISSN 2599-0551 E-ISSN 2599-0586

Mohamed, Ahmad Hassan and Akbar, Mohamed Aslam and Abd. Aziz, Hassanuddeen (2020) The personification of hospitality (Ḍiyāfah) in community development and its influence on social solidarity (Takāful Ijtimāʿī) through the eyes of the Prophetic Tradition (Sunnah). Al-Shajarah: Journal of The International Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization (ISTAC), xx (xx). pp. 1-18. ISSN 1394-6870 (In Press)

Mohamed, Ashraf Jomah Mohammed and Saleh, Abdulmajid Obaid Hasan and Mohd Noor, Azman (2020) استراتيجيات تمويل مشاريع الأوقاف في سنغافورة. Al-Hikmah Journal, 3 (2). pp. 83-106. E-ISSN 2637-0581

Mohd Zain, Nor Amni Bazilah and Abdul Aziz, Akhtarzaitie (2020) صورة الاستدانة في الصكوك الوقفية: دراسة فقهية = Modern form of borrowing in Waqf Sukuk: a juristic study. International Journal of Al-Turath In Islamic Wealth and Finance, 1 (1). pp. 50-87.

Muhamad Ali, Khalifah and Kassim, Salina (2020) Waqf forest: how waqf can play a role in forest preservation and SDGs achievement? Etikonomi: Jurnal Ekonomi, 19 (2 (Forthcoming issue)). pp. 1-18. ISSN 1412-8969 E-ISSN 2461-0771 (In Press)


Omar, Farhan and Hazaa, Hani HazaaAbdulbari and Hasan, Aznan (2020) تطوير مبادئ حوكمة المؤسسات الوقفية بالاستفادة من مبادئ حوكمة الشركات = The development of governance principles for Waqf Institutions in line with the corporate governance principles = Pengembangan prinsip tadbir urus untuk Institusi Wakaf sejajar dengan prinsip tadbir urus korporat. Journal of Islam in Asia, 17 (2). pp. 39-66. E-ISSN 2289-8077

Osman@Hussin, Ahmad Zamri (2010) Accountability of waqf management: insight from praxis of nongovernmental organisation (NGO). In: Seventh International Conference: the Tawhidi Epistemology: Zakat and Waqf Economy, 6th-7th January 2010, Bangi, Selangor.

Osman@Hussin, Ahmad Zamri (2016) Privileging downward accountability in waqf management. In: The 2nd International Conference on Islamic Perspective of Accounting, Finance, Economics and Management (IPAFEM), 17th-19th August 2016, Yogjakarta, Indonesia. (Unpublished)

Osman@Hussin, Ahmad Zamri and Agyemang, Gloria (2020) Privileging downward accountability in waqf management. Journal of Islamic Accounting and Business Research, 11 (3). pp. 533-554. ISSN 1759-0817 E-ISSN 1759-0825

Osman@Hussin, Ahmad Zamri and Hamdan, Norman (2016) Giving primacy to accountability in waqf accounting. In: International Symposium on Waqf and Higher Education (ISWHE 2016), 28th-30th May 2016, Istanbul, Turkey.


Saad, Abdo Yousef Qaid and Mohammed, Mustafa Omar and Al-Jubari, Ibrahim (2019) An overview of waqf assets in Yemen: importance and challenges. Humanities & Social Sciences Reviews, 7 (5). pp. 1065-1072. E-ISSN 2395-6518

Shulthoni, Muhammad and Md Saad, Norma and Kayadibi, Saim and Ariffin, Muhammad Irwan (2017) Waqf fundraising management: a proposal for a sustainable finance of the Waqf institutions. In: 3rd International Islamic Monetary Economics and Finance (IIMEFC) 2017, 8th-9th November 2017, Surabaya, Indonesia. (Unpublished)

Sulaiman, Maliah and Alhaji Zakari, Muntaka (2019) Financial sustainability of state waqf institutions (SWIs) in Malaysia. Journal of Islamic Accounting and Business Research, 10 (2). pp. 236-258. ISSN 1759-0817 E-ISSN 1759-0825


Yaqoob Arab, Sulaiman Haroon and Arif, Arif Ali and Shousha, Hossam Moussa (2020) معايير إدارة الجودة الشاملة في مؤسسة الأوقاف وتأصيلها الشرعي = Standards of Total Quality Management in the Awqaf Foundation and its Islamic rooting. مجلة الرسالة, 4 (1). pp. 245-273. E-ISSN 2600-8394

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