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  1. Haque, A. K. M. Ahasanul and Azam, S.M Ferdous and Chowdhury, Naila Anwar (2019) Factors affecting purchase behaviour of Shariah compliant hotels: a study from Muslim consumers’ perspective. International Journal of Islamic Marketing and Branding, 4 (2). pp. 104-123. ISSN 2055-0944 E-ISSN 2055-0952
  2. Abdullah, Kalthom and Haque, A. K. M. Ahasanul and Ahmed, Faruk (2019) Contemporary Management and Science Issues in the Halal Industry. In: Contemporary Management and Science Issues in the Halal Industry. Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd., pp. 112-121.
  3. Haque, A. K. M. Ahasanul and Samad, K. Abdus and Singh, Pushkar Narayan (2019) Food related life style. SHANLAX PUBLICATIONS, India. ISBN 978-93-89146-24-0
  4. Samad, K. Abdus and Jasim, K. Mohammed and Haque, A. K. M. Ahasanul (2019) Total Quality: The Beginner's Guide. SHANLAX PUBLICATIONS, India. ISBN 978-93-88398-44-2
  5. Samad, K. Abus and Haque, A. K. M. Ahasanul and Jainullabdeen, A. (2019) Missionary Selling. SHANLAX PUBLICATIONS, India. ISBN 978-93-88398-91-6
  6. Amarasena, T. S. M. and Ajward, A. R. and Haque, A. K. M. Ahasanul (2015) The impact of work autonomy on job satisfaction of academic staff: an empirical examination of government universities in Sri Lanka. International Journal of Recent Advances in Organizational Behaviour and Decision Sciences, 1 (4). pp. 575-586. E-ISSN 2311-3197
  7. Haque, A. K. M. Ahasanul and Chowdhury, Naila Anwar and Yasmin, Farzana and Tarofder, Arun Kumar (2019) Muslim consumers’ purchase behavior towards shariah compliant hotels in Malaysia. Vidyodaya Journal of Management, 5 (1). pp. 121-138. E-ISSN 2448-9344
  8. Chowdhury, Naila Anwar and Haque, A. K. M. Ahasanul and Maulan, Suharni (2019) Does the retail hypermarket satisfy customers? market assessment in Malaysia. Journal of International Business and Management, 2 (3). pp. 1-12. ISSN 2616-5163 E-ISSN 2616-4655
  9. Haque, A. K. M. Ahasanul and Kabir, SMH and Abdullah, Kalthom and Rahman, Mohammad Moshiur and Tarofder, Arun Kumar (2019) Competencies analysis for future employees to optimize organizational performance. The International Journal Of Business & Management, 7 (10). pp. 204-213. E-ISSN 2321–8916
  10. Tarofder, Arun Kumar and Sultana, Umme Salma and Md Yusoff, Siti Khalidah and Sherief, Sultan Rehman and Haque, A. K. M. Ahasanul (2019) Adoption of instant messenger: an empirical investigation. Journal of Reviews on Global Economics, 8. pp. 1024-1034. E-ISSN 1929-7092/19
  11. Lee, Kwee-Fah and Haque, A. K. M. Ahasanul and Maulan, Suharni and Abdullah, Kalthom and Tarofder, Arun Kumar (2019) Risk reduction in online flight reservation: the role of information search. Journal of Reviews on Global Economics, 8. pp. 886-899. E-ISSN 1929-7092/19
  12. Momen, Md. Abdul and Sultana, Seyama and Haque, A. K. M. Ahasanul (2019) Web-based marketing communication to develop brand image and brand equity of higher educational institutions: a structural equation modelling approach. GLOBAL KNOWLEDGE MEMORY AND COMMUNICATION. pp. 1-19. ISSN 2514-9342 E-ISSN 2514-9350 (In Press)
  13. Tarofder, Arun Kumar and Jawabri, Adnan and Haque, Ahasanul and Sherief, Sultan Rehman (2019) Validating Technology-Organization Environment (TOE) framework in web 2.0 adoption in supply chain management. Industrial Engineering & Management Systems, 18 (3). pp. 482-494. ISSN 2234-6473 E-ISSN 2234-6473
  14. Al-Mamun, Abdullah and Haque, A. K. M. Ahasanul and Jan, Muhammad Tahir (2019) Measuring perceptions of Muslim consumers toward income tax rebate over zakat on income in Malaysia. Journal of Islamic Marketing. pp. 1-16. ISSN 1759-0833 (In Press)
  15. Lim, Ka Bian and Haque, A. K. M. Ahasanul and Wok, Saodah and Tarofder, Arun Kumar (2019) The effect of customer satisfaction on customer loyalty in the motor industry. Opcion, 35 (Special issue 21). pp. 947-963. ISSN 1012-1587 E-ISSN 2477-9385
  16. Tarofder, Arun Kumar and Jawabri, Adnan and Haque, A. K. M. Ahasanul and Azam, S. M. Ferdous and Sherief, Sultan Rehman (2019) Competitive advantages through IT-enabled Supply Chain Management (SCM) context. Polish Journal of Management Studies, 19 (1). pp. 464-474. ISSN 2081-7452
  17. Haque, A. K. M. Ahasanul and Kabir, Sardar Md Humayun and Tarofder, Arun Kumar and Anwar, Naila and Yasmin, Farzana and Maziz, Nazmul Hasan (2019) Pharmaceutical marketing ethics in healthcare quality for patient satisfaction: an Islamic approach. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, 11 (1). pp. 1688-1697. ISSN 0975-2366
  18. Haque, Ahasanul and Jahan, Irfath and Chowdhury, Naila Anwar and Rahman, Mahbubur (2019) Commodity and financial market trends and the growth of bank assets: the case of equity-based banking. Journal of International Business and Management (JIBM), 2 (4). pp. 1-12. ISSN 2616-5163 E-ISSN 2616-4655
  19. Hashim, Nurhazirah and Haque, Ahasanul and Ahmed, Khaliq (2017) The guests’ behavioral intention at eco-resorts in Malaysia. IIUM Press, International Islamic University Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. ISBN 978-967-418-524-4
  20. Bian, Lim Ka and Haque, Ahasanul and Wok, Saodah (2017) The mediating role of customer satisfaction towards customer loyalty in the Motor Takaful industry in Malaysia. IIUM Press, International Islamic University Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. ISBN 978-967-418-525-1

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