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  1. Hasan, Md. Mahmudul (2023) Teachers’ indifference to students’ pain. New Age. p. 8.
  2. Hasan, Md. Mahmudul (2023) AbdulHamid A. AbuSulayman: an intellectual trailblazer in educational and social reform. In: Bringing Higher Education to a Greater Height: A Festschrift in Honour of AbduHamid AbuSulayman. AHAS KIRKHS, IIUM, Gombak, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, pp. 130-139. ISBN 9789671981276
  3. Hasan, Md. Mahmudul (2023) Remembering one of Malaysia’s best sons, Mohd. Kamal Hassan (1942-2023). IIUM Today, 17 Mar 2023.
  4. Hasan, Md. Mahmudul (2023) Remembering John Molyneux, friend of Palestinians and oppressed peoples. New Straits Times, 16 Mar 2023.
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  6. Hasan, Md. Mahmudul (2023) Why the West recognise poet-philosopher Muhammad Iqbal. New Straits Times, 19 Feb 2023.
  7. Hasan, Md. Mahmudul (2023) Contemporary Bangladesh politics and Ali Riaz’s Nikhoj Gonotontra. Prothom Alo English, 2 Feb 2023.
  8. Hasan, Md. Mahmudul (2023) Wife beating points to husband's ignorance of basic Islamic teachings. New Straits Times, 27 January 2023.
  9. Hasan, Md. Mahmudul (2023) Manufacturing fear as a political tool. New Age. p. 9.
  10. Hasan, Md. Mahmudul (2023) Spell it as 'Makkah' when referring to Islam's holy city. New Straits Times, 20 Jan 2023.
  11. Hasan, Md. Mahmudul (2023) The rhetoric of 'it happens' and whataboutism in political apologia. The Daily Star, 9 Jan 2023. p. 8.
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1Gendered migrant experiences and multiple identities of Muslim women in Leila Aboulela’s Minaret and Shelina Janmohamed’s Love in a Headscarf825
2Ali Riaz’s ‘More than meets the Eye’ and a writer’s responsibility636
3The Islamization of English literary studies: a postcolonial approach634
4S M A Rashidul Hasan622
5Adapting fairy tales through an Islamic lens: a study of Gilani-Williams’ Cinderella: an Islamic tale584
6Killing the angel in the house and “telling the truth about my own experiences as a body”: an Islamic perspective on Virginia Woolf’s stance on Victorian gender ideology556
7Seeking freedom in the “third space” of diaspora: Muslim women's identity in Aboulela's Minaret and Janmohamed's love in a headscarf535
8The orientalization of gender531
9Islam’s encounter with women’s rights and feminism: the need for greater engagement of Muslim women522
10Nawab Faizunnesa's Rupjalal515
11136th birth anniversary of Begum Rokeya : Rokeya's wake-up call to women498
12Rokeya’s anti-colonial ideas: corporate exploitation of women in Bangladesh494
13Conclusion: stranded refugees and the global conscience493
14Facing the challenges of the humanities and social sciences: the IIUM Way487
15OPINION: Rokeya’s tolerance and magnanimity484
16The trope of home and the representation of Muslim women in Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain and in Attia Hosain's Sunlight on a Broken Column482
17Adaptation and auteurism in South Asian Studies with reference to Rabindranath Tagore’s Works on Screen481
18Fetishized hijab and resilient Muslim women: Representations of the veil in Leila Aboulela’s Minaret and in Shelina Janmohamed’s Love in a Headscarf472
19Hassan Ibn Thabit’s poetry462
20Commemorating Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain and contextualising her work in South Asian Muslim feminism460
21My PhD in English literature at Portsmouth460
22The private-public dichotomy in Rokeya's works459
23Nasrin Gone Global: A Critique of Taslima Nasrin’s Criticism of Islam and Her Feminist Strategy455
24Syed Sajjad Husain455
25The intellectual and religious crisis of the modern educated Muslims: A study of Muhammad Kutb’s critique of colonial education policy in Muslim societies449
26Marmaduke Pickthall: a forgotten english novelist446
27Oppression versus liberation: Representation of hijab in two post-9/11 British literary texts443
28Intimate revelations: conversations among ‘evil’ women in Rokeya’s Padmarag442
29Good literature and bad literature: debate on Islam and poetry440
30Think twice before taking bribe: the binary of corruption and dignity438