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  1. Saad, Mazni and Haminuddin, Norsuhana and Jeinie, Mohamad Halim and Abdullah, Norhidayah and Sahrir, Muhammad Sabri and Mokhtar, Mohd Khalid (2024) Needs Analysis for Virtual Reality-based Safety Training Spotting Hazards in the Commercial Kitchens. In: International Conference on Business, Economics, Marketing and Management, 23 - 24 January 2024, Istanbul, Turkey.
  2. Saad, Mazni and Jaafar, Aishah Nawwarah and Ong, Mohd Hanafi Azman and Yulinda, Eni and Kumarasamy, Mokana Muthu and Mahmod, Razmah (2024) Blending Personal Health, Family Matters and Personal Time Management for the Best Work-life Balance. Advances in Social Sciences Research Journal (ASSRJ), 11 (2.2). pp. 319-332.
  3. Saad, Mazni and Haminuddin, Norsuhana and Jeinie, Mohamad Halim and Abdullah, Norhidayah and Sahrir, Muhammad Sabri and Mokhtar, Mohd Khalid (2024) Needs Analysis for Virtual Reality-based Safety Training in a Commercial Kitchen. Tuijin Jishu/Journal of Propulsion Technology, 44 (6). ISSN 1001-4055
  4. Saad, Mazni and Haminuddin, Norsuhana and Jeini, Mohammad Halim and Abdullah, Norhidayah and Sahrir, Muhammad Sabri and Mokhtar, Mohd Khalid (2024) Needs analysis for virtual reality-based safety training in a commercial kitchen. Tuijin Jishu/Journal of Propulsion Technology, 44 (6). 5650 -5662. ISSN 1001-4055
  5. Md Diton, NurFatin Adila and Mahamod, Lukman Hakim and Saad, Mazni (2023) Defining Muslim friendly cultural tourism. In: 2023 MAG Scholar Conference in Business, Marketing & Tourism, 7th - 9th November 2023, Bali, Indonesia.
  6. Md Ramli, Adilah and Mohd Noor, Harifah and Saad, Mazni and Sulistyo, Joko (2024) Exploring the driving factors behind traditional food entrepreneurs in Sabah and Selangor. Environment-Behaviour Proceedings Journal, 9 (27). pp. 199-204. E-ISSN 2398-4287
  7. Saad, Mazni and Ishak, Nur Fatihah and Abukhalifeh, Alaa Nimer and Abu Hassan, Norhaslin (2024) Dark Tourism Destination Sustainability: assessing visitors’ motivation and experience towards disaster sites in Malaysia. Environmental-Behaviour Proceedings Journal, 9 (27). pp. 249-254. E-ISSN 2398-4287
  8. Alias, Zuraini and Mohamed Mohan, Noor Malinda and Abdol Ghani, Mohd Reza and Saad, Mazni and Abdullah, Mokhtar (2023) Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design for Low-Income Residents (B40) in Sabah, Malaysia. Nakhara: Journal of Environmental Design and Planning (2023), 22 (3). pp. 1-21. ISSN 2672-9016 E-ISSN 2651-2416
  9. Abdullah, Norhidayah and Ishak, Noriza and Saad, Mazni and Abukhalifeh, Alaa Nimer (2023) Culinary Caravan:Unveiling Klang Valley's food truck frenzy and culture. Asian Journal of Environment-Behaviour Studies, 8 (24). pp. 1-12. E-ISSN 2514-751X
  10. Saad, Mazni and Ahmad Shah, Norliana and Supian, Kamisah and Abdul Rani, Anita and Abidin, Imaduddin (2023) Emotional and spiritual quotient for sustainable education’s service quality. International Journal of Evaluation and Research in Education (IJERE), 12 (4). pp. 1781-1790. ISSN 2252-8822 E-ISSN 2620-5440
  11. Saad, Mazni and Husin, Nor Azilah and Rosman, Siti Nur Hidayah and Husain, Rosita and Abdul Latif @ Bapoo, Lilisuriani (2023) The nexus of community perception on turning idyllic Panchor town into a future river tourism destination. Cogent Social Sciences, 9 (2). pp. 1-18. E-ISSN 2331-1886
  12. Usolludin, Hazi Hafizah and Saad, Mazni and Mohamad Ali, Afiza and Abdul Latif, Samshul Amry and Azuddin, Muna and Fairuz Ramli, Mona (2022) Usability evaluation for arts, culture, and heritage mobile application among Asnaf Entrepreneurs in Perlis. In: Conference of Future and Sustainable Education (CFSE) 2022, 29-30 November 2022, Gambang, Kuantan, Pahang.
