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  1. Alatrturi, Basheer H. M. and Alshammri, Ahmad Alrazni and Saiti, Buerhan and Erol, Turan (2018) A three-way analysis of the relationship between the USD value and the prices of oil and gold: a wavelet analysis. AIMS Energy, 6 (3). pp. 487-504. ISSN 2333-8334
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1The impact of efficiency on discretionary loans/finance loss provision: a comparative study of Islamic and conventional banks737
2Consumer behavior dynamics of chinese minorities720
3A wavelet-based approach to testing shari’ah-compliant stock market contagion:evidence from the ASEAN countries668
4The diversification benefits from Islamic investment during the financial turmoil: the case for the US-based equity investors666
5Estimation of dynamic conditional correlations of Shariah-compliant stock indices through the application of multivariate GARCH approach657
6Islamic interbank money market: contracts, instruments and their pricing648
7Sale of goods and sale of debts: a comparative analysis645
8The legal maxims of Islamic law (Excluding five leading legal maxims) and their applications in Islamic finance636
9Integration between the conventional and Islamic stock indices with the US stock market: evidence from cointegration analysis606
10Holistic view on Malaysian Islamic interbank money market: A critical assessment 588
11Palm oil price, exchange rate, and stock market: a wavelet analysis on the Malaysian market 583
12Musharakah Tijarah cross-border financing: concept, structure and salient features582
13Risk-taking behavior and capital adequacy in a mixed banking system: new evidence from Malaysia using dynamic OLS and two-step dynamic system GMM estimators580
14Cointegration of Islamic stock indices: evidence from five ASEAN countries546
15Sukuk issuance in China: trends and positive expectations545
16An analysis of financial speculation: from the Maqasid Al-Shari'ah perspective520
17The awareness and attitude towards Islamic banking: a study in Malaysia510
18Dynamic relations between sukuk and conventional bond markets: an analysis of international portfolio diversification508
19The impact of crude oil price on Islamic stock indices of South East Asian countries: evidence from MGARCH-DCC and wavelet approaches508
20An analysis of reputational risks in Islamic banks in Malaysia with a proposed conceptual framework505
21Does the global Sukuk market offer any portfolio diversification opportunity for Indonesian investors?505
22Testing the conventional and Islamic financial market contagion: evidence from wavelet analysis501
23A comparative study of the historical and current development of the GCC insurance and Takaful industry 484
24Oil price and exchange rates: a wavelet analysis for organisation of oil exporting countries members479
25The co-movement of selective conventional and Islamic stock indices: is there any impact on shariah compliant equity investment in China?478
26The lead-lag relationship among East Asian economies: a wavelet analysis476
27The effects of monetary policy on the Islamic financial services industry472
28Islamic bank retail financing products and services: A critical assessment469
29Oil price and exchange rates: a wavelet analysis for OPEC members451
30Islamic banking and finance in South-East Asia: its development and future (3rd ed.). By Angelo M. Venardos. Singapore: World Scientific Publishing, 2012, pp. 235, ISBN: 978-981-4350-42-6.449