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  1. Mohamed, Shafizan and Syed Abdullah Idid, Syed Arabi and Abdul Manan, Kamaruzzaman (2019) Online news and public opinion: how Malaysians respond to news on a State By-Election. Human Communication, 2 (2). pp. 42-57. E-ISSN 2636-9206
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  7. Syed Abdullah Idid, Syed Arabi (2019) Media and communication: past, present and future. In: International Conference on Media and Communication (MENTION2019), 19th-21st November 2019, Bangi, Selangor. (Unpublished)
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  14. Arandas, Mohammed Fadel and Chang, Peng Kee and mohamad, Emma Mirza Wati and Idid, Syed Arabi (2019) Framing the First Palestinian General Elections by Malaysia’s New Straits Times. Jurnal Komunikasi: Malaysian Journal of Communication, 35 (2). pp. 141-158. ISSN 2289-151X E-ISSN 2289-1528
  15. Noumeur, Meriem Narimane and Idid, Syed Arabi (2019) Online self-representation of Malaysian Muslim female students: a Facebook case study. Malaysian Journal of Media Studies, 20 (1). pp. 15-30. ISSN 1511-2284 E-ISSN 2231-8143
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  20. Syed Abdullah Idid, Syed Arabi and Zulkifli, Khairul Syakirin (2019) Electoral research activities from International Islamic University Malaysia. PSA News, 30 (1). p. 14.

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4Professional values, ethics, and professionalism of public relations practitioners = Nilai-nilai profesional, etika dan profesionalisma dalam pengamal perhubungan awam832
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6Political efficacy among Malaysian voters: the role of traditional and new media800
7Setting the media agenda: a study of the 2010 Sudanese presidential elections789
8Learning a tragic news: a diffusion study of the Malaysian plane shot over Ukraine762
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10The young Malaysian voter712
11News consumption through SNS platforms:Extended motivational model678
12Assessing audience effects from journalism-media studies669
13The media and public agenda among the Malay and Chinese communities during the 2008 Malaysian General Elections659
14A test of technology acceptance model in the use of social media among PR practitioners in Nigeria656
15PR practitioners’ use of social media: validation of an online relationship management model applying structural equation modeling644
16Voters in Sarawak: a preliminary overview 622
17News diffusion studies: Malaysian cases in a global context603
18Malaysia overall politics582
191Malaysia: 'People first, performance now'. a critical perspective on the nation building approach in Malaysia's government public relations.574
20Polls shows majority proud of Malaysia571
21Learning a tragic event: how Malaysians and Indonesians learned of the Indonesia AirAsia crash569
22Social mobility: Robert Putnam’s American divided society in a Malaysian family setting569
23Factors affecting communication studies in Malaysia562
24Recruiting the public relations officer during British Colonial Malaysia559
25Differential development of two theories: news diffusion and agenda setting553
26Perceived influence of opposition political campaign materials on voters544
27Islamic advertising and advertisements: some concerns530
28Agenda setting: probing the issues during the 13th general election500
29Student satisfaction with hostel in international campus: A literature review468
30Electoral studies: Understanding some research problems461