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  1. Mohamed Yatim, Norazlina and Shaaban, Azizah and Dimin, Mohd Fairuz and Mohamad, Noraiham and Yusof, Faridah (2019) Urea functionalized multiwalled carbon nanotubes as efficient nitrogen delivery system for rice. Advances in Natural Sciences: Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 10 (1). pp. 1-12. ISSN 2043-6254 E-ISSN 2043-6262
  2. Dehimi, Maya and Yusof, Faridah (2020) Plackett-Burman design for the optimization of a novel extracellular marine protease production. In: Asian Regional Conference on Systems Biology 2020, 2nd-4th March 2020, Langkawi, Kedah. (Unpublished)
  3. Abdullah, Nurul Awanis and Yusof, Faridah and Ahmad, Farah (2020) Preliminary study on immobilization of plant esterase on functionalized multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) for biosensor application. In: The 1st International Conference of Science, Engineering and Technology (ICSET 2020), 27th February 2020, Pulau Pinang. (Unpublished)
  4. Ab Aziz Al Safi, Nur Amalin and Yusof, Faridah (2020) Screening of macromolecular cross-linkers and food-grade additives for enhancement of catalytic performance of MNP-CLEA-lipase of Hevea brasiliensis. In: The 1st International Conference of Science, Engineering and Technology (ICSET 2020), 27th February 2020, Pulau Pinang. (Unpublished)
  5. Mehdi, Wesen Adel and Mehde, Atheer Awad and Yusof, Faridah and Ahmad Raus, Raha and Resen, Ali Khudhair and Ghazali, Hamid (2019) The endothelial nitric oxide synthase gene G894T, glutathione S-transferase (GSTM1 and GSTT1) polymorphisms as a risk factor in the patient with nephrolithiasis. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 140. pp. 719-726. ISSN 0141-8130 E-ISSN 1879-0003
  6. Mardina, Vivi and Yusof, Faridah (2018) Skim latex serum as an alternative nutrition for microbial growth. In: Multifaceted protocol in biotechnology. Springer Nature, Singapore, pp. 179-196. ISBN 978-981-13-2256-3
  7. Yusof, Faridah and Khanahmadi, Soofia (2018) Carrier-free enzyme immobilization by cross-linked enzyme aggregates (CLEA) technology. In: Multifaceted protocol in biotechnology. Springer Nature, Singapore, pp. 93-108. ISBN 978-981-13-2256-3
  8. Mardina, Vivi and Harmawan, Tisna and ,, Fitriani and Hildayani, Goldha Maulla and Yusof, Faridah (2018) Screening of protease and lipase sources from visceral organs of Euthynnusaffinis. In: 2nd Nommensen International Conference on Technology and Engineering, NICTE 2018, 19 - 20 July 2018, Medan; Indonesia.
  9. Mohtar, Johan Ariff and Ooi, W. L. and Yusof, Faridah (2018) Spider silk processing for spidroin recovery from crossopriza lyoni web. In: Malaysian Technical Universities Conference on Engineering and Technology 2017, MUCET 2017, 6 -7 December 2017, Park Royal HotelPenang.
  10. Yusof, Faridah and Chowdhury, Silvia and Sulaiman, Nadzril and Faruck, Mohammad Omer (2018) Effect of process parameters on the synthesis of silver nanoparticles and its effects on microbes. Jurnal Teknologi, 80 (3). pp. 115-121. E-ISSN 2180-3722.
