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  1. Ali, Muhammad Mumtaz (2021) Islamic perspective on leadership: a framework for practice in the contemporary world. In: 2nd International Conference of Islamic Studies-2021 (ICIS-2021), Pakistan. (Unpublished)
  2. Boukary, Sila and Ali, Muhammad Mumtaz (2021) Al-Masiri’s framework in understanding and examining the Jewish communities. In: 2nd International Multidisciplinary Conference on Education, Innovation and Social Sciences 2021, 25 September 2021, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Virtual).
  3. Ali, Muhammad Mumtaz (2021) Reality of the Fear of Coronavirus. Islamicity, 15 January 2021.
  4. Ali, Muhammad Mumtaz (2021) Who is my first teacher? Islamicity, 29 January 2021.
  5. Ali, Muhammad Mumtaz (2021) A book that mentions you. Islamicity, 30 January 2021.
  6. Ali, Muhammad Mumtaz (2021) Hajj: source of human unity and universality. Islamicity, 2 July 2021.
  7. Ali, Muhammad Mumtaz (2021) Need to return to Allah-All-High, All-Glorious. Radiance viewsweekly, LVIII (44). ISSN 0971-4006
  8. Ali, Muhammad Mumtaz (2021) Islamic scientific development and innovation: the COVID-19 pandemic. In: Sarasehan Webinar and the Pandemic, Indonesia. (Unpublished)
  9. Ali, Mohd Mumtaz (2021) One fate, one humanity: lessons from Coronavirus. In: Staying safe & staying sane: reflections during Covid-19 pandemic. KIRKHS, IIUM & Majlis Keselamatan Negara, Kuala Lumpur, pp. 20-23. ISBN 978-967-19812-0-7
  10. Ali, Muhammad Mumtaz (2021) Memorial webinar honoring Prof. Emeritus Dato’ Dr. Abdul Hamid Abu Sulayman. In: Memorial Webinar Honoring Prof. Emeritus Dato’ Dr. Abdul Hamid Abu Sulayman., Kuala Lumpur. (Unpublished)
  11. Ali, Muhammad Mumtaz (2021) In memory of Dr. Abdul Hamid Abu Sulayman. In: Special Lecture on “In Memory of Dr. Abdul Hamid Abu Sulayman” (1936-2021)., Islamonweb. (Unpublished)
  12. Ali, Muhammad Mumtaz (2021) The Islamic movement in the West: vision and mission. In: 19th Motivational Speech, Canada. (Unpublished)
  13. Ali, Muhammad Mumtaz (2021) Rethinking epistemology: reflections on some Quranic statements. In: Organizes Extension Lecture Series (Lecture 8)., Kashmir. (Unpublished)
  14. Ali, Muhammad Mumtaz (2021) Abdul Hamid Abu Sulayman’s Contributions to Islamisation of Knowledge. In: AHAS Lecture Series, International Islamic University Malaysia. (Unpublished)
  15. Ali, Muhammad Mumtaz (2021) Special lecture on History and Philosophy of IOK. In: Special Lecture on History and Philosophy of IOK, New Delhi. (Unpublished)
  16. Ali, Muhammad Mumtaz (2021) Rethinking modern science. In: Summer School in August 2021, Paris. (Unpublished)
  17. Ali, Muhammad Mumtaz (2021) New perspective for education. In: Summer School in August 2021, Paris. (Unpublished)
  18. Ali, Muhammad Mumtaz (2021) Islamization of knowledge: general principles and work plan — 1982 and 1989. In: Summer School in August 2021, Paris. (Unpublished)
  19. Ali, Muhammad Mumtaz (2021) Need for rethinking knowledge and education. In: Summer School in August 2021, Paris. (Unpublished)
  20. Ali, Muhammad Mumtaz (2021) Crisis in knowledge