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  1. Daud, Mahyuddin (2021) Ibu bapa perlu pantau aktiviti dalam talian anak. Berita Harian, 7 Februari 2021.
  2. Daud, Mahyuddin (2021) Analysis on the need for an anti-cyberbullying law in Malaysia. In: International Conference on Family Law, Family Justice and Maqasid Al-Shariah (ICFL 2021)), 9th-10th Feb 2021, Online.
  3. Daud, Mahyuddin and Mat Isa, Norlaili (2020) The legality of operating short term rental accommodation in waqf housing. In: 8th Global Waqf Conference 2020, 8th December 2020, Unirazak, Kuala Lumpur. (Unpublished)
  4. Daud, Mahyuddin (2021) Regulating digital disinformation during the pandemic and beyond. In: Symposium for ICT and Sustainability 2021 - “Beyond Pandemic: Making the World a Better Place through Digitalisation”, 6th Jan 2021, Online via Google Meet. (Unpublished)
  5. Daud, Mahyuddin (2020) Kembalikan Akta Antiberita Tidak Benar 2018. Berita Harian Online.
  6. Ismail, Suzi Fadhilah and Daud, Mahyuddin and Abdul Ghani Azmi, Ida Madieha and Abd. Jalil, Juriah (2020) Enhancing regulation of nutraceutical products in Malaysia lessons from Japan. IIUM Law Journal, 28 (SI). pp. 351-372. ISSN 0128-2530 E-ISSN 2289-7852
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  10. Daud, Mahyuddin (2020) Curbing fake news in the Covid19 era. In: World Talent Economy Forum, 9 September 2020, Online via Facebook. (Unpublished)
  11. Daud, Mahyuddin (2020) A sharing session on sports law: tortious liability in sports. In: A Sharing Session on Sports Law: Tortious Liability in Sports, Online via Facebook. (Unpublished)
  12. Daud, Mahyuddin (2020) Revolutionising the senate in Malaysia : lessons from Australia and Canada. Malayan Law Journal.
  13. Daud, Mahyuddin (2020) Pendigitalan masyarakat: bersediakah kita? Astro Awani.
  14. Daud, Mahyuddin (2020) Covid-19: Pertimbang semula Akta Anti Berita Tidak Benar. Malaysia Gazette.
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  16. Daud, Mahyuddin (2020) User-generated content: imposing greatest challenge towards film censorship. In: Roundtable Discussion On “Film Censorship And Challenges In The Coming Decades, 21st January 2020, Gombak, Kuala Lumpur. (Unpublished)
  17. Ismail, Suzi Fadhilah and Abdul Ghani Azmi, Ida Madieha and Daud, Mahyuddin and Abd. Jalil, Juriah and Safuan, Sahida (2020) Regulatory control of herbal and traditional medicines in Malaysia: issues and concerns. International Journal of Business and Society, 21 (S1). pp. 192-204. E-ISSN 1511-6670
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1The extent to which nation states have attempted to govern and are continually attempting to govern the internet until today with specific reference to the United States of America, Malaysia and Iraq1465
2Proceedings against the government by members of the armed forces : a comparison in practice between the United Kingdom, United States of America and Malaysia1219
3Critical data leak analysis in educational environment1180
4From school dorms to youtube, facebook and whatsapp: the multifacets of bullying in a digital environment1165
5Internet service providers liability for third party content: Freedom to operate?1079
6Evaluating the need for real-name verification system in Malaysian internet content regulation1027
7Wild speculations on the missing flight MH370: balancing online expression and content regulation in Malaysia1021
8Protecting children against exposure to content risks online in Malaysia: Lessons from Australia908
9‘Unsafe’ nutraceuticals products on the Internet: The need for stricter regulation in Malaysia842
10Guaranteeing safer consumption of nutraceutical products in Malaysia: must it always be on the government?804
11Rethinking liability of internet intermediaries in Malaysia: a comparative legal analysis with the European Union and the United States747
12Copyright in Malaysian creative industry: empowerment or restriction?723
13'Unsafe' nutraceuticals products on the Internet: The need for stricter regulation in Malaysia712
14Facility maintenance in ‘Program Perumahan Rakyat’ low-cost housing scheme in Malaysia: issues and challenges658
15The Malaysian creative content industry: how do we fare vis a vis United States and South Korea?623
16Regulatory control for herbal and traditional medicines in Malaysia: issues and challenges601
17Law of contract: introduction to contract594
18Fake news online: Legal and regulatory issues and challenges588
19When internet service providers should be called to block and take down online materials?: the Malaysian approach584
20White, slim and 100% cure, misleading health claims of nutraceuticals: a comparative study562
21Dissemination of false content online in Malaysia: a legal update559
22Islamic input in medical programme: Malaysian legal system - sources of law and the Malaysian Courts509
23Law of contract: factors vitiating consent426
24Malaysian legal system: sources of law and the Malaysian courts357
25Content regulation in Malaysia: trends and challenges351
26Reduction of Internet pricing in Malaysia and its relationship to the revolution of digital content331
27Penambahbaikan struktur institusi Dewan Negara320
28Regulatory control of herbal and traditional medicines in Malaysia: issues and concerns318
29Fake news in the Malaysian 14th General Election304
30Senate reform agenda302