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Dr. Rusni Hassan is a Professor at the IIUM Institute of Islamic Banking and Finance, IIUM. She graduated with LLB (Honours), LLB (Shariah) (First Class), Master of Comparative Laws (MCL), and Ph.D in Law. Her area of specialization includes legal, governance, and Shariah aspects of Islamic Banking and Finance. She is an active researcher and expert trainer in IBF. Her publication includes books on Islamic Banking and Finance, chapters in books, and articles published in local and international journals. She is listed as a Top 10 contributor for research in Islamic Finance in the Scopus database. Dr Rusni is also actively involved in the IBF industry. She was a member of Shariah Advisory Council Bank Negara Malaysia from 2010 to 2016 and also the Shariah Committee for a number of institmore...


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  1. Hassan, Rusni and Mohamad Noor, Fatimah Azzahra (2021) Promoting peace and equality through the practice of good Islamic governance: the case of Islamic finance. Vidyabharati International Interdisciplinary Research Journal (Special Issue). pp. 1679-1692. ISSN 2319-4979
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