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Dr Sonny Zulhuda

Associate Professor

Civil Law Department


Cyberlaw, Personal Data Protection, Information Governance, E-commerce Law, Torts, Information Security Law

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  1. Hidayat, Yusup and Machmud, Aris and Zulhuda, Sonny and Suartini, Suartini (2023) Is Indonesia destined to become the world's market for halal products? RSF Conference Proceeding Series: Business, Management and Social Science, 3 (2). pp. 66-72. ISSN 2807-6699 E-ISSN 2807-5803
  2. Hakiem, Nashrul and Afrizal, Sarika and Shofi, Imam Marzuki and Wardhani, Luh Kesuma and Anggraini, Nenny and Zulhuda, Sonny and Setiadi, Yudi (2023) Assessing cybersecurity readiness among higher education institutions in Indonesia using management perspectives. ICIC Express Letters, 17 (10). pp. 1151-1158. ISSN 1881-803X
  3. Raharjo, Agus and Saefudin, Yusuf and Zulhuda, Sonny (2023) Legal protection for the victims of religious hate speech on the internet. Kosmik Hukum, 23 (2). pp. 189-199. ISSN 1411-9781 E-ISSN 2655-9242
  4. Zulhuda, Sonny (2023) Embracing cyberspace: Malaysia and the cyber security initiatives. Cyberpolitik Journal, 8 (15). pp. 18-23. ISSN 2587-1218
  5. Hidayah, Nur Putri and Komariah, Komariah and Prakasa, Satria Unggul Wicaksana and Zulhuda, Sonny (2023) Modeling the contract and execution fiduciary on constitutional court decision. Journal of Human Rights, Culture and Legal System, 3 (1). pp. 95-108. ISSN 2807-2979 E-ISSN 2807-2812
  6. Riswandi, Budi Agus and Zulhuda, Sonny and Wibowo, Ari and Hartanto, Ratna and Luthfidyfa, Nabilla Maryam and Erlangga, Vania Lutfi Safira (2023) Personal Data Protection Law (comparative \study on Indonesian and Malaysian Law). Universitas Islam Indonesia, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. ISBN 978-602-450-786-2
  7. Saulawa, Mu'azu Abdullahi and Zulhuda, Sonny (2022) Cyber Terrorism Law in Nigeria: is the Budapest Convention on cybercrime helpful? In: International Conference on Cyber Counterterrorism 2022, December 6-8, 2022, Madinah, KSA. (Unpublished)
  8. Zulhuda, Sonny (2022) Masa depan PCIM Malaysia:konsolidasi, internalisasi, dan internasionalisasi. In: Pribadi Berkemajuan: Memajukan Indonesia, Mencerahkan Semesta. Penerbit Samudra Biru, pp. 357-361. ISBN 978-623-261-517-5
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  11. Zulhuda, Sonny and Roslan, Muhammad Luqman Haqeem (2022) المعالجة القانونية لتمجيد الإرهاب في ماليزيا وإندونيسيا. التحالف مجلة فصلية تصدر عن التحالف اإلسالمي العسكري لمحاربة اإلرهاب, 12. pp. 40-43.
  12. Zulhuda, Sonny and Roslan, Muhammad Luqman Haqeem (2022) Traitement juridique de la glorification du terrorisme en malaisie et en Indonésie. Al Tahalouf Magazine trimestriel publié par le Centre de la CIMCT (12). pp. 30-33.
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  18. Zulhuda, Sonny (2021) Society 5.0 , datafication and the illusion of lawlessness. In: International Conference on Multidisciplinary Sciences for Humanity in the Era of Society 5.0, 29 - 30 October 2021, Virtual. (Unpublished)
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