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, Suryadi and Ishihara, Teruya and Kadoya, Yutaka and Yamanishi, Masamichi (2000) Beating structure on the spectrally resolved four-wave mixing: polarization dependence. Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 69 (7). pp. 2349-2353. ISSN 1347-4073(O), 0031-9015 (P)


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Abd Rahman, Saodah (2000) Kritikan jadi panduan laksana tugas. Berita Harian.

Abd Rahman, Saodah (2000) Kronisme lemahkan perpaduan ummah. Berita Harian.

Abd Rahman, Saodah (2000) Mangsa aniaya sukar bela diri. Berita Harian.

Abd Rahman, Saodah (2000) Belajar menghormati orang lain. Berita Harian.

Abd Rahman, Saodah (2000) Cara bersihkan jiwa perlu diperbaiki. Berita Harian.

Abd Rahman, Saodah (2000) Panduan Imam al-Ghazali mendidik zuriat. Berita Harian.

Abd Rahman, Saodah (2000) Hargai kebebasan. Berita Harian.

Abd Rahman, Saodah (2000) Hormati nilai, budaya orang lain. Berita Harian.

Abd Rahman, Saodah (2000) Konsep kehidupan perlu difahami. Berita Harian.

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Abd Rahman, Saodah (2000) Wanita perlu berhati-hati sertai persatuan berlandaskan agama. Berita Harian.

Abd Rahman, Saodah (2000) Wanita perlu sedia pikul tugas berat. Berita Harian.

Abd Rahman, Saodah (2000) Islam haramkan suami dera isteri. Berita Harian.

Abd Rahman, Saodah (2000) Keikhlasan wanita tidak perlu dipersoal. Berita Harian.

Abd Rahman, Saodah (2000) Wanita perlu kenal diri sendiri. Berita Harian.

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