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Zekrgoo, Amir Hossein (2017) Rise of eclecticism in the 21st century Malaysian mosque architecture. Planning Malaysia: Journal of the Malaysian Institute of Planners, 15 (1). pp. 295-304. ISSN 1675-6215 E-ISSN 0128-0945

Zekrgoo, Amir Hossein (2016) Indian mythology and art = اسطورة شناسي وهنر هند. Iran Academy of Art, MATN Publishing, Tehran. ISBN 978-964-232-174-2

Zekrgoo, Amir Hossein (2016) Water deities & mythical sea creatures. Symbolism in Oriental Arts, 4 . MATN Publishing, Iran Academy of Art, Tehran. ISBN 9789642322176

Zekrgoo, Amir Hossein (2016) The story of creativity: from divine act to the creative industry. In: Pengilmuan seni dan industri kreatif. Penerbit Academi Seni Budaya Warisan Kebangsaan (ASWARA), Kuala Lumpur, pp. 34-47. ISBN 978-983-2538-31-8

Zekrgoo, Amir Hossein (2015) Noruz: treading time, nature, culture and faith. Kanz Philosophia: A Journal for Islamic Philosophy and Mysticism, 5 (1). pp. 1-18. ISSN 2442-5451

Zekrgoo, Amir Hossein (2014) التقاط به مثابه سبک رویکردهای نوین در معماری معاصر مسجد در مالزی. Journal of Research on Islamic Architecture and Urbanism, 1 (1). pp. 25-32. ISSN 2383-0247

Zekrgoo, Amir Hossein (2013) Snake in Buddhist & Hindu arts. Symbolism in Oriental Arts, 2 . Iran Academy of the Arts, Tehran, Iran. ISBN 978-964-232-165-0

Adeyemo, Lateef Kayode and Zekrgoo, Amir Hossein (2013) The mystical and physical beauty in Tayeb Salih’s ‘the wedding of Zein’. The International Journal of Arts, Culture & Heritage, 2. pp. 1-21. ISSN 2289-3121

Adeyemo, Lateef Adeyemo and Zekrgoo, Amir Hossein (2013) The mythical and physical splendour of Tayeb Salih's "The Wedding of Zein. The International Journal of Arts, Culture & Heritage (IJACH),, 2. pp. 1-20. ISSN 2289-3121

Zekrgoo, Amir Hossein (2012) Anthropology of perfection in traditional cosmology. Research Report. s.n, Kuala Lumpur. (Unpublished)

Zekrgoo, Amir Hossein (2011) Reflections on Indo-Iranian relations. In: India and Iran: an assessement of contemporary relations. New Century Publications, New Delhi, India, pp. 286-307. ISBN 9788177082760

Zekrgoo, Amir Hossein (2009) Formation of Sino-Arabic calligraphy along the silk route: an interdisciplinary study. Al-Shajarah , 14 (2). pp. 243-262. ISSN 1394-6870

Zekrgoo, Amir Hossein (2009) Trans-cultural nature of Islamic art. In: Islam Hadhari: bridging tradition and modernity. International Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization (ISTAC), Kuala Lumpur, pp. 277-305. ISBN 9789839379501

Zekrgoo, Amir Hossein (1971) Symbolism in oriental arts: mythical birds in Buddhist & Hindu arts. MATN Publishing, Iran Academy of Art, Tehran, Tehran. ISBN 7-195-232-964-978

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