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Dr Ricca Rahman Nasaruddin

Asisstant Professor

Biochemical-Biotechnology Engineering,

Metal nanocluster, Catalysis, Ligand engineering, Biodiesel production

Ph.D in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (NUS, Singapore) - 2018 MSc. in Biotechnology Engineering (IIUM, Malaysia) - 2013 BEng. in Biochemical-Biotechnology Engineering (IIUM, Malaysia) - 2010

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Latest Additions

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  3. Liu, Yanbiao and Liu, Xiang and Yang, Shengnan and Li, Fang and Shen, Chensi and Huang, Manhong and Li, Junjing and Nasaruddin, Ricca Rahman and Xie, Jianping (2018) Rational design of high-performance continuous-flow microreactors based on gold nanoclusters and graphene for catalysis. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 6 (11). pp. 15425-15433. ISSN 2168-0485
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  5. Nasaruddin, Ricca Rahman and Yao, Qiaofeng and Chen, Tiankai and Hülsey, Max J. and Yan, Ning and Xie, Jianping (2018) Hydride-induced ligand dynamic and structural transformation of gold nanoclusters during a catalytic reaction. Nanoscale, 10 (48). pp. 23113-23121. E-ISSN 2040-3372
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  10. Nasaruddin, Ricca Rahman and Jami, Mohammed Saedi and Alam, Md. Zahangir (2012) The potential of artificial neural network (ANN) in optimizing media constituents of citric acid production by solid state bioconversion. International Food Research Journal, 19 (2). pp. 491-497. ISSN 2231 7546