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Abd Rahman, Saodah (1998) Hak umat Islam memilih pemimpin. Berita Harian. ISSN -

Abd Rahman, Saodah (1998) Pemimpin perlu waspada kebaikan kuasa asing. Berita Harian.

Abdul Rahman, Abdul Wahab and S., H.Chin and E., C.Tan (1998) Novel approach to automated fingerprint recognition. IEE Proceedings - Vision Image and Signal Processing, 145 (3). pp. 160-166. ISSN 1350-245X (P) 1359-7108 (O)

Ahmed, S. R. and Khan, Md. Raisuddin and Islam, K. M. S. and Uddin, Md. Wahhaj (1998) Investigation of stresses at the fixed end of deep cantilever beams. Computers and Structures, 69. pp. 329-338.

Ahmed Ibrahim, Hassan (1998) The Egyptian Empire, 1805-1848. In: The Cambridge History of Egypt. Cambridge University Press, United Kingdom, pp. 198-216. ISBN 0521472113

Akram, Uzma and Wahiddin, Mohamed Ridza (1998) Quantum trajectory theory for a two-level atom in a squeezed vacuum field with non-radiative dephasing. Journal of Modern Optics, 45 (10). pp. 2105-2115. ISSN 0950-0340 E-ISSN 1362-3044

Al-Suqaily, Mohamed Ali Sabri and Chik, Abdul Rahman and Hasan, Hasan Ali (1998) العربية : لغة القرآن : الجزء 2 (al-'Arabiyah : lughat al-Qur'an : al- juz' 2). Dar Al-Shurouq, Cairo. ISBN 09 0415 5

Al-Suqaily, Mohamed sabri and Chik, Abdul Rahman and Abdullah, Hasan Ali Hasan (1998) العربية : لغة القرآن : المستوى 1 (Al-'Arabiyah : lughat al-Qur'an - al-mustawa 1). Dar Al-Shurouq, Cairo. ISBN 977 09 0409 0

Amin, A. K. M. Nurul and Sarker, Md. Ruhul Amin and Ahmed, Mahiuddin and Karim, A.N. Mustafizul (1998) Selection of cemented carbide turning tools using EMF and optimization criteria. Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 77. pp. 59-63. ISSN 0924-0136

Asrar, Waqar and Baig, M F and Khan, S A (1998) Chaos in wraparound fin projectile motion. AIAA Journal, 21 (2). pp. 354-356. ISSN 0001-1452


Baba, Sidek (1998) Pengurusan pendidikan bersepadu: suatu perspektif muafakat. Bahagian Dakwah dan Kepimpinan, Kepimpinan Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. ISBN 9839454005

Bari, Abdul and Nagi, Abdul Ghaffar and Khan, Saadat and Rehman, Habib Ur (1998) Left atrial myxoma : a clinical rarity in paediatrics. Journal of the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan, 8 (3). pp. 143-144. ISSN 1022-386X


Chik, Abdul Rahman (1998) آفاق تعليم اللغة العربية ومعوقاته في جنوب شرق آسيا. Islamiyyat Al-Ma'rifat: Journal of Contemporary Islamic Thought, 3 (12). pp. 159-190. ISSN 1729-4193


Daud, Aamir and Nagi, Abdul Ghaffar and Ahmed, Jamil (1998) Cataract : an unusual paediatric complication of diabetes mellitus. Mother and child, 36 (3). pp. 113-115. ISSN 0379-2617


E., C.Tan and Abdul Rahman, Abdul Wahab and G. , H. Goh and S., H. Wong (1998) PC-controlled scent system. IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronis, 44 (1). pp. 130-136. ISSN 0098-3063

E., C.Tan and Abdul Rahman, Abdul Wahab and H., W. Yong (1998) Interfacing reprogrammable universal remote controller with multimedia PC. Journal of Network and Computer Applications, 21 (1). pp. 125-134. ISSN 1084-8045


Gandana, Danny M. and Sarotama, Afrias and Sediono, Wahju and Priyono, - and Sulistyo, Edi (1998) Alat deteksi ikan (Fish finder). In: Seminar Nasional Penerapan Teknologi Kendali dan Instrumentasi pada Pertanian, 28 - 29 October 1998, Jakarta.


Haque, Mohafizul Md and Maleque, Md. Abdul (1998) Effect of process variables on structure and properties of aluminium–silicon piston alloy. Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 77 (1-3). pp. 122-128. ISSN 0924-0136

Hashim, Rosnani (1998) Kajian keberkesanan strategi pengajaran dan pembelajaran dalam penyerapan nilai-nilai murni dalam KBSM. Jabatan Pendidikan, UIAM, Kuala Lumpur.

Hashim, Rosnani (1998) Ke arah perindustrian negara Islam berasaskan moral dan nilai. Jurnal Pendidikan Islam, 8 (1). pp. 35-48. ISSN 0127-5153

Hashim, Rosnani (1998) Teacher training and work success : a case study of the effectiveness of the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) diploma in education programme. Department of Education, International Islamic University Malaysia.

