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My research work has been focused on understanding the nature, process, and outcomes of passenger crowding on trains and investigating different demand management options to mitigate this issue. Working in collaboration with several teams, my recent work extends into the study of related settings, such as overcrowding at large public gatherings (e.g., Hajj), in which we are particularly interested in whether crowd behaviour plays a role in evacuation planning and overall crowd management. We have also used measurements of physiological parameters to study how people respond to different types of environment, especially in terms of restorative experiences and cognitive performance. Apart from these areas, my work collaborations extend to investigating religiosity, occupational ergonomics anmore...

Ph.D. (Applied Psychology) University of Nottingham, UK; M. Sc. in Ergonomics, Loughborough University, UK; B. HSc. (Psychology) International Islamic University Malaysia (First Class Honours); Ergonomics Trained Person (ETP)/ Recognised Person: Advanced Ergonomics Risk Assessment; Ergonomics Trained Person (ETP)/ Recognised Person: Initial Ergonomics Risk Assessment; Certified Translator: Sijil Penterjemahan Am, Institut Terjemahan & Buku Malaysia (ITBM)

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  1. Rosli, Nurul Syafiqah Fa’im and Mohd Mahudin, Nor Diana (2024) One more episode won’t hurt! How stress, social interaction anxiety, and loneliness relate to binge-watching behaviours among university students. Journal of Communication, Language and Culture, 4 (1). pp. 1-20. ISSN NA E-ISSN 2805-444X
  2. Mohd Mahudin, Nor Diana and Syed Lokhikmal Hakim, Sharifah Amirah Fikriyyah (2023) Climate anxiety as a public health issue: an exploratory study of climate anxiety in Malaysian youth and their beliefs about government responses to climate change. Malaysian Journal of Public Health Medicine (MJPHM), 23 (3). pp. 86-98. ISSN 1675-0306 E-ISSN 2590-3829
  3. Muhd Fauzi, Nur Raihan and Mohd Mahudin, Nor Diana (2023) Is mindfulness a cure for burnedout parents? the relationships between parental burnout, parental mediation strategies, and mindfulness. International Journal of Social Policy and Society (IJSPS), 19. pp. 160-181. ISSN 2811-4140 E-ISSN 2811-4574
  4. Mohd Mahudin, Nor Diana and Janon, Nazariah Shar'ie (2023) The current landscape of ethical Artificial Intelligence in Islam: a systematic review of recent evidence. In: Islamic-Spiritual Psychology in South-East Asia, Virtual. (Unpublished)
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  7. Mohd Mahudin, Nor Diana and Janon, Nazariah Shar'ie and Musa, Mohd Noor (2022) Policy for Digital Citizenship - Findings from the Family Digital Citizenship in Pandemic Recovery: Prospects, Challenges, and Policy Study. Policy Paper. Institut Masa Depan Malaysia (MASA), Malaysia.
  8. Mohd. Mahudin, Nor Diana and Fauzaman, Jusmawati and Mohd. Taib, Maisarah (2022) Restoring soul in the study of self in psychology: an applied maqasid approach to educational policies. In: Strategic Research Programme (SRP2020) Symposium, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (Unpublished)
  9. Mohd Mahudin, Nor Diana and Janon, Nazariah Shar'ie (2022) Lock, talk, or stop? measuring how parents mediate their young children’s use of digital devices in the Malaysian context. e-JURNAL IPPTAR, 1 (1). pp. 1-25. ISSN 2785-874X
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  12. Rizkina, Nya' Soraya and Mohd Mahudin, Nor Diana (2022) I’ve got enough on my plate! the mediating role of job demands in the relationship between psychosocial safety climate and job satisfaction. Human Factors and Ergonomics Journal (HFEJ), 7 (1). pp. 19-37. E-ISSN 2590-3705
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  15. Lukman, Annisa Della and Mohd Mahudin, Nor Diana (2021) Servant leadership: a proposal to examine its relationships with perceived organizational support and turnover intention among employees of full-dining restaurants in Malaysia. In: Inter-Islamic University Forum on Psychology Forum (IIUCP Forum) 2021, Virtual. (Unpublished)
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  20. Alwi, Azlin and Janon, Nazariah Shar'ie and Mohd Mahudin, Nor Diana and Mohamed Iqbal, Mimi Iznita (2019) Parents’ activity handbook for family intervention for the mitigation of online drug trafficking: module development and feasibility of implementation. [Copyright]

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