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  1. Rashid, Md. Mizanur and Bartsch, Katharine (2014) Architecture of the Adelaide Mosque; hybridity, resilience and assimilation. Traditional Dwellings and Settlements Review, XXV (II). pp. 65-75. ISSN 1050-2092
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  3. Rashid, Md. Mizanur and Salleh, Nurul Hamiruddin and Nik Din, Nik Abdul Aziz (2013) The royals, the religion and the rituals; capturing of architectural narrative of a Malay royal palace. In: Architecture Politics Art Conference (ARCHHIST '13), 24-27 Apr 2013, Istanbul, Turkey.
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  14. Rashid, Md. Mizanur and Rahaman, Hafizur (2008) Bringing back the lost monument: interactive virtual model of Sompur Mahavihara, Bengal. In: Conference on Virtual Systems and MultiMedia Dedicated to Digital Heritage (VSMM'08), 20-25 October 2008, Limassol, Cyprus.