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  1. Mat Ghani, Gairuzazmi (2021) Shared Prosperity Vision 2030 Strategic Plan. Policy Paper. UNSPECIFIED.
  2. Borhan, Lihanna and Azman, Amelia Wong and Mat Ghani, Gairuzazmi and Abdullah, Muhammad Faris and Abd Rahman, Zainurin and Muhammed Yusof, Zulkefli, eds. (2021) Sejahtera academic framework : humanising education for rahmatan lil ‘alamin post-COVID-19 disruptions. Office of Knowledge for Change and Advancement (KCA), IIUM. ISBN 9789674670184
  3. Putriani, Diyah and Mat Ghani, Gairuzazmi and Kartiwi, Mira (2021) Mark-up vs. interest-based financing on GDP: an application of agent-based computational model. Journal of Islamic Monetary Economics and Finance, 7 (1). pp. 55-76. ISSN 2460-6146 E-ISSN 2460-6618
  4. Mat Ghani, Gairuzazmi (2020) Towards a more socially inclusive and sustainable framework for Islamic banking and finance. International Journal of Economics, Management and Accounting (IJEMA), 28 (2). pp. 361-391. E-ISSN 2462-1420
  5. Bhuiyan, Rubaiyat Ahsan and Rahman, Maya Puspa and Saiti, Buerhan and Mat Ghani, Gairuzazmi (2020) Comparative analysis between global sukuk and bond indices: value-at-risk approach. Journal of Islamic Accounting and Business Research, 11 (6). pp. 1245-1256. ISSN 1759-0817
  6. Mat Ghani, Gairuzazmi (2020) Undergraduate programme guidelines. In: IIUM emergency remote teaching and learning. Centre for Professional Development (CPD), International Islamic University Malaysia., pp. 9-14.
  7. Putriani, Diyah and Mat Ghani, Gairuzazmi and Kartiwi, Mira (2020) Exploration of agent-based simulation: the multiplier effect of zakah on economic growth. Journal of Islamic Monetary Economics and Finance (JIMF), 6 (3). pp. 641-666. ISSN 2460-6146 E-ISSN 2460-6618
  8. Ramli, Nurshamimitul Ezza and Mat Ghani, Gairuzazmi and Haron, Razali and Che Embi, Nor Azizan (2020) Debt financing and firm performance: an analysis of securities commission of Malaysia 2013 revised shariah approved firms screening method. COMSATS Journal of Islamic Finance, 5 (1). pp. 64-85. ISSN 2519-707X
  9. Mat Ghani, Gairuzazmi (2020) Introduce decent standard of living guide for all. New Straits Times, 31 July 2020.
  10. Mat Ghani, Gairuzazmi (2020) Shift to a green growth economy vital. New Straits Times.
  11. Mat Ghani, Gairuzazmi (2020) NRGS13-003-0003. Socio Economic Impact of Shari’ah Compliant Hospitality Services for Malaysia and Muslim Communities. Research Report. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)
  12. Putriani, Diyah and Mat Ghani, Gairuzazmi and Kartiwi, Mira (2019) Explorations in agent-based simulation: analysis of Gini Index after zakat enforcement under interest based system. In: Blending Islamic Finance and impact Investing for the SDGs. Fiscal Policy Agency, Minister of Finance, The Republic of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia, pp. 2-19. ISBN 978-623-92103-0-4
  13. Mhd. Ruslan, Siti Marsila and Mat Ghani, Gairuzazmi and Khalid, Haniza and Mokhtar, Kasypi (2019) Transportation dynamic behaviour of structural break and consumer price index. International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering, 8 (2). pp. 283-290. E-ISSN 2277-3878
  14. Mat Ghani, Gairuzazmi (2019) Tourist arrivals to muslim countries: pre- and post-September 11. Journal of Economic Cooperation and Development, 40 (3). pp. 25-36. ISSN 1308-7800
  15. Mahshar, Mohd Nizam and Hafeedz, Ijlal Hannan and Wan Salim, Wan Wardatul Amani (2019) Wawasan kemakmuran bersama 2030. Policy Paper. Ministry of Economic Affairs, Kuala Lumpur.
  16. Mat Ghani, Gairuzazmi (2010) Trade elasticities and economic growth: implications for trade policy. VDM Verlag Dr. Müller. ISBN 978-3639281446
  17. Bhuiyan, Rubaiyat Ahsan and Rahman, Maya Puspa and Saiti, Buerhan and Mat Ghani, Gairuzazmi (2019) Co-movement dynamics between global sukuk and bond markets: new insights from a wavelet analysis. International Journal of Emerging Markets, 14 (4). pp. 550-581. ISSN 1746-8809
  18. Mhd. Ruslan, Siti Marsila and Mat Ghani, Gairuzazmi and Khalid, Haniza (2019) The influence of cabotage policy on price disparity between peninsular Malaysia and Sabah. Institutions and Economies, 11 (3). pp. 65-91. ISSN 2232-1640 E-ISSN 2232-1349
  19. Idris, Rafiq and Alavi, Rokiah and Mohd Amin, Ruzita and Mat Ghani, Gairuzazmi (2019) Potential impact of trips-plus provisions on Malaysia’s domestic pharmaceutical industry. Science International (Lahore), 31 (3 (May-June)). pp. 397-400. ISSN 1013-5316
  20. Mat Ghani, Gairuzazmi (2019) Tourist arrivals to Muslim countries: is religion important. Tourism, Culture & Communication, 19 (3). pp. 209-214. E-ISSN 1943-4146

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15Trade variety and export performance of ASEAN-5 = Kepelbagaian perdagangan dan prestasi eksport ASEAN-51562
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24An empirical analysis of factors that determine poverty among the beneficiaries of Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund944
25Integrating Islamisation and virtue in iCGPA at IIUM915
26Financial integration between sukuk and bond indices of emerging markets:insights from wavelet coherence and multivariate-GARCH analysis894
27Arah aliran dan unjuran kemasukan pelajar di institusi pengajian tinggi (IPT) dari negara-negara OIC756
28Potential impact of trips-plus provisions on Malaysia’s domestic pharmaceutical industry741
29Third sector socio-economic models: how Awaqf fits in?692
30Co-movement dynamics between global sukuk and bond markets: new insights from a wavelet analysis690