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  1. Mokhtar, Khairil Azmin (2020) Politik Malaysia: apa seterusnya? In: KoolFM, 26 Feb 2020, Seri Pentas, Bandar Utama.
  2. Satriawan, Iwan and Mokhtar, Khairil Azmin (2020) Democratic transition and constitutional justice: post Reformasi Constitutional Adjudication in Indonesia. IIUM Press, International Islamic University Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. ISBN 9789674910310
  3. Mokhtar, Khairil Azmin (2020) Prinsip Rukun Negara ejen penyatuan masyarakat. In: Buletin Bernama, Online via Youtube channel.
  4. Mokhtar, Khairil Azmin (2020) Striking a balance between health and wealth in approaching COVID 19 pandemic: issues and challenges. In: The Webinar National Conference of Postgraduate Universitas Mataram, 19 May 2020, Indonesia. (Unpublished)
  5. Mokhtar, Khairil Azmin and Nik Mahmod, Nik Ahmad Kamal (2020) Covid19 & hak asasi manusia. In: Siri Bicara Undang-Undang: Hak Asasi dan COVOD 19, 13 May 2020, Online via FB Live. (Unpublished)
  6. Mokhtar, Khairil Azmin (2020) Hukuman mati di Malaysia: perspektif undang-undang & perlembagaan. In: International Webinar: Comparative Law Aspects Between Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam, 23 July 2020, Online via Youtube channel. (Unpublished)
  7. Mokhtar, Khairil Azmin (2020) Politik hukum di masa pandemi Covid-19: kepentingan oligarki atau good governance perbandingan Indonesia dan Malaysia. In: Webinar Internasional, 13 July 2020, Online via Youtube channel. (Unpublished)
  8. Mokhtar, Khairil Azmin (2020) Health, finance and home affairs ministers urgently needed, say analysts. The Malaysian Reserve.
  9. Mokhtar, Khairil Azmin (2020) Non-politicians’ appointment a positive move for govt. The Malaysian Reserve.
  10. Mokhtar, Khairil Azmin (2019) Khairil Azmin Mokhtar: pengadilan seluruh dunia perlu miliki kesamaan persepsi dalam lindungi hak perempuan. Mahkamah Konstitusi Republik Indonesia.
  11. Mokhtar, Khairil Azmin (2018) Tiada keperluan mansuhkan PRK. Berita Harian.
  12. Mokhtar, Khairil Azmin (2019) Perlembagaan bentuk sebuah kerajaan pusat yang cukup kuat. Bernama.
  13. Mokhtar, Khairil Azmin (2018) Pembangkang wujudkan desakan terhadap Agong. Berita Harian.
  14. Mokhtar, Khairil Azmin (2017) Sarawak state assembly has right to disqualify people's representative - Academician. Astro Awani.
  15. Mokhtar, Khairil Azmin (2020) Ahli politik Malaysia tidak kebal. Sinar Harian.
  16. Mokhtar, Khairil Azmin (2020) Perjelas cadangan Pengerusi SPR sebagai Speaker Parlimen baharu. Sinar Harian.
  17. Alyasa, Junhairi and Mokhtar, Khairil Azmin and Nik Mahmod, Nik Ahmad Kamal (2019) Hanya mahkamah boleh tentukan kes Najib disiar secara langsung. Sinar Harian, 1 April 2020.
  18. Mokhtar, Khairil Azmin (2019) Bukti mahkamah bebas buat keputusan. Sinar Harian.
  19. Mokhtar, Khairil Azmin (2020) Kejamkah undang-undang PKP? Sinar Harian.
  20. Mokhtar, Khairil Azmin (2020) Rayu hingga petisyen pengampunan. Sinar Harian.

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1Functions and privileges of the Malaysian parliament: an overview2202
2A comparative survey of the status and application of Islamic Law in the legal system of Malaysia and Nigeria1609
3Federal Constitution of Malaysia and unity: an analysis from several perspectives 1599
4Perspectives on human trafficking from International, Malaysian and Islamic Law1587
5Mediation in Islamic banking1454
6Confusion, Coercion and Compromise in Malaysian Federalism1410
7Freedom of speech on the Internet: shariah and Malaysian persepctives1401
8Slavery and human trafficking: constitutional provisions and domestic and international laws1386
9Theories and principles of good governance in the Shariah and the civil law: its constitutional framework in the United States and Egypt1359
10The status, scope and and application of Islamic law in the federal framework and the legal system of Malaysia and Nigeria1343
11The legal status of religion and the administration of Islam in Nigeria and Malaysia1305
12Theories and principles of good governance in the Shari'ah and the civil law: its constitutional framework in the United States in Egypt1298
13Legal and constitutional status of race-based and religious-based political parties in Malaysia and Nigeria1275
14Freedom of speech & the internet1255
15Effect of federal constitutional framework to marine environmental law, policy and administration in Malaysia1231
16Conflict of jurisdiction in a federation and national integration and social cohesion in Malaysia1228
17Malaysian federalism: issues and acceptance1225
18The right to life and freedom from torture1222
19Religious rights and the State: a comparative perspective of international human rights laws and national (state) constitutions 1179
20Administration of criminal justice for juvenile in Malaysia1154
21Institutions and mechanisms for internal conflict resolutions in Malaysia1137
22Effect of Federal Constitutional Framework to Marine Environmental Law, Policy and Administration in Malaysia1087
23Seeking parallel and congruent principles of the rule of law and the syariah1078
24The role of judicial review in Malaysia as a tool of check and balance under the doctorine of seperation of powers.1078
25Constitutional law and human rights in Malaysia. Selected issues1065
26Mitigating the Implication of Offshore Oil and Gas Activities on the Marine Environment in Malaysia: Some Measures through Environmental Impact Assessment1030
27The constitutional court's role in consolidating democracy and reforming local election1010
28Human trafficking: the international, Malaysian legal framework and Shariah perspectives980
29Malaysia’s ratification of the UN convention on the rights of persons with disabilities (UN CRPD)975
30Che Omar Bin Che Soh V PP revisited: The effect of British Rule to the meaning of ‘Islamic Law’ within the Constitutional context of Malaysia905