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  10. Omer, Spahic (2019) Appreciating the architecture of Shamiyyah. Dar Al Wahi Publication, Kuala Lumpur. ISBN 978-967-2008-94-1
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  15. Omer, Spahic (2018) Old versus new in the Sa'udi expansions of the mosque of the Prophet (S.A.W). Hamdard Islamicus, XLI (1&2). pp. 227-266. ISSN 0250-7196
  16. Omer, Spahic (2019) Communicating with Allah. islamicity.
  17. Omer, Spahic (2019) Masjid al-Haram expansion: acceptance or criticism? islamiCity.
  18. Spahic, Omer (2018) The Islamic worldview, knowledge and civilization: implementing the vision and mission of IIUM. islamicity.org.
  19. Spahic, Omer (2018) The history and architecture of Al-Masjid Al-Haram. Institut Terjemahan & Buku Malaysia (ITBM), Kuala Lumpur. ISBN 978-967-460-785-2
  20. Spahic, Omer (2019) History and theory of Islamic architecture. IIUM Press, International Islamic University Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. ISBN 978-967-491-003-7

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1Islamic architecture : its philosophy, spiritual significance & some early developments2427
2Islam, architecture & urban planning2320
3Islam & housing1812
4A conceptual framework for sustainability in Islamic architecture: the significance of the concepts of man and the environment1608
5The philosophy of decoration in Islamic architecture1508
6Conceptualizing Islamic architecture1348
7Prophet Muhammad’s observations and guidance on the construction of buildings 1335
8Sectional analysis of pendentive dome mosques during Ottoman era= Analyse sectionalle des mosquees a dome pendentif pendant l'epoque Ottomane1275
9Appreciating beauty in Islam1217
10Islamic architecture and the prospect of its revival today1212
11Some lessons from Prophet Muhammad(SAW) in architecture: the Prophet's Mosque in Madinah1169
12The Mosque as a Community Center: A Concept and Evolution1022
13The lessons of Prophet Muhammad in urban planning and development928
14The concepts of God, man and the environment in Islam: implications for Islamic architecture843
15Some lessons from the holy Qur'an on housing 823
16Studies in the Islamic built environment 817
17The contributions of the Mamluks to the architecture of the Prophet’s Mosque = Sumbangan dinasti Mamluk kepada senibina Masjid Nabawi810
18Sustainability in Islamic architecture713
19al-Wasatiyyah and some of its implications for Islamic built environment663
20From mosques to khanqahs: the origins and rise of Sufi institutions595
21The prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and urbanization of Madinah586
22The dome of the rock: an analysis of its origins 580
23Rationalizing the permissibility of mosque decoration575
24Mosque decoration between acceptance and rejection570
25Architecture and society: some lessons on Muslim architecture from India568
26God as the only creator: some implications for conceptualising Islamic architecture567
27Observations on housing planning and development in Madinah during the Prophet’s time550
28From mosques to Khanqahs: the origins and rise of sufism and sufi institutions 527
29An analysis of the expansion of the prophet’s mosque by Caliph ‘Uthman b. ‘Affan (d. 36 AH/656 CE)526
30Some observations on the origins of the Dome of the Rock514