  13. Md Ramli, Adilah and Saad, Mazni and Md Shariff, Mohd Shazali and Sulistyo, Joko (2023) Traditional food entrepreneurs in Sabah and Selangor states: a qualitative perspective. Journal of ASIAN Behavioural Studies, 8 (25). pp. 87-97. E-ISSN 2514-7528
  14. Md Ramli, Adilah and Saad, Mazni and Md Shariff, Mohd Shazali and Sulistyo, Joko (2023) Examining local traditional food entrepreneurs in Selangor and Sabah staates during Covid 19 pandemic. In: AicE-Bs2023Marrakech 11th ABRA International Conference on Environment-Behaviour Studies, Marrakech, Morocco, 1-7 Mar 2023, 1-7 March 2023, Marrakech, Morocco.
  15. Mohamad Makmor, Mohamad Fared and Jamaluddin, Zaharuzaman and Saad, Mazni (2023) Logistics best practices towards logistics performance in Malaysia moderated with lean logistics. In: 10th International Conference on Business, Accounting, Finance and Economics, 2022, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman.
  16. Abdullah, Norhidayah and Ishak, Noriza and Saad, Mazni and Abukhalifeh, Alaa Nimer and Bujang, Aisah (2022) Culture Bites: A reality of food truck in Klang Valley Malaysia. Environment-Behaviour Proceedings Journal, 7 (22). pp. 47-53. E-ISSN 2398-4287
  17. Noor Azmi, Ain Fatihin and Abdullah, Norhidayah and Saad, Mazni and Turgarini, Dewi and Mat Yusoff, Norhayati (2022) Riders’ food safety knowledge and practices: do they comply. International Journal of Academic Research in Business & Social Sciences, 12 (11). pp. 774-787. ISSN 2222-6990
  18. Saad, Mazni and Omar, Azizah and Azman Ong, Mohd Hanafi and Tiwari, Veenus (2022) Tourists’ attitude matters for the international travelling intention to Malaysia: a study on tourism quality experience and travel frequency as determinant factors. Global Business and Management Research: An International Journal, 14 (3s). pp. 1486-1505. E-ISSN 1947-5667
  19. Saad, Mazni (2022) Perlis: Kembara Eko dan Warisan, Seni dan Budaya dalam Sektor Pelancongan Mesra Muslim Perlis. Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia, Kulliyyah of Languages and Management. ISBN 978-967-2771-10-4
  20. Saad, Mazni, ed. (2022) Kembara eko dan warisan, seni dan budaya dalam sektor pelancongan mesra muslim Perlis. National Library. ISBN 978-967-2771-10-4

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11Temporary food handlers’ compliance with effective food-hygiene practices640
12Assessing the use of linear regression analysis in examining service quality and customer satisfaction relationship in premium casual restaurants (PCR) in Subang Jaya (Klang Valley) Malaysia633
13Film-induced tourism: push and pull motivation factors of local young travelers to visit film locations in Malaysia623
14Working in private universities does emotional intelligence matter for job effectiveness620
15Developing the rural town of Panchor into a future river-based tourism destination: host community perception609
16Prioritizing safety training for a more personal compliance of a safe and healthy work environment among students and staff of higher education institutions of Selangor607
17Tourists' experience on destination loyalty: a case study of Islamic architecture in Kuala Terengganu.606
18Effect of spiritual intelligence on leadership effectiveness and food-hygiene practices600
19Testing the mediating role of management commitment to enhancing workplace behaviour and personal compliance within the university environment599
20Exploring host community perception of Panchor town for tourist destination based on social exchange theory598
21Tourists perception and satisfaction and towards local food in Muar, Johor.597
22Enriching the international tourist experience of local Malaysian cuisine and a guarantee of a purchase intention595
23The acceptance of satay innovation for domestic tourism.593
24Enhancing regular monitoring of food-contact surface hygiene with rapid microbial kits592
25Exploring the potential of rendang as local food heritage of Negeri Sembilan.588
26Best practices among 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) firms in Malaysia towards logistics performance587
27The impact of Malaysian public sector in the relationship between transformational leadership styles and career development585
28Food contact surfaces’ hidden secrets and food handlers’ state of readiness575
29Re-evaluating the international tourists’ experience of local Malaysian food: what made them come back for a second taste?569
30Service quality and customer satisfaction in relationship in casual western dining restaurants in Malaysia566