Hossain, Ishtiaq (1998) Bangladesh-India relations : the Ganges Water-Sharing Treaty and Beyond. Asian Affairs : An American Review, 25 (3). pp. 131-150. ISSN ISSN: 0092-7678

Hossain, Ishtiaq (1998) An experiment in sustainable human development: the Grameen Bank of Bangladesh. Journal of Third World Studies, 15 (1). pp. 39-55. ISSN 8755-3449

Hussein, Nasr El Din Ibrahim Ahmed (1998) مفهوم الشعر في ضوء العقيدة = The Islamic concept of poetry in the light of Aqidah. al-Tajdid , 1 (4). pp. 177-196. ISSN 1823-1926

Hussein, Nasr El Din Ibrahim Ahmed (1998) نحو إطار إسلامي للشعر العربي (Nahwa itar Islami lil-shi'r al-'Arabi) = Towards an Islamic Paradigm of Arabic Poetry. DJ. Gemilang SDN. BHD., Kuala Lumpur. ISBN 983-9194-06-2


Ibrahim Ali , Noorbatcha (1998) Quasiclassical trajectory study of six-centered bond exchange reaction between hydrogen molecules. Malaysian Journal of Chemistry , 1 (1). pp. 43-56. ISSN 1511-2292

Ismail, Noraidah (1998) Suitability of hearing aids used by students of Sekolah Rendah Pendidikan Khas Jalan Peel, Kuala Lumpur. In: Simposium Kebangsaan Sains Kesihatan ke-2, 24 - 25 Apr 1998, UKM Bangi.


Kamaruddin, Zaleha (1998) Introduction to divorce laws in Malaysia. Cooperative Limited, International Islamic University Malaysia, Petaling Jaya. ISBN 983-2051-00-2

Karim, A.N. Mustafizul and Puyane, R. and El-Baradie, M.A and Hashmi, M. S. J. (1998) Holding time in the pressing cycle and its influence on the performance characteristics of zinc oxide varistor discs. Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 77. pp. 54-58. ISSN 0924-0136

Kazmi, Yedullah (1998) Reclaiming the tradition: an essay on the condition of the possibility of Islamic knowledge. The American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences (AJISS), 15 (2). pp. 97-108. ISSN 0742-6763

Kazmi, Yedullah (1998) The notion of history in the Quran and human destiny. Islamic Studies, 28. pp. 183-200. ISSN 0578-8072

Khalifa, Othman Omran and Dlay, Satnam Singh (1998) Wavelets image data compression. In: Proceedings of IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics, 1998 (ISIE '98), Pretoria, South Africa.

Khan, Md. Raisuddin and Akanda, M.A.S. and Uddin, M.W. (1998) A new approach to instability testing of shells. International Journal of Pressure Vessels and Piping, 75. pp. 75-80. ISSN 0308-0161


Maleque, Md. Abdul and Masjuki, H.H. and Ishak, M. (1998) Bio-fuel-contaminated lubricant and hardening effects on the friction and wear of AISI 1045 steel. Tribology Transaction, 41 (1). pp. 155-159. ISSN 1040-2004

Miah, Md. Mirjahan and Mohit, Mohammad Abdul (1998) Factors affecting the performance of flood control, drainage and irrigation projects in Bangladesh: a case study. Journal of Civil Engineering, CE24 (2). pp. 147-154.


Nordin, Mohamad Sahari and Hashim, Rosnani (1998) Sumbangan kegiatan kokurikulum ke arah pencapaian matlamat pendidikan guru : satu kajian keberkesanan. Jurnal Pendidikan Islam, 8 (2). pp. 39-50. ISSN 0127-5153


Omar, Muhammad Nor and Chik, Abu Bakar (1998) Simultaneous determination of moisture and oil contents in palm fruits by near infrared spectroscopy. Journal of Tropical Agriculture and Food Science, 26 (1). pp. 73-77. ISSN 1394-9829


Samat, Noorasikin and Whittle, Alan and Hoffman, Mark (1998) The frequency effects on fatigue threshold of PVC-M and PVC-U in air and water medium. Advanced Materials Research, 41-42. pp. 183-187. ISSN 1662-8985

Sayed, Inayatullah Shah and Leeman, Sidney and Betts, Mark (1998) A comparison of four pre-processing attenuation correction methods for single photon emission computed tomography. Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering and Technology, 17 (4). pp. 151-158. ISSN 0254-7821

Sayed, Inayatullah Shah and Leeman, Sidney and Tonge, Christine M (1998) Utilisation of Backscattered Gamma Photons in Tc-99m SPECT Imaging. The Nucleus, 35 (1-2). pp. 15-19. ISSN 0029-5695


Udaya, Paramapalli and Siddiqi, Mohammad Umar (1998) Optimal large linear complexity frequency hopping patterns derived from polynomial residue class rings. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 44 (4). pp. 1492-1503. ISSN 0018-9448


Yusof, Mohd Yusnan and Mamat , Arifin (1998) سلسلة أكدال للقراءة الموسعة (Silsilat al-Agdal lil qira'ah al-muwassa'ah) 1-الأسرة 2-في المدرسة 3-في العطلة المدرسية 4-الهوايات. سلسلة اكدال للقراءة الموسعةSiri Bacaan Agdal, 1-4 . Agdal Consultant, Kuala Lumpur. ISBN 9789832018018, 9789832018025, 9789832018032, 9789832018049


Zahraa, Mahdi and Abdul Malek, Normi (1998) The concept of custody in Islamic law. Arab Law Quarterly, 13 (2). pp. 155-177. ISSN 0268-0556(P), 1573-0255(O)

Zain, Ibrahim Mohamed (1998) تاريخية الكتابة عند ابن أبي داود السجستاني: دراسة للجزء الأول من كتاب المصاحف. Arab Journal for the Humanities, spring (62). pp. 114-149.

Zain, Ibrahim Mohamed (1998) رسائل الماجستير المجازة في معارف الوحي: وكيفية إسمامها في إصلاح مناهج الفكر الإسلامي. al-Tajdid (3). pp. 234-245. ISSN 1823-1926

Zein, Ibrahim Mohamed (1998) الصهيونية والنازية ونهاية التاريخ : د.عبدالوهاب المسيري / دار الشروق القاهرة, 1997. Islamiyyat Al-Ma'rifat (13). pp. 167-181. ISSN 0126-5636

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