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  1. Islam, Rafikul (2016) Total Quality Management for Islamic financial institutions. International Council of Islamic Financial Educators, Kuala Lumpur. ISBN 978-967-467-003-0
  2. Dali, Norimah and Abdullah, Alias and Islam, Rafikul (2018) Prioritization Of The Indicators And Sub-Indicators Of Maqasid Al-Shariah In Measuring Liveability Of Cities. International Journal of the Analytic Hierarchy Process, 10 (3). pp. 348-371. ISSN 1936-6744
  3. Ahmed, Selim and Manaf, Noor Hazilah and Islam, Rafikul (2018) Effect of lean six sigma on quality performance in Malaysian hospitals. International Journal of Healthcare Quality Assurance, 31 (8). pp. 973-987. ISSN 0952-6862
  4. Haque, Mahbubul and Islam, Rafikul (2018) Impact of supply chain collaboration and knowledge sharing on organizational outcomes in pharmaceutical industry of Bangladesh. Journal of Global Operations and Strategic Sourcing, 11 (3). pp. 301-320.
  5. Ahmed, Selim and Manaf, Noor Hazilah and Islam, Rafikul (2018) Measuring Lean Six Sigma and quality performance for healthcare organizations. International Journal of Quality and Service Sciences, 10 (3). pp. 267-278. ISSN 1756-669X
  6. Islam, Rafikul (2018) Comparison of outcomes obtained from nominal group technique and survey method: An empirical investigation. Journal for Global Business Advancement, 11 (2). pp. 232-259. ISSN 1746-966X
  7. Anis, Azilah and Islam, Rafikul and Abdullah, Nur Anisah (2018) Challenges faced by Malaysian private HLIs in providing quality education: a thematic analysis. Quality Assurance in Education, 26 (3). pp. 349-373. ISSN 0968-4883
  8. Rahman, Mahbubar and Islam, Rafikul (2018) Importance-performance analysis of service quality dimensions for the Bangladeshi hotel industry. International Journal of Business and Systems Research, 12 (4). pp. 365-390. ISSN 1751-200X
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  10. Afrin, Afroza Bulbul and Islam, Rafikul (2019) Continuous improvement: a comparison between Islamic and conventional approaches. In: Defining the Frontiers of Global Business Research Across Emerging Countries. McGraw Hill Education (India) Pvt Ltd, Chennai, India, pp. 13-25. ISBN 978-93-5316-106-4
  11. Islam, Rafikul (2017) Applications of the analytic hierarchy process in management. In: 4th International Conference on Advanced Research in Business and Social Sciences (ICARBSS), 25th-26th October 2017, Bangkok, Thailand. (Unpublished)
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  13. Islam, Rafikul and Rahman, Mahbubar (2018) Prioritising determinants of organizational performance in hotel industry: an empirical investigation for Bangladesh. In: Academy for Global Business Advancement’s 15th World Congress Held at the AACSB Accredited National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA, 2nd-4th July 2018, Bangkok, Thailand. (Unpublished)
  14. Islam, Rafikul and Rahman, Mahbubar and Wan Husain, Wan Rohaida and Mohd. Israil, Khaliq Ahmad (2017) Developing a hierarchical model based on quality dimensions to enhance business excellence in hotel industry of Bangladesh. In: 14th Association for Global Business Advancement (AGBA) World Congress, 23-25 November, 2017, Eldoret City, Kenya.
  15. Islam, Rafikul and Periaiah, Nagendran (2016) Employee performance evaluation using analytic hierarchy process (AHP) for Chemvi Laboratory Sdn. Bhd. In: 14th International Symposium on the Analytic Hierarchy Process, 4th-7th August 2016, London.
  16. Islam, Rafikul and Mohamed, Shafie Sharif (2018) Measuring performance of universities in fragile countries using analytic hierarchy process. In: 15th International Symposium on the Analytic Hierarchy Process (ISAHP 2018), 13th-15th July 2018, Hong Kong.
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  18. Islam, Rafikul and El Madkouri, Fatima (2018) Assessing and ranking HALMAS parks in Malaysia: An application of importance-performance analysis and AHP. Journal of Islamic Marketing, 9 (2). pp. 240-261. ISSN 1759-0833
  19. Islam, Rafikul (2017) Developing a Maqasid-based performance measurement index for Islamic banks. In: 2nd Sharjah International Conference on Islamic Economy 2017, 4th-5th October 2017, Sharjah. (Unpublished)
  20. Islam, Rafikul and Mohd. Haidoub, Ibrahim and Md. Tarique, Kazi (2018) Enhancing quality of education: a case study on an International Islamic School. In: 1st International Conference of World Academy of Islamic Management, 12th May 2018, Kuala Lumpur. (Unpublished)

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