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Seise, Claudia (Azizah) (2019) Learning to read: building my relationship with Qur'an. About Islam. pp. 1-5.

Seise, Claudia (Azizah) (2019) “I want to go again and again”: spiritual emotions and self-improvement through pilgrimage. Society, 7 (1). pp. 1-10. ISSN 2338-6932 E-ISSN 2597-4874

Seise, Claudia (Azizah) (2019) Avoiding laghw (nonsense, vain talk, vain actions): an initial contribution to the use of Islamic concepts in human sciences = Mengelakkan laghw (tidak masuk akal, perbincangan kosong, tindakan tidak baik): sumbangan awal penggunaan konsep Islam dalam sains manusia. Journal of Islam in Asia, 16 (2). pp. 352-358. ISSN 1823-0970 E-ISSN 2289-8077

Seise, Claudia (Azizah) (2019) What does it mean to be a convert? www.islamicity.org. pp. 1-4.

Seise, Claudia (Azizah) (2019) Wei Weng, Hew: Chinese Ways of Being Muslim: Negotiating Ethnicity and Religiosity in Indonesia (2018). NIAS Press. Copenhagen. xxvi + 305 pp. [NIAS Monographs 140]. ISBN 978-87-7694-211-3. Price £ 22.50 (Paperback). Journal of Islam in Asia, 16 (1). pp. 351-354. ISSN 1823-0970 E-ISSN 2289-8077

Seise, Claudia (Azizah) (2019) How Allah wants us to care. IslamiCity. pp. 1-5.

Seise, Claudia (Azizah) (2019) In einer stunde durch die Islamische zivilisation. Islamische Zeitung. p. 1.

Seise, Claudia (Azizah) (2019) That is how Allah wants us to care. AboutIslam.

Seise, Claudia (Azizah) (2019) The muslim researcher reflections of insider/outsider research in Indonesia = Peniliti muslim refleksi penilitian insider dan outsider di Indonesia. Islam in Asia, 16 (1 Special Issue: Islam in the China Seas). pp. 297-324. E-ISSN 2289-8077

Seise, Claudia (Azizah) (2018) Wesen des Feuers: zum umgang mit dschinn in Yogyakarta. Südostasien: Zeitschrift für Politik, Kultur, Dialog, 3/ 2018. pp. 1-6.

Seise, Claudia (Azizah) (2018) Find a gardener for your soul. www.aboutislam.net.

Seise, Claudia (Azizah) (2018) Wisdom and hope in dealing with your non-Muslim family. www.aboutislam.net. pp. 1-7.

Seise, Claudia (Azizah) (2018) Die Diversität ist eine Gnade und Weisheit Allahs und es liegt an uns, wie wir damit umgehen. ProMosaik. pp. 1-7.

Seise, Claudia (Azizah) (2018) The colorful community - Islam embraces all colors. AboutIslam.

Seise, Claudia (Azizah) (2018) Me-time is time for Allah. www.aboutislam.net. pp. 1-5.

Seise, Claudia (Azizah) (2018) 5 ways to help you cry for Allah. AboutIslam. pp. 1-5.

Seise, Claudia (Azizah) (2018) Barakah – How can we obtain blessings in Ramadan? http://aboutislam.net/spirituality/barakah-how-can-we-obtain-blessings-in-ramadan/.

Seise, Claudia (Azizah) (2018) How to make your housework more spiritual. aboutislam.net.

Seise, Claudia (Azizah) (2018) Der geschnitzte Mushaf von Palembang. Islamische Zeitung. pp. 1-2.

Seise, Claudia (Azizah) (2018) Women remembering the Prophet’s birthday: Maulid celebrations and religious emotions among the Alawiyin community in Palembang, Indonesia. Austrian Journal of South-East Asian Studies, 11 (2). pp. 217-230. ISSN 1999-2521 E-ISSN 1999-253X


Seise, Claudia (Azizah) (2018) Im zentrum der Peripherie: Über Muslimisches Leben in Südostasien. ProMosaik, Berlin, Germany. ISBN 9783746768397

Conference or Workshop Item

Seise, Claudia (Azizah) (2018) Islamic authority figures and (their) religioscapes in Muslim Indonesia. In: Conference on religious authority in Indonesian Islam: contestation, pluralization, and new actors, 3 - 4 July 2018, Yusof Ishak Institute Singapore. (Unpublished)

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