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  1. Duasa, Jarita and Zainal, Nur Hidayah (2020) Probability of paying zakat from micro financing project returns. Etikonomi, 19 (2). pp. 333-348. E-ISSN 2461-0771
  2. Duasa, Jarita and Zainal, Nur Hidayah (2020) Determinants of household income of micro-finance women participants: a quantile regression approach. Ecofeminism and Climate Change. E-ISSN 2633-4062 (In Press)
  3. Duasa, Jarita and Mhd. Sarif, Suhaimi and Abdul Sabian, Nur Arfifah (2020) Unified theory of firm: an empirical analysis. Journal of Islamic Accounting and Business Research, 11 (3). ISSN 1759-0817 (In Press)
  4. Duasa, Jarita and Muhamad Husin, Afifah (2020) The likelihood of choosing alternative source of collagen among consumers: logistic regression approach. Journal of Social Science and Humanities, 3 (1). pp. 7-13. E-ISSN 2600-9056
  5. Duasa, Jarita and Afroz, Rafia (2019) The potential and strategy of zakat collection from workers in the Federal Territory. Research Report. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)
  6. Mokhtar, Imani and Syed Mohd Zain, Sharifah Raihan and Duasa, Jarita and Mohamad, Azhar (2018) Blockholders and firm performance: a Malaysian evidence. The Journal of Social Sciences Research, Special Issue 5. pp. 885-893. ISSN 2413-6670 E-ISSN 2411-9458
  7. Duasa, Jarita and Ramadan, Aisha Elalim (2019) Digital development and economic growth in selected ASEAN countries: applying response surfaces for critical bounds of cointegration test. JATI-Journal of Southeast Asian Studies,, 24 (2). pp. 1-18. ISSN 1823-4127 E-ISSN 2600-8653
  8. Duasa, Jarita and Zainal, Nur Hidayah (2019) Muslim foreign workers and payment of Zakat: application of logistic regression. Journal of Fatwa Management and Research, 18 (3 ( Edisi Khas)). pp. 258-272. ISSN 2232-1047 E-ISSN 0127-8886
  9. Duasa, Jarita and Zainan Nazri, Nurul Jannah and Zainal, Nur Hidayah (2019) Likelihood of using online banking services among consumers: application of logit model. Malaysian Journal of Consumer and Family Economics (MAJCAFE), 22 (S2). pp. 220-232. E-ISSN 1511-2802
  10. Duasa, Jarita (2018) Government size and economic growth: empirical study on organization of Islamic cooperation countries. Journal of Social Science and Humanities, 1 (6). pp. 7-12. E-ISSN 2600 - 9056
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  12. Mohd Thas Thaker, Hassanudin and Mohamad, Azhar and Mustaffa Kamil, Nazrol Kamil and Duasa, Jarita (2018) How useful are the equity analysts’ report? evidence from Malaysia. Reports on Economics and Finance, 4 (4). pp. 221-246. E-ISSN 2367-7805
  13. Duasa, Jarita and Mohd Thas Thaker, Mohamed Asmy (2017) Proposed integrated cash Waqf investment model for micro enterprise in Malaysia: An empirical analysis. Journal of Islamic Philanthropy and Social Finance (JIPSF), 1 (2). pp. 26-41. E-ISSN 2590-3942
  14. Mohd Thas Thaker, Hassanudin and Mohamad, Azhar and Omar, Azura and Mustaffa Kamil, Nazrol Kamil and Duasa, Jarita (2017) A qualitative inquiry into the issues of information content of analysis’s report: Evidence from Malaysia. Labuan Bulletin of International Business & Finance, 15. pp. 1-21. ISSN 1675-7262 E-ISSN 2600-7894
  15. Kusuma, Dimas Bagus and Duasa, Jarita (2017) Building an early warning towards the resilience of Islamic Banking in Indonesia. Al-Iqtishad: Journal of Islamic Economics, 9 (1). pp. 13-32. ISSN 2087-135X E-ISSN 2407-8654
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  17. Ahmad, Nursilah and Duasa, Jarita (2019) Economic and monetary integration in East Asia. In: International Seminar on Islam and Science (SAIS) 2019, 31st October 2019, Nilai,. Negeri Sembilan.
  18. Duasa, Jarita (2014) East Asia Regional integration: A concern on economics and human development. In: International Conference on Trends in Economics, Humanities and Management (ICTEHM 14), 13th-14th August 2014, Pattaya, Thailand.
  19. Duasa, Jarita (2015) Measuring the optimal government size that contribute to economic growth of the Muslim countries. In: The First International Conference on Shari’ah Oriented Public Policy in Islamic Economic System (ICOSOPP 2015), 30th-31st March 2015, Ar-Raniry State Islamic University, Banda Aceh, Indonesia . (Unpublished)
  20. Arshad, Shaista and Rizvi, Syed Aun Raza and Mat Ghani, Gairuzazmi and Duasa, Jarita (2016) Investigating stock market efficiency: a look at OIC member countries. Research in International Business and Finance, 36. pp. 402-413. ISSN 0275-5319

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12Does exchange rate risks matter for exports? a case of Malaysia1603
13Asymmetric cointegration relationship between real exchange rate and trade variables: the case of Malaysia1578
14Asymmetric cointegration relationship between real exchange rate and trade variables: the case of Malaysia 1438
15An economic impact assessment of a microcredit program in Malaysia: the case of Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia (AIM)1436
16Real exchange rate and trade variables: asymmetric cointegration relationship1410
17Income convergence and the degree of openess: the case of selected Muslim countries1385
18Determinants of training and its impact on firms' performance: evidence from Malaysia 1381
19Oil price exposure to asset returns: a disaggregate analysis 1361
20Predicting global crisis recovery period: lesson from 1997 crisis1347
21Income convergence or income divergence?: a study on selected OIC countries1303
22The role of Muslim women in generating household income through micro or small scale enterprises: the case study of Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia1296
23Relationship between environmental performance and economic development1233
24A framework to estimate the willingness to pay of household for air quality improvement : a case study in Klang Valley, Malaysia.1210
25An asymmetric cointegration approach of foreign portfolio investment-growth nexus1194
26Non-linear cointegration and adjustment: exponential smooth-transition model for Malaysian export demand1132
27Readings on applied economics: application of Malaysian economic data1102
28Investigating stock market efficiency: a look at OIC member countries1067
29Managerial economics1035
30Financial development and economic growth: the experiences of selected OIC countries1031