  11. Razak, Eliza and Yusof, Faridah and Ahmad Raus, Raha (2018) Cancer histopathologic subtypes prediction from miRNA expression data using pattern recognition. Journal of Informatics and Mathematical Sciences. ISSN 0974-875X E-ISSN 0975-5748 (In Press)
  12. Razak, Eliza and Yusof, Faridah and Ahmad Raus, Raha (2019) Cancer relapse prediction from microrna expression data using machine learning. Journal of Mechanics of Continua and Mathematical Sciences, Special Issue (1). pp. 365-373. ISSN 0973-8975 E-ISSN 2454-7190
  13. Razak, Eliza and Yusof, Faridah and Ahmad Raus, Raha (2018) Cancer relapse prediction from microrna expression data using machine learning. In: 3rd Current Research on Information Technology, Mathematics Sciences, Science and Technology (CRIMSTIC 2018), 27th-29th April 2018, Bandar Hilir, Melaka. (Unpublished)
  14. Mohamed Yatim, Norazlina and Shaaban, Azizah and Dimin, Mohd Fairuz and Yusof, Faridah and Abdul Razak, Jeefferie (2018) Effect of functionalised and non-functionalised carbon nanotubes-urea fertilizer on the growth of paddy. Tropical Life Sciences Research, 29 (1). pp. 17-35. ISSN 1985-3718 E-ISSN 2180-4249
  15. Mehdi, Wesen Adel and Yusof, Faridah and Farhan, Layla Othman and Mehde, Atheer Awad and Ahmad Raus, Raha (2017) Levels of antioxidant enzymes and alkaline protease from pulp and peel of sunflower. Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine, 7 (6). pp. 533-537. ISSN 2221-1691
  16. Musa, Ibrahim and Khaza'ai, Huzwah and Abdul Mutalib, Mohd Sokhini and Yusof, Faridah and Sanusi, Junedah and Chang, Sui Kiat (2017) Effects of oil palm tocotrienol rich fraction on the viability and morphology of astrocytes injured with glutamate. Food Bioscience, 20. pp. 168-177. ISSN 2212-4292 E-ISSN 2212-4306
  17. Othman, Emeliana and Yusof, Faridah and Azmi, Azlin Suhaida (2017) Influence of enzymatic devulcanization process conditions on the tensile strength of revulcanized rubber. Journal of Advanced Research in Materials Science, 38 (1). pp. 15-20. ISSN 2289-7992
  18. Faruck, Mohammad Omer and Yusof, Faridah and Chowdhury, Md. Sazzad Hossien (2017) Effect of extraction process parameters on antifungal peptides from Supermeal worm, Zophobas morio (Fabricius). International Food Research Journal (IFRJ), 24 (Suppl.). pp. 463-467. ISSN 1985-4668 E-ISSN 2231-7546
  19. Yusof, Faridah and Faruck, Mohammad Omer and Chowdhury, Silvia (2017) An approach to optimize process parameter for peptides extraction from Zophobas morio (Fabricius) using antifungal activity as the response. International Food Research Journal (IFRJ), 24. pp. 457-462. ISSN 1985-4668 E-ISSN 2231-7546
  20. Yusof, Faridah and Chowdury, Silvia and Faruck, Mohammad Omer and Sulaiman, Nadzril (2017) Anticancer peptides derived from supermeal worm (Zophobas morio) larvae. International Food Research Journal (IFRJ), 24. S456-S451. ISSN 2231-7546 E-ISSN 2231-7546

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1Molecular cloning and production of recombinant phytase from Bacillus Subtilis ASUIA243 in Pichia Pastoris1367
2Carbon nanotube/rubber nanocomposites1365
3Immobilization of enzymes1361
4The production of carbon nanotubes using two-stage chemical vapor deposition and their potential use in protein purification1354
5Enzymatic devulcanization of waste rubber 1280
6Isolation and identification of ferulic acid from rice bran1278
7Irradiation modification of epoxidized natural rubber/ethylene vinyl acetate/carbon nanotubes nanocomposites1271
8Gelatin as an ingredient in food and pharmaceutical products: an Islamic perspective1188
9Recycling of waste rubber via microbial devulcanization1185
10Long wave instabilities of heated falling films: role of Van Der Waals attraction1169
11Development of patatin-like protein purification method from natural rubber industrial waste1163
12Lipase and amylase extracted from cocoa-pod husk, byproduct from local cocoa farming industry1102
13Purification of skim latex protein using carbon nanotubes as the chromatographic media 1097
14Purification of Patatin-like protein (Hev b7) from skim latex of Hevea Brasiliensis1034
15Identification of potential biomarker in heart proteome for authentication of Halal slaughtered chicken 1005
16Development of a rapid, simple and reliable method for identification of halal slaughtered chicken 1000
17Neuroprotective of tocotrienols in IN VIVO and IN VITRO systems994
18Effect of pH and Concentration in ion exchange column chromatography purification of Patatin-like protein from industrial rubber waste988
19Purification of Superoxide Dismutase from Hevea brasiliensis leaf Extract986
20Neuroprotective properties of palm vitamin E against glutamate toxicity979
21Protein extraction and purification955
22Thermal Properties Enhancement for the Developed of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate/ Epoxidized Natural Rubber/ Carbon Nanotubes Nanocomposite947
23Optimization of the purification of nucleocapsid protein of newcastle disease virus by ultracentrifugation method942
24Effect of carbon nanotubes loading on the mechanical properties of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate/ epoxidized natural rubber nanocomposite 926
25Optimized preparation and characterization of CLEA-lipase from cocoa pod husk902
26Statistical optimization of carbon nanotubes production by DS-CVD and its application in protein purification886
27Cocoa pod husk: a new source of CLEA-lipase for preparation of low-cost biodiesel: An optimized process884
28An assessment of the stimulation of rubber biosynthesis by eIF-5A proteins-enriched bacterial lysates883
29A comparative study on production of stable carbon nanotube dispersions using Gum Arabic and Sodium Dodecyl Sulphate883
30Production of laccase by resinicium bicolor in submerged cultures: application of the plackett-burman experimental design to screen major factors 875