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1Governance in South, Southeast and East Asia: Trends, issues and challenges. Edited by Ishtiaq Jamil, Salahuddin M. Aminuzzaman, and Sk. Tawfique M. Haque603
2Measures of kurtosis and skewness of INGARCH model590
3New exact series for modal green's function549
4اِتِّجاه الطلاب نحو تعلم اللغة العربية بمركز اللغات بالجامعة الإسلامية العالمية بماليزيا: دراسة تحليلية500
5Effects of doping elements in β-FeSi2 prepared utilizing cast iron scrap chips475
6Crude oil bioremediation by indigenous bacteria isolated from oily sludge470
7Work, family and women's well-being: selected research findings437
8PBL triggers in relation to students’ generated learning issues and predetermined faculty objectives: Study in a Malaysian public university424
9Applications of wasatiyyah in the contemporary Muslim world413
10حالة المرأة المسلمة في عصرالعولمة على ضؤ القرآن والسنة398
11علم المعنى بين القديم والحديث395
12أسباب ضعف مساهمة المرأة المسلمة في السياسة: دراسة عن مفاهيم خاطئة لبغض نصوص الكتاب والسنة382
13The first international research colloquium: research in Malaysia and Thailand 334
14Waqf laws and management332
15The chemistry of life: biochemistry106
16Upholding ethos in education66
17Academics and intellectual honesty65
18Moving academic freedom forward64
19Our education system works internationally61
20Who are our teachers?56
21Zero tolerance for racism52
22SDG ranking - did USM get it right?51
23A true leader shows her mettle51
24The matriculation story48
25Learning from the past46
26Bringing back the ‘soul’ to STEM44
27Mas’uliyyah and ihsan as high-performance work values in Islam42
28Count your blessings as Malaysians42
29'Sejahtera' for quality education.41
30Much to learn from open debates38