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  1. Mamun, Abdullah Al and Abdul Rahman, Muhammad Amiruddin and Sayem, S. M. Abu (2021) Effect of Fixed Filamentous Media on Wastewater Treatment. Asian Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology & Environmental Sciences, 23 (1). pp. 99-101. ISSN 0972-3005
  2. Mamun, Abdullah Al and Idris, Azni (2021) Anaerobic Fluidized Bed Reactor (AFBR) for the treatment of high solid content agro-industrial wastewater. Asian Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology & Environmental Sciences, 23 (1). pp. 102-105. ISSN 0972-3005
  3. Bahaman, NA and Ahmad Raus, Raha and Ahmad Nor, Yusilawati and Mamun, Abdullah Al and Adzahar, Noor Suhana and Basri, Dayang Fredalina (2020) Medicinal properties screening of Mallotus paniculatus extract. IIUM Medical Journal Malaysia, 19 (1). pp. 5-12. E-ISSN 1823-4631
  4. Bari, Md Niamul and Alam, Md Zahangir and Mamun, Abdullah Al and Khatun, Hanufa (2020) Statistical optimization of the extraction of citric acid from the solid fermented substrate of empty fruit bunches. Engineering Reports, 2 (8). pp. 1-13. E-ISSN 2577-8196
  5. Qaisrani, Zahid N. and Shams, Shahriar and Guo, Z. R. and Mamun, Abdullah Al (2020) Qualitative analysis of plastic debris on beaches of Brunei Darussalam. Pollution, 6 (3). pp. 569-580. ISSN 2383-451X E-ISSN 2383-4501
  6. Morbidelli, Renato and García-Marín, Amanda Penelope and Mamun, Abdullah Al and Atiqur, Rahman Mohammad and Ayuso-Muñoz, José Luís and Taouti, Mohamed Bachir and Baranowski, Piotr and Bellocchi, Gianni and Sangüesa-Pool, Claudia and Bennett, Brett and Oyunmunkh, Byambaa and Bonaccorso, Brunella and Brocca, Luca and Caloiero, Tommaso and Caporali, Enrica and Caracciolo, Domenico and Casas-Castillo, M. Carmen and Catalini, Carlos G. and Chettih, Mohamed and Chowdhury, A.F.M. Kamal and Chowdhury, Rezaul and Corradini, Corrado and Custò, Jeffrey and Dari, Jacopo and Diodato, Nazzareno and Doesken, Nolan and Dumitrescu, Alexandru and Estévez, Javier and Flammini, Alessia and Fowler, Hayley J. and Freni, Gabriele and Fusto, Francesco and García-Barrón, Leoncio and Manea, Ancuta and Goenster-Jordan, Sven and Hinson, Stuart and Kanecka-Geszke, Ewa and Kar, Kanak Kanti and Kasperska-Wołowicz, Wiesława and Krabbi, Miina and Krzyszczak, Jaromir and Llabrés-Brustenga, Alba and Ledesma, José L.J. and Liu, Tie and Lompi, Marco and Marsico, Loredana and Mascaro, Giuseppe and Moramarco, Tommaso and Newman, Noah and Orzan, Alina and Pampaloni, Matteo and Pizarro-Tapia, Roberto and Torres, Antonio Puentes and Rashid, Md Mamunur and Rodríguez-Solà, Raúl and Manzor, Marcelo Sepulveda and Siwek, Krzysztof and Sousa, Arturo and Timbadiya, P.V. and Filippos, Tymvios and Vilcea, Marina Georgiana and Viterbo, Francesca and Yoo, Chulsang and Zeri, Marcelo and Zittis, Georgios and Saltalippi, Carla (2020) The history of rainfall data time-resolution in a wide variety of geographical areas. Journal of Hydrology, 590. ISSN 0022-1694
  7. Mamun, Abdullah Al and Muthalif, Asan G. A. and Ahmad, Zuraida and Ismail, Ahmad Faris and Ismail, Kamsiah and Maleque, Md. Abdul (2020) Islamisation of engineering education – a case at IIUM. Universal Journal of Educational Research, 8 (2). pp. 355-361. ISSN 2332-3205 E-ISSN 2332-3213
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  9. Hasan, Md Rashidul and Nuruzzaman, Md and Al-Mamun, Abdullah (2019) Contribution of rainwater to the irrigation requirement for paddy cultivation at Tanore Upazila in Rajshahi, Bangladesh. Air, Soil and Water Research, 12. pp. 1-8. ISSN 1178-6221
  10. Mamun, Abdullah Al and Ahmed, Yehya M. and Al Khatib, Ma’an Fahmi Rashid and Jameel, Ahmad T. and Al Saadi, Mohammed A. (2019) The optimum condition for the synthesis of carbon nanofibers on activated carbon to remove lead from aqueous solution. International Journal of Nanoelectronics and Materials, 12 (2). pp. 135-144. ISSN 1985-5761 E-ISSN 2232-1535
  11. Hamidah, Hassan and Mamun, Abdullah Al and Alam, Md. Zahangir (2018) Selection of nutrients for the production of Myco-coagulant from Mycelial fungus fermentation. In: 5th International Conference on Biotechnology Engineering (ICBioE 2018), 19th-20th September 2018, Kuala Lumpur.
  12. Al Mamun, Abdullah and Salleh, Md. Noor and Mohamad Noor, Hanapi (2018) Estimation of short‑duration rainfall intensity from daily rainfall values in Klang Valley, Malaysia. Applied Water Science, 8 (7). pp. 1-10. ISSN 2190-5487 E-ISSN 2190-5495
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  15. Nuruzzaman, Md. and Mamun, Abdullah Al and Salleh, Md. Noor (2018) Experimenting biochemical oxygen demand decay rates of Malaysian river water in a laboratory flume. Environmental Engineering Research, 23 (1). pp. 99-106. ISSN 2005-968X E-ISSN 2005-968X
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11Heavy metals removal from synthetic wastewater by a novel nano-size composite adsorbent1726
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13Various Carbon Nanomaterials (CNMs) synthesized on powdered activated carbon by CVD reactor1678
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15Phytoremediation of partially treated wastewater by chlorella vulgaris 1655
16Initial assessment of runoff quality from a road and highway in Klang Valley1644
17Heavy metal contents in highway runoff in Malaysia1608
18Lead removal by using carbon nanotubes1588
19Study of Pb adsorption by carbon nanofibers (CNFs) grown on powdered activated carbon1586
20Growth of carbon nanomaterial on granular activated carbon 1579
21DID Manual. Volume 5 – Irrigation and Agricultural Drainage1569
22Optimization of synthesis of carbon nanotubes on iron impregnated activated carbon1560
23Regionalisation of low flow frequency curves for the Peninsular Malaysia1551
24Water supply and sanitation in Dhaka City. 1536
25Carbon nanofibers to remove arsenic 1528
26Metal removal from industrial wastewater by a novel carbon nanomaterial. 1522
27Adsorption of heavy metal from landfill leachate by wasted biosolids1519
28Regeneration of Carbon Nano Tubes (CNT) in cadmium sorption from water1517
29Adsorption of copper, nickel and lead ions from synthetic semiconductor industrial wastewater by palm shell activated carbon1510
30Kinetic adsorption of application of carbon nanotubes for lead Pb (II) removal from aqueous solution1496