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Dr. Zahid Zamri

Assistant Professor

Department of Political Science

Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences, International Islamic University Malaysia

Critical Theory and Emancipatory Strategy, Islamic and Malay-Muslim Political Thought, Political-Sociology of Intellectual(s), Grounded Theory

Zahid Zamri has immense interest in critical theory and its plausible connections with the Islamic and the Malay-Muslim political thought in relation to the question of emancipatory strategy. He also researches on the political-sociology of intellectuals especially within the Malaysian context. His Ph.D. thesis entitled "Reframing Organic Intellectuals in Malaysia: Women's Advocacy Amongst Selected Malay Muslim Women Academics" was supervised by Associate Professor Dr. Jatswan Singh Sidhu (University of Malaya) and examined by Dr. Roy Anthony Rogers (University of Malaya), Associate Professor Dr. Maila Stivens (University of Melbourne) and Professor James Chin (University of Tasmania). He was a part-time academic and the subject-matter expert for political science at the Open University Mmore...

PhD in International and Strategic Studies, University of Malaya. M.HSc. in Political Science, International Islamic University Malaysia. B.HSc. in Political Science (Islamic Revealed Knowledge Minor), International Islamic University Malaysia. Diploma in Computer Science, Universiti Putra Malaysia.

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Latest Additions

  1. Zamri, Zahid (2021) The Monarch and his mini zoo: the case of the pet lover Sultan. In: Animal / Privacy: Historical and Conceptual Approaches, 8 - 9 November 2021, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, and University of Kent, United Kingdom. (Unpublished)
  2. Zamri, Zahid (2021) Uncleanliness at the larger scale: The problems of global capitalism. In: Seminar on Cleanliness: The Epitome of Our Faith - An Integration of Knowledge Initiative Featuring Speakers from Various Domain of Knowledge, 15 October 2021, International Islamic University Malaysia. (In Press)
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