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Manufacturing and Materials Engineering


Advanced Composite Materials, Hybrid Composite Coating, Sustainable light weight materials, Surface Engineering, Tribology & Tribo-corrosion

Dr. Md Abdul Maleque is a Professor in Materials Engineering, Advisor of Advanced Materials & Surface Engg. Research Unit (AMSERU), International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) and Chairman of TC on Standardization of Alloy Steel in Malaysia (National Committee), at department of Standard Malaysia (DSM). He started his career as a lecturer in 1995 at the faculty of Engineering, University of Malaya, Malaysia. Since then, he served in various teaching and research capacities with University of Malaya and Multimedia University until 2007. He then joined with IIUM in 2009 and engaged actively in research, teaching, supervision, administrative work, securing national and international research grants and publishing research findings in reputed journals. and Chairman of National Alloy Steelmore...

PhD in Mechanical Engineering (Tribology and Tribo-material) from UM, Malaysia; M.Sc. and B.Sc. Engg. (First Class) in Metallurgical Engineering from BUET, Bangladesh. Leaders in Innovation Fellowships 2019-2020, Royal Academy of Engineering, UK

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  1. Maleque, Md. Abdul and Idris, Nazrin and Rahman, Mohammad M. and Sayeed Hossain, Mohammad (2020) Particulate composite protective coating using conventional melting approach. In: Encyclopedia of renewable and sustainable materials. Elsevier, UK, pp. 510-516. ISBN 9780128035818
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  10. Zetty Akhta, A. M. and Rahman, Md Mustafizur and Kadirgama, Kumaran and Maleque, Md. Abdul (2020) Effect of TiO2 and Al2O3-ethylene glycol-based nanofluids on cutting temperature and surface roughness during turning process of AISI 1018. In: "Energy Security and Chemical Engineering Congress 2019, ESChE 2019", 17 - 19 July 2019, Parkroyal Resort Penang.
  11. Maleque, Md. Abdul (2020) A systematic literature review. In: Webinar on Sytematic Literature Review, 22nd September 2020, Kuala Lumpur. (Unpublished)
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