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  1. Abdul Hadi, Azwanis and Md Aris, Mohd Aznan and Azmi, Nurul Husna and Nasreen, Hashima E and Che Ahmad, Aminudin (2019) A review of the diabetic foot in Malaysian perspective. World Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Research, 5 (9). pp. 40-43. ISSN 2455-3301
  2. Abdul Hadi, Azwanis and Mohd Nawawi, HawariI Musyir and Shamsuri, Nurafifah and Rahim, Nurul Najihah and Pasi, Hafizah (2019) Smartphone addiction and its relationship with physiological health among students of a medical school in East Coast Malaysia. Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research, 12 (8). pp. 257-260. ISSN 0974-2441 E-ISSN 2455-3891
  3. Abdul Hadi, Azwanis (2017) Burden among caregivers of stroke patients in Kelantan. IIUM Press, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. ISBN 978-967-418-713-2
  4. Jamani, Nurjasmine Aida and Jahn Kassim, Puteri Shanaz and Abdul Hadi, Azwanis (2018) The man with sweaty palm and soles. Malaysian Family Physician, 13 (1). pp. 52-54. ISSN 1985-207X E-ISSN 1985-2274
  5. Abdul Hadi, Azwanis and Pasi, Hafizah and Abd Alla Yousseff, Nivin Essameldin (2018) Prevalence of depression amongst caregivers of stroke patients attending Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia. International Medical Journal of Malaysia, 17 (Special Issue No 2). pp. 195-200. E-ISSN 1823-4631