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  1. Muhsin, Sayyed Mohamed (2024) Mohd. Kamal Hassan (1942-2023): remembering a Murabbi. CENTRIS E-Bulletin, 3. pp. 12-16. E-ISSN 2811-342X
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  3. Chin, Alexis Heng Boon and Alsomali, Nimah and Muhsin, Sayyed Mohamed (2024) Should brain chip implants for memory and cognitive enhancement be banned in competitive national examinations? Neurosurgical Review, 47. pp. 1-3. ISSN 0344-5607 E-ISSN 1437-2320
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  5. Muhsin, Sayyed Mohamed and Ahmad, Mohd Faizal and Chin, Alexis Heng Boon (2024) Implikasi teknologi pembiakan dibantu baharu dalam perspektif Islam: kekangan atau kejayaan. Ova.
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  20. Muhsin, Sayyed Mohamed (2023) Mohd. Kamal Hassan: an integrated intellectual. In: Journey to Islamicisation of Human Knowledge: A Festschrift in Honour of Mohd. Kamal Hassan. IIUM Press, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, pp. 122-133. ISBN 978-967-491-343-4

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Item titleViews
1Fatwa: methodology of Samasta (organization of traditional Sunnī shāfiʿī scholars in South India) [in Malayalam language]734
2Spiritual Hajj in the time of pandemic696
3Medical confidentiality ethics: the genesis of an Islamic juristic perspective628
4استخدام الذكاء الاصطناعي في إبرام عقود الزواج: دراسة فقهية تحليلية559
5Dilemmas in dual duty of medical confidentiality552
6Life in the era of pandemic: a fiqhī framework543
7MySejahtera App and Privacy Concern: A Maqasid Perspective539
8What is Raḥmat li al-ʿĀlamīn for IIUM?505
9Challenges and opportunities of single mother: an Islamic perspective502
10Epidemics between Qadr and Ḥadhar: Insights from al-Nawawī488
11Three fatwas on marriage in South India481
12Purview of Fatwa from legal ruling to community building: case of Samasta in South India480
13Developing an Islamic framework for medical confidentiality practice473
14Internationalization of the Islamic thought: the contributions of Sayyed Ismail(1936-2010)472
15Islamic perspectives on elective ovarian tissue freezing by single women for non-medical or social reasons472
16Malaysia needs stricter regulation of the genetic testing of embryos469
17Internationalisation of the Islamic thought: the contributions of Sayyed Ismail (1936-2010)465
18Fiqh al-Ṭahārah: The Islamic Hygienical Jurisprudence463
19Reading the concept of al-Gharar on the background of robo-advisory: one more step towards Halālan Ṭayyiban lifestyle432
20Revising the priorities during the pandemic in the light of Islamic legal maxims379
21Quranic worldview: complementarity in the views of Iqbal and AbuSulayman370
22Road towards a Maqāṣidic Governance of waqf in Kerala: a preliminary analysis335
23Religious institution with social roles: revival of waqf in Kerala323
24Islamic studies in modern academia: prospects and challenges322
25Should Malaysian Muslim women undergo egg freezing overseas?317
26Īmān (faith), Islām (submission), Iḥsān (soulful excellence): ethical foundations in Islam316
27Female judges in Islamic courts: determinants of the juristic positions305
28Islamic jurisprudence on harm versus harm scenarios in medical confidentiality302
29Islamic index of vital virtues in the healthcare sector285
30Silence: an anecdote of healing276