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Prof Dr Nor Asiah Mohamad

Civil Law Department


Land Law, Waqf Law, Strata Management and Law, Equity and Trust, Harmonisation of Law, Foundation of Shariah

LLB LLB in Shariah Master in Comparative Laws Ph D in Law (Land Law)

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  1. Mohamad, Nor Asiah (2020) Covid-19, a wake up call for waqf institution. New Straits Times, 7 June 2020.
  2. Mohamad, Nor Asiah (2017) Konsep wakaf jamin kesejahteraan alam sekitar. Berita Harian, 3 August 2017.
  3. Mohamad, Nor Asiah (2024) Tegas, berintegriti urus isu pencerobohan tanah kerajaan. Berita Harian, 5 January 2024.
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16Soft skills: a Quranic perspective680
17Legal development on management of strata dispute in peninsular Malaysia669
18The earliest Waqf in Malaysia634
19Philanthropy and social justice in waqf administration in morocco: lessons learnt from the history628
20Labuan: its legal history and land tenure system619
21"Pondok" system as a model for retirement village in Malaysia: a legal perspective617
22Analysing the need to regulate non-profit foundations under the Trustee (Incorporation) Act 1952: towards transparency and good governance607
23Land development in the light of the objectives of Shariah (Maqasid)591
24Financial sustainability through cash Waqf: an Ottoman legacy in Malaysia585
25Melestari pembangunan tanah menurut Islam577
26Perkembangan terkini enakmen wakaf di Malaysia: adakah komprehensif? = Latest development relating to Waqf enactments in Malaysia: are the laws comprehensive?576
27Understanding Islam within the Malaysia concept573
28Leadership: Does gender matter?572
29Distinction between void and voidable contracts567
30Discharge of contract563