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  1. Nor Azhar, Ali Saifuddin and Mohd. Hussain, Mohd. Ramzi and Tukiman, Izawati and Mohamad Nadzri, Amira Arisya (2023) The sustainability of urban green space during pandemic crises. In: International Conference On Civil And Environmental Engineering 2022, 29-30 Aug 2022, Penang, Malaysia.
  2. Mohd. Hussain, Mohd. Ramzi (2023) Kestabilan alam sekitar kunci kesejahteraan masyarakat, ekonomi. Berita Harian, 25 Jan 2023.
  3. Mohd. Hussain, Mohd. Ramzi (2023) Pelan khas pembangunan jamin kelestarian alam sekitar berkekalan. Berita Harian MALAYSIA, 14 January 2023.
  4. Mohd. Hussain, Mohd. Ramzi and Tukiman, Izawati and Mohd Yusuf, Bibi Noraini and Tasnim, Razinda and UNSPECIFIED (2022) Mapping of cultural landscape resources of Perlis in relation to the tourism industry. Asean Journal of Engineering and Technology, 2 (3). pp. 11-16. E-ISSN 2600 - 9056
  5. Mohd. Hussain, Mohd. Ramzi (2022) Syor wujudkan PPS khas simpan harta, kenderaan mangsa banjir. Berita Harian Malaysia, 20 October 2022.
  6. Mohd. Hussain, Mohd. Ramzi (2022) Projek tebatan banjir perlu dirancang secara teliti, sistematik. Berita Harian, 27 August 2022. p. 12.
  7. Mohd. Hussain, Mohd. Ramzi (2022) Pokok tentukan sihat, sakit kita. Utusan Malaysia, 25 Aug 2022.
  8. Mohd. Hussain, Mohd. Ramzi (2022) Urban green spaces as an index for the sustainable mental-health policy during Pandemic outbreak. In: EPWG 02 2021A – Developing APEC Cities and Built Environments Strategy: Build Back Better Post Covid-19 Pandemic, 15-16 August 2022, Virtual. (Unpublished)
  9. Mohd. Hussain, Ali Saifuddin Nor Azhar and Mohd. Hussain, Mohd. Ramzi and Tukiman, Izawati (2022) Urban green space for sustainable environmental health in relation to Pandemic crises. International Journal of Built Environment and Sustainability, 9 (2-2). pp. 87-101. ISSN 1511-1369 E-ISSN 2289–8948
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  13. Mohd. Hussain, Mohd. Ramzi (2022) Optimumkan peranan arkitek landskap dalam projek pembangunan. Berita Harian, 27 January 2022.
  14. Mohd. Hussain, Mohd. Ramzi (2022) Infrastruktur 'biru, hijau' tingkatkan daya tahan bandar. Berita Harian, 18 Januari 2022.
  15. Mohd. Hussain, Mohd. Ramzi (2022) Pelan induk tindakan mitigasi panduan penting urus bencana. Berita Harian, 04 January 2022.
  16. Muda, Rahsidi Sabri and Mohd. Hussain, Mohd. Ramzi and Tukiman, Izawati and Abdullah, Fatin Shahira (2021) Dam safety emergency action plan: a current practice for hydropower dam in Malaysia. In: 6th World Multidisciplinary Civil Engineering, Architecture: Urban Planning Symposium (WMCAUS 2021) ,, 14th-18th June 2021, Prague, Czech Republic.
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  19. Mohd. Hussain, Mohd. Ramzi (2021) Jadikan kebun bandar barisan hadapan sekuriti makanan. Berita Harian, 08 December 2021.
  20. Mohd. Hussain, Mohd. Ramzi (2021) Ruang hijau bandar 'terapi' kesihatan mental ketika pandemik. Berita Harian, 06 November 2021. p. 11.

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1Urban green space for sustainable environmental health in relation to Pandemic crises667
2The Green Building Index (GBI): an innovation in landscape architecture 619
3Theories of Actor Network Theory (ANT) in information technology602
4The application of the Green Building Index (GBI) on sustainable site planning and management for residential new construction: prospects and future benefits551
5The Green Building Index (GBI) on landscape architecture scope of works542
6The impact of landscape design on house prices and values in urban areas539
7Quality air monitoring equipment: the review of air quality monitoring equipment536
8Safe havens and evacuation routes due to dam disaster511
9Cultural landscape: a new paradigm for landscape architecture497
10The Green Building Index (GBI): an innovation in landscape architecture 492
11Building capacity through school based engagement on dam safety program in Cameron Highlands475
12Food wastes management: practice of composting process at the IIUM Kuantan Campus469
13Pocket park as an urban place-making468
14Particulate matter (PM 2.5) at construction site: a review463
15Campus landscape environment for student with disabilities: a case of International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), Gombak Campus460
16Landscape design as part of green and sustainable building design458
17Determination of heavy metals concentration in food waste compost on root uptake of capsicum annuum L452
18Cultural landscape: reclaiming the heritage of Minagkabau in Negeri Sembilan451
19The importance and involvement of landscape architecture in the Green Building Index (GBI) practice447
20Planning staff as an actor of Geographic Information Systems (GIS)translation in the Planning Departments of the Kuala Lumpur City Hall, Malaysia440
21Green architecture in built environment440
22Place attachment in relation to urban street vitality439
23Landscape design for residential area438
24Utilization of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in dam disaster management: evacuation planning434
25Inclusive disaster risk management (DRM) for Bertam valley community433
26Campus landscape environment for student with disabilities (SwDs)in IIUM431
27Place attachment in relation to urban street vitality430
28Urban farming and its importance for environmental sustainability428
29Barrier free campus landscape for students with disabilities428
30Heritage reclamation: focusing on Negeri Sembilan’s Minangkabau cultural landscape427