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Dr. Mohammad Aizat Jamaludin

Assistant Professor/ Head of Social Science and Humanities

International Institute for Halal Research and Training

International Islamic university Malaysia

Shariah and Halal Laws, Halal Industry Ecosystem, Shariah Compliance, Muslim Friendly Tourism, Islamic Sustainable Tourism, Integrated Fiqh and Science

PhD (Shariah and Halal Laws) Master (Fiqh Consumerism) Bachelor (Shariah-Fiqh and Usul al-Fiqh)

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  1. Ruzulan, Zulaipa and Mana, Budeeman and Tumiran, Mohd Amzari and Jamaludin, Mohammad Aizat (2023) Managing the halal food related issues in the halal food certification process based on the concept of Sadd al-dharai'. Journal of Nusantara Studies (JONUS), 8 (1). pp. 429-445. ISSN 0217-9386 E-ISSN 0217-9319
  2. Ruzulan, Zulaipa and Hassan, Rusni and Jamaludin, Mohammad Aizat and Saidin, Nurulaina (2023) Good governance practice for the shariah compliant hotel in Malaysia: an insightful study. International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences, 13 (1). pp. 1697-1705. ISSN 2222-6990
  3. Ikhsan, Suhaili and Jamaludin, Mohammad Aizat (2022) Islamic social entrepreneurship values: application and an experience of Akademi Bakat ABS. AZKA International Journal of Zakat & Social Finance (AZJAF), 3 (3 (Special Issue)). pp. 109-118. ISSN 2735-1890 E-ISSN 2716-6643 (In Press)
  4. Ramli, Siti Nur Hamizah and Jamaludin, Mohammad Aizat and Abdullah Sani, Muhamad Shirwan and Nordin, Noor Faizul Hadry (2022) Spent brewer yeast status in halal food industry: an analysis from shariah and science perspectives. Food Research, 6 (6). pp. 316-322. E-ISSN 2550-2166
  5. Jamaludin, Mohammad Aizat and Ramli, Siti Nur Harmizah (2022) Smart food for future sustainability: halal and tayyib perspectives. Journal of Halal Industry & Services, 5 (1). pp. 1-3. E-ISSN 2637-0891 (In Press)
  6. Nor Zaidi, Farah Lynn Amira and Jamaludin, Mohammad Aizat and Tukiran, Nur Azira (2022) Muslim consumers’ perceptions on counterfeit cosmetics. Malaysian Journal of Syariah and Law, 10 (1). pp. 76-82. ISSN 1985-7454 E-ISSN 2590-4396
  7. Ruzulan, Zulaipa and Jamaludin, Mohammad Aizat and Yahaya, Amiratul Munirah and Fathullah Harun, Hanifah Musa (2022) Malaysian hotel certification in the Islamic tourism industry. In: International Virtual Colloquium on Multi-disciplinary Research Impact (2nd Series), 15 June 2022, Virtual.
  8. Ruzulan, Zulaipa and Jamaludin, Mohammad Aizat and Has-Yun Hashim, Khairusy Syakirin (2022) Dealing with the locality at the Islamic tourism destination from the Islamic perspective in Malaysia. In: International Academic Symposium of Social Science 2022, 3 July 2022, Kota Bharu, Malaysia.
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  10. Ruzulan, Zulaipa and Jamaludin, Mohammad Aizat and Aris Anuar, Ahmad Nazrin and Musa Fathullah Harun, Hanifah (2022) The needs for understanding the fundamentals of Islamic tourism city from the Shariah perspective. Sains Humanika, 14 (3). pp. 1-7. E-ISSN 2289-6996
  11. Ruzulan, Zulaipa and Jamaludin, Mohammad Aizat and Has-Yun Hashim, Khairusy Syakirin (2022) Food street and hotel survival: an exploratory study from netizen perspective during pandemic Covid-19. In: 5th International Conference of Social Sciences and Humanities Post Covid-19 Era: Challenges and Opportunities, 13-15 June 2022, North Macedonia.
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  13. Saffinee, Siti Syahirah and Jamaludin, Mohammad Aizat and Abdul Halim, Sharina (2021) Potential and Challenges : Tourism stakeholders’ perceptions towards Muslim Friendly Geo tourism in Langkawi UGPP. International Journal of Geotourism Science and Development (IJGSD), 1 (1). pp. 75-80.
  14. Ali Jinnah, Shafinaz and Haque, A. K. M. Ahasanul and Jamaludin, Mohammad Aizat (2021) The moderating role of religious satisfaction on purchasing Over-The-Counter Medicines in Malaysia: an Islamic perspective. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, 13 (1). pp. 3193-3207. ISSN 0975-2366
  15. Jamaludin, Mohammad Aizat and Kartika, Betania and Mahamad Maifiah, Mohd Hafidz and Tukiran, Nur Azira and Ghalia, Bouhedda (2021) Shari'ah Compliant Matrix for Humanizing Productivity - Category 7: Socialization and Community Engagement. [Copyright] (Unpublished)
  16. Ramli, Mohd Anuar and Omar, Mohd Hazzman and Jamaludin, Mohammad Aizat (2021) Fast-food consumption among children according to Shari'ah perspective. Halalsphere, 1 (2). pp. 1-16. E-ISSN 2773-6040
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7Knowing your halal food ingredients (adulteration and istihalah)548
8Determination of natural carotenoid pigments from freshwater green algae as potential halal food colorants538
9Muslim-friendly railway services: concept and challenges of Malaysian Electric Train Service (ETS)536
10The application of Halal logistic in Korean Halal industry: a model from Malaysia perspective531
11The Potential of Food Terrorism towards Halal Ecosystem530
12Muslim-friendly hospital services framework519
13Food allergy consumption according to halalan tayyiban perspective: a review517
14Exploring the elements of Muslim-friendly airline services512
15Development of framework for Malaysian halal industry education ecosystem501
16Study on physiochemical properties and the halalness of commercially marketed vinegar in Malaysia497
17A framework of halal industry support system in non-Muslim country: a focus on South Korea494
18The emergence of global halal industry ecosystem489
19Halal food culture in Kuala Terengganu: shariah perspective (Istitabat al-'Arab)477
20Halal assurance at farm level in the poultry supply chain473
21Halal 101 terminologies468
22A systematic review on tourism stakeholders’ roles practices towards sustainable tourism using khalifah perspectives445
23Halal Ecotourism in Coastal Areas: Solution for Stunting Issues443
24A critical analysis of halal marketing in Malaysia’s Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) industry442
25Leading towards Islamic Tourism City by managing the sensitivity of society: a case study of Terengganu424
26Covid-19 pandemic: a blessing in disguise419
27Religious and cultural influences on the selection of menu419
28Unrecognized Malaysia halal logo: the role of authorities in protecting consumer's rights413
29Muslim-friendly ecotourism in halal industry ecosystem : an exploratory study in Karimunjawa410
30On-column refolding of recombinant fungal endoglucanase 401