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Abdullah, Muhammad Faris and Abdullah, Alias and Zahari, Rustam Khairi and Jaafar, Samsuddin (2016) Monitoring the performance of state structure plan in delivering output using dynamic model. Planning Malaysia: Journal of the Malaysian Institute of Planners, Special issue IV-2016. pp. 411-426. ISSN 1675-6215

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Gao, Hangyu and Abu Bakar, Shamsul and Maulan, Suhardi and Mohd Yusof, Mohd Johari and Mundher, Riyadh and Zakariya, Khalilah (2023) Identifying visual quality of rural road landscape character by using public preference and heatmap analysis in Sabak Bernam, Malaysia. Land, 12 (7). pp. 1-27. E-ISSN 2073-445X


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Indrawan, Imam Wahyudi and Rahman, Maya Puspa and Ahmed Sanusi, Nurfatihah (2020) Financing-To-Value (FTV) policy and its impact on residential property prices in Indonesia. Journal of Islamic Monetary Economics and Finance (JIMF), 6 (3). pp. 577-596. ISSN 2460-6146 E-ISSN 2460-6618


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Khalid, Haniza (2018) Introduction to impact assessment and cost-benefit analysis. In: Kursus Penilaian Impak Ekonomi Bagi Cadangan Projek Pembangunan Yang Dipertimbangkan Untuk Nasihat Majlis Perancang Fizikal Negara Dan EIA Dalam Laporan Cadangan Pemajuan (LCP) Secara Kolaborasi Bersama I-KPKT, 9th-11th October 2018, Bukit Tinggi, Pahang. (Unpublished)

Khalid, Haniza (2018) Kelulusan projek pembangunan dan penilaian impak ekonomi. In: Kursus Penilaian Impak Ekonomi Bagi Cadangan Projek Pembangunan Yang Dipertimbangkan Untuk Nasihat Majlis Perancang Fizikal Negara dan EIA Dalam Laporan Cadangan Pemajuan (LCP) Secara Kolaborasi Bersama I-KPKT, 9th-11th Oct. 2018, Bukit Tinggi, Pahang. (Unpublished)

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M. Ali, Safina and Suratman, Robiah and M. Othman, Razib and Mohammad, Mohammad Tahir Sabit (2019) Understanding the immovable property data in Malaysia and the challenges for data sharing. In: "International Graduate Conference of Built Environment and Surveying : Towards Continuity and Livability Revolution", 24-25 June, 2019, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Skudai.

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Zakariya, Khalilah and Abdul Wahab, Nur Amirah and Tukiman, Izawati and Che Haron, Roziha (2017) Landscape character for tourism route planning: A case study of the Kuala Selangor – Sabak Bernam route. In: The 5th Tourism and Hospitality International Conference (THIC 2017), 27 September 2017, MaTiC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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