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Dr Nor Asiah Mohamad

Civil Law Department


Land Law, Waqf Law, Strata Management and Law, Equity and Trust, Harmonisation of Law, Foundation of Shariah

LLB LLB in Shariah Master in Comparative Laws Ph D in Law (Land Law)

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  1. Mohamad, Nor Asiah (2020) Saying 'yes' or 'no' to short-term holiday letting in stratified properties in Malaysia. International Journal of Business and Society, 21 (S1). pp. 137-151. E-ISSN 1511-6670
  2. Mohamad, Nor Asiah and Syed Abdul Kader, Sharifah Zubaidah (2018) Remedies of specific performance for land contracts: Legal development. Journal of Valuation and Property Services, 16. pp. 1-11. ISSN 1511-3345
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  14. Mohamad, Nor Asiah (2019) Financial sustainability through cash Waqf: an Ottoman legacy in Malaysia. In: The Seminar on The Legal Perspective of The Ottoman Role in The Colonial Resistance, Gender Equity And Financial Sustainability in Malaysia, 9th April 2019, Istanbul Turkey. (Unpublished)
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  20. Mohamad, Nor Asiah (2018) Perkembangan terkini enakmen wakaf di Malaysia: adakah komprehensif? = Latest development relating to Waqf enactments in Malaysia: are the laws comprehensive? Jurnal Kanun, 30 (2). pp. 363-381. ISSN 0128-2670

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