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Dr Abdillah Noh

Associate Professor

Department of Political Science

Kulliyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences

Public Policy, Public Administration, Governance, Politics

I work in the area of public policy, public administration, governance and political economy. I am currently setting my sights on issues of governance and co-creation in the area of public policy. I believe that in highly complicated world where trust and confidence in government are waning, there is a need for bureaucracy to look at new ways to restore confidence and improve public service delivery. One area that needs probing is in the area of governance and how governance intersect with issues of political economy. I have a DPhil (Politics) from St Antony's College, University of Oxford. I have also majored in areas of finance, regulation and risk management, economics and public policy and administration.

DPhil (Politics) - University of Oxford. MSc (Finance, Risk and Regulation) - University of Reading. MSc (Econs) Public Policy - University of Hull. BA (Hons) Public Policy - University of Brunei.

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Latest Additions

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