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Dr. Zhe Wei Lau

Assistant Professor

Department of Political Science

Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences, International Islamic University Malaysia

Malaysian Politics, Elections, Malaysian Chinese Studies, Hong Kong Politics

Doctor of Philosophy (Politics), University of Bristol, United Kingdom Master of Social Sciences (Political Science), National University of Malaysia Bachelor of Social Sciences (Political Science), National University of Malaysia

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Latest Additions

  1. Lau, Zhe Wei (2022) 公正党党选后——是分裂或团结 = Post-PKR party election: Unity or Division? Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 2 June 2022.
  2. Lau, Zhe Wei (2022) 菜单政治——民主倒退 = The politics of 'menu' : backward of democracy. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 26 May 2022.
  3. Lau, Zhe Wei (2022) 纳吉与安华辩论的三大看点 = Three highlights from Najib-Anwar debate. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 19 May 2022.
  4. Lau, Zhe Wei (2022) 输家结盟扭转政治局势 = The alliance of losers to twist the political landscape. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 12 May 2022.
  5. Lau, Zhe Wei (2022) “大帐篷”理念:理性政治或政治报复?= 'Big Tent' concept: rational politics or politics of revenge? Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 5 May 2021.
  6. Lau, Zhe Wei (2022) 马来西亚对难民的刻板印象与事实 = Refugee stereotypes and facts in Malaysia. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 28 April 2022.
  7. Lau, Zhe Wei (2022) 依斯迈沙比里未必是下一任首相 = Ismail Sabri may not necessary be the next Prime Minister. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 21 April 2022.
  8. Lau, Zhe Wei (2022) 反跳槽法:先通过,再修正 = Anti-Party Hopping Law : Pass First, Amend Later. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 14 April 2022.
  9. Lau, Zhe Wei (2020) 强化反跳槽法与推进MOU2.0 = Strengthening Anti-Party Hopping Law and Advancing MOU2.0. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 7 April 2022.
  10. Lau, Zhe Wei (2022) 今年会解散国会吗?= Will Parliament be Dissolved This Year? Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 31 March 2022.
  11. Lau, Zhe Wei (2022) 对行动党新领导层之见解 = The new leadership of DAP. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 24 March 2022.
  12. Lau, Zhe Wei (2022) 柔佛州选举中政党概览 = Overview of political parties in Johor State election. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 17 March 2022.
  13. Lau, Zhe Wei (2020) 政客道歉与选民的力量 = The Apologetic politicians and the power of voters. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 10 March 2022.
  14. Lau, Zhe Wei (2022) 统民党在柔佛和來届大选的形势 = Circumstances of MUDA in Johor state election and upcoming general election. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 3 March 2022.
  15. Lau, Zhe Wei (2022) 从罗秀凤孩子改教看宗教平等 = Revisit religious equality from Loh Siew Hong's case. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 24 February 2022.
  16. Lau, Zhe Wei (2022) 公正党再次于议席谈判中无法力挽狂澜 = PKR fails again in rebranding themselves through seat negotiation. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 17 February 2022.
  17. Lau, Zhe Wei (2022) 高等学府应暂时继续网课,员工居家工作 = Tertiary education should continue with online classes while workers should practise work from home. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 10 February 2022.
  18. Lau, Zhe Wei (2022) 不同旗帜上阵不代表团结 = Using different banners to contest can't claim to be united. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 3 February 2022.
  19. Lau, Zhe Wei (2022) 在野党必须真正实现“大帐篷”概念 = Opposition parties must genuinely materialise 'big tent' concept. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 27 January 2022.
  20. Lau, Zhe Wei (2022) 民兴党在西马的胜利前景 = The winnability of Warisan in West Malaysia. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column), 20 January 2022.

Most Viewed Items

Item titleViews
1强化反跳槽法与推进MOU2.0 = Strengthening Anti-Party Hopping Law and Advancing MOU2.0734
2依斯迈沙比里未必是下一任首相 = Ismail Sabri may not necessary be the next Prime Minister734
3反跳槽法:先通过,再修正 = Anti-Party Hopping Law : Pass First, Amend Later519
4今年会解散国会吗?= Will Parliament be Dissolved This Year?517
5马来西亚对难民的刻板印象与事实 = Refugee stereotypes and facts in Malaysia517
6斗士党在马来西亚政治版图的方向 =The position of Pejuang in Malaysian political landscape368
7关闭多源流学校:站不住脚的政治巧言善辩 =Abolishing vernacular schools: political rhetoric that doesn't stand363
8反跳巢法只是次要 = Anti-party hopping law is secondary357
9酒精与复苏限行令:更右翼公共政策 = Alcohol and recovery Movement Control Order: a more right-wing public policy347
10巫统不加入国盟?国盟与全民和谐之别 = UMNO refused to join PN; difference between PN and MN346
11民政党复兴之路 = Gerakan's road to revival343
12马来西亚政党联盟之道 = Coalition party in Malaysia342
13马哈迪斗士党:叫土团党太沉重 = Mahathir's Pejuang party: PPBM in a tougher situation337
14有条件行管令:太仓促了 = Conditional movement control order: too hasty333
15新冠肺炎不认部长 = Covid-19 does not differentiate minister330
16我们在跟疫情拼,你们在为权力拼 = We are fighting against the pandemic, you are fighting for your power330
17有条件行动限制令未达预期的完美 = Conditional Movement Control Order is not as perfect as expected328
18土团党在大选后的生存能力 = Survivability of PPBM post-general election327
19土团巫统谈妥了:我错了 = PPBM & UMNO have compromised: I have mistaken324
20土团党有可能与巫统合并或回归巫统吗? = Is it possible for PPBM to merge with UMNO or to return to UMNO?319
21中立的国会议长:可能吗?= A neutral speaker: is that possible?319
22杀鸡焉用牛刀?政党名单制遏制议员跳槽 = Party-list to curb party-hopping akin to shooting butterflies with rifles316
23土团党开放给非土著 是生路还是死路一条? = Opening its membership to non-Bumiputera: a way of life or a dead end?316
24“马无配”正副相位 = Mahathir-nobody" as Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister pairing314
25阿兹敏只能受委最高理事 = Azmin Ali only being appointed as member of PPBM Supreme Council311
26安华称掌握足够议员支持,可能吗?= Anwar claimed he has the majority, is that possible?306
27第15届大选迫在眉睫? 言之过早 = Is 15th General Election coming soon? it is too early to say305
28David vs Goliath: a lesson from Hong Kong district election303
29Introducing extradition law in Hong Kong : erupting the latent302
30平民隔离防疫,为何政治人物做不到?=If citizens can undergo quarantine, why can't politicians do the same?301