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  1. Ismail, Azkar Zahidi and Mohd Zamri, Muhamad Zul Asraf and Adnan, Ammar and Mat Hasan, Mohd Raziff and Muhamad Khairussaleh, Nor Khairusshima and Abdul Hamid, Abd. Malek (2018) Kansei evaluation of headscarf (hijab, tudung) designs. Human Factors and Ergonomics Journal, 3 (1). pp. 34-38.
  2. Olorunnisola, Kola Saheed and Jamal, Parveen and Alam, Md Zahangir (2018) Protein improvement of banana peel through sequential solid state fermentation using mixed-culture of phanerochaete chrysosporium and Candida utilis. 3 Biotech, 8 (10). pp. 1-10. ISSN 2190-572X
  3. Mohammed Maiwada, Abdullahi and Mamat, Nik Mazlan and A.Rahman, Nor Azlina and Abdul Rahman, Suzanah and Mohammed Baba, Tukur (2018) Islamic perspectives of reproductive and maternal health: what role can Nigerian Muslim religious leaders play in the prevention of maternal mortality? –With Particular Reference to Zamfara State NorthWest Nigeria. International Medical Journal Malaysia, 17 (Special issue 1). pp. 7-14. ISSN 1823-4631
  4. Koya Kutty, Shahedah and Ching, Soong Khoo and Wan Yahya, Wan Nur Nafisah and Ng, Chen Fei and Md Sari, Noor Ashikin and Mohd Yaakob, Mohd Naim and Osman, Syazarina Sharis and Zakaria, Rozman and Wan Zaidi, Wan Asyraf (2018) Successful intravenous thrombolysis of a wake-up stroke with underlying valvular atrial fibrillation. Journal of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, 48 (3). pp. 239-241. ISSN 1478-2715
  5. Abdul Hamid, Ahmad Hussein and Mahmud, Jamaluddin and Noh, Mohd Hafiz and Mohammed Sapardi, Mohd Azan (2018) Wake modifications in confined flows due to the presence of a downstream cylinder in staggered arrangement. International Journal of Engineering and Technology(UAE), 7 (4). pp. 132-136. ISSN 2227-524X
  6. Salindal, Normia Akmad and Ahmad, Mohd Ismail Sayyed and Abdullah, Kalthom and Ahmad, Badruddin Paguimanan (2018) A structural equation model of the halal certification and its business performance impact on food companies. International Journal of Economics, Management and Accounting, 26 (1). pp. 185-206.
  7. Ab Ghani, Mohd Zaid and Aripin, Srazali (2018) A comparative review of design requirements for natural smoke ventilation in hospital buildings. Planning Malaysia, 16 (2). pp. 334-344. ISSN 1675-6215
  8. Syed Husin, Sharifah Aloyah and Muhammad, Farah Diyana and Norizan, Siti Fatimah and Abdul Latif, Amirah and Awang, Noor Azura and Zulkifli, Mohd Zamani (2018) Narrow core standard single mode fiber for supercontinuum generation from graphene-based mode-locked pulses. Optik, 172. pp. 347-352. ISSN 0030-4026
  9. Saburov, Mansoor (2018) Ergodicity of p-majorizing quadratic stochastic operators. Markov Processes and Related Fields, 24 (1). pp. 131-150. ISSN 1024-2953
  10. Abdel-Rahim, Mohammed and Habaebi, Mohamed Hadi and Chebil, Jalel and Hassan Abdalla Hashim, Aisha and Ahmed, Musse Mohamud and Islam, Md. Rafiqul and Zyoud, Alhareth (2018) An indoor path loss model for wireless sensor networks. International Journal of Ultra Wideband Communications and Systems, 3 (4). pp. 192-200. ISSN 1758-728X
  11. Gharamah, Abdulrahman and Noordin, Mohamad Fauzan and Imtiaz Ali, Najma and Brohi, Imtiaz Ali (2018) Approach for successful knowledge management system deployment for organizations. International Journal of Engineering and Technology (UAE), 7 (2.34 (Special issue 34)). pp. 74-78. ISSN 2227-524X
  12. Othman, Iylia Ajmal and Hashim, Nor Dina and Nazimi, Abdul Jabar (2018) A case of medialized lateral maxillary sinus wall: a pillar of support. Case Reports in Medicine, 2018. pp. 1-5. ISSN 16879627
  13. Abdul Kadir, Mohamad Farizuan and Mohd. Yaman, Maheran (2017) A study on the interests of local community towards Islamic tourism spot: Masjid Kg. Kling, Melaka. In: UMRAN 2017 National Landscape Architecture Seminar, 25th April 2017, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  14. Kassim, Rosnani and Adzharuddin, Nor Azura and Mohamad, Maslawati (2017) Service orientation. In: Toolkits for 21st century teaching: practical implications for the 4th industry skills development. UiTM Press, Universiti Teknologi Mara Malaysia, Shah Alam, Selangor, pp. 53-65. ISBN 9789673635252
  15. Oseni, Umar Aimhanosi and Ahmad, Abu Umar Faruq and Hassan, M. Kabir (2016) The legal implications of ‘Fatwā Shopping’ in the Islamic finance industry: problems, perceptions and prospects. Arab Law Quarterly, 30 (2). pp. 107-137. ISSN 0268-0556
  16. Mohd. Kenali, Norzaiti and Sukmasari, Susi and Taib, Ibrahim Adham and Ismail, Isza Fariha (2017) Ethics at workplace: true-four handed dentistry vs conventional method. Revelation and Science, 7 (2). pp. 10-17. ISSN 2229-9947
  17. Nazuki, Siti Najwa and Kamarudin, Zumahiran (2017) Techniques of wood carving applied in the architectural elements of Malay vernacular buildings. Journal of Built Environment, Technology and Engineering (JBETE), 2. pp. 198-202. ISSN 0128-1003
  18. Jaswir, Irwandi and Octavianti, Fitri and Lestari, Widya and Hendri, Ridar and Ahmad, Hasna (2017) Some characteristics and functional properties of Chunma (Gastrodia elata) as a food supplement: a short review. International Food Research Journal (IFRJ), 24 (Suppl.). S274-S280.
  19. Mohamad Shafi, Roslina and Syed Mohd Zain, Sharifah Raihan and Mohid Rasid, Mohamed Eskandar Shah and Mydin Meera, Ahamed Kameel (2017) Testing the financial distress prediction model for sukuk-issuing companies in Malaysia. In: Handbook of empirical research on Islam and economic life. Edward Elgar Publishing Limited, Cheltenham, UK, pp. 687-705. ISBN 9781784710729
  20. Mohamad Zin, Noraziah and Baba, Mohd Shukri and Zainal-Abidin, Abu Hassan and Latip, Jalifah and Mazlan, Noor Wini and RuAngelie, Edrada-Ebel (2017) Gancidin W, a potential low-toxicity antimalarial agent isolated from an endophytic Streptomyces SUK10. Drug Design, Development and Therapy, 11. pp. 351-363. ISSN 1177-8881

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