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  1. Mohamed, Shafizan (2021) Isu klip video: Wartawan harus beretika. IIUM Today, 10 May 2021.
  2. Kalinin, Vladimir V. and Hocaoglu, Cicek and Mohamed, Shafizan, eds. (2021) Anxiety disorders: the new achievements. Intech Open, London, United Kingdom. ISBN 978-1-83968-429-6
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  4. Mohamed, Shafizan (2021) New media, cultural imperialism and the Malay Muslim society in Malaysia. In: Sixth FOCUS Conference on Contemporary Islam in the Malays World, 16-17 Mar 2021, Google Meet. (Unpublished)
  5. Mohamed, Shafizan (2021) Be more aware of the real effects of climate change. News Straits Times.
  6. Mohamed, Shafizan (2021) Vaccine misinformation danger. The Star, 22nd January 2021.
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  10. Mohamed, Shafizan (2020) A letter to my students… Let’s do this together! IIUM Today, 11th October 2020.
  11. Mohamed, Shafizan and Yusoh, Mohd Helmi and Wan Mohd Ghazali, Wan Norshira (2020) Developing a module for producing multimedia content for scientific research. Research Report. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)
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  20. Mohamed, Shafizan (2020) Netflix, Muslims and cultural imperialism. IIUMTODAY.

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1The development of women magazines in Malaysia and its educational impact on Muslim women2716
2Internet and social media in Malaysia: Development, challenges and potentials1241
3Predicting the intention to cyberbully and cyberbullying behaviour among the undergraduate students at the International Islamic University Malaysia934
4Blogging and what it means to be Malaysian: the push and pull cultures789
5Political bloggers and the personalisation of political participation737
6Technological development and its impact on student reception of a campus radio723
7Narcissism and the new culture of citizenship: the experiences of three Malaysian bloggers722
8Blogging and citizenship: The Malaysian experience719
9Breaking the Malaysian political media dichotomy: A case for citizen’s media681
10Technological development and its impact on audience reception: A longitudinal study of IIUM.FM677
11Political agency in the blogging of the everyday: The case of muslim women bloggers673
12Vlogging and the Malaysian citizenship experience665
13Analysing media effects: The third-person effect on party members660
14Contextualizing the Malaysian citizenship651
15Parody of Malaysian life: the effects of Mat Luthfi’s video blogs (V-blogs) on Malaysian youth590
16News online and public opinion: how Malaysians responded to news on a state by-election519
17The Islamization of the Malaysian media: a complex interaction of religion, class and commercialization506
18Instagram and political storytelling among Malaysian politicians during the 14th General Election435
19The 77 years (1941-2018) evolution of mastika’s cover: a visual framing of the Malay audience’s interests426
20On the covers of Indonesia’s Hai magazine: a visual framing of youth421
21Facebook use and personalization among Malaysian politicians during the 14th Malaysian general election = Penggunaan Facebook dan personalisasi oleh ahli politik Malaysia semasa Pilihanraya Umum Ke-14420
22Why Najib is the most interesting politician on Instagram414
23Election campaign and issues agenda in Malaysian politicians’ Facebook and Instagram accounts393
24Who sets the agenda? Locating the formation of public opinion during the Rantau by-election389
25The intention to cyberbully and cyberbullying behaviour among undergraduate students379
26Digital Malaysia development and challenges364
27The 77 years (1941-2018) evolution of Mastika’s cover: a visual framing353
28Najib Razak’s political storytelling on Instagram: the fall of a government and the rise of an opposition leader?351
29Instagram and political storytelling among Malaysian politicians during the 14th General Election346
30News online and public opinion on Facebook during the Semenyih and Rantau by-elections309