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Dr. Mohd Abbas Abdul Razak

Asst. Professor

Department of Fundamental & Inter-Disciplinary Studies


Education, Educational Psychology, Western Psychology, Islamic Psychology, Iqbaliyyat, Philosophical Psychology

Mohd Abbas Abdul Razak obtained his B.A. (Hons) degree from Universitas Ar-Raniry, Aceh, Indonesia in Islamic Education. Upon completing his undergraduate studies, Abbas returned to Malaysia in January 1992 and was teaching for a little while in the northern region of the peninsular of Malaysia before he went on to pursue his postgraduate studies at IIUM. Over at IIUM, Abbas did his Advanced Diploma in Education and later went on to pursue his Master’s degree in the area of Educational Psychology. His Ph.D. dissertation was a study on personality theories, particularly comparing on the views showcased to the world by Iqbal and Freud. This research work of Abbas was later published as a book entitled ‘Iqbal’s Theory of Personality: A Contrastive Analysis with Freud’ by LAP Lambert Academore...

B.A(Hons) in Islamic Studies(Universitas Ar-Raniry) Advanced Diploma of Education(IIUM) M.Ed in Educational Psychology(IIUM) Ph.D.in Educational Psychology(IIUMM

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Latest Additions

  1. Abdul Razak, Mohd Abbas (2021) Muslim world needs a new mindset to face modern challenges. IIUM-Today, 11 December 2021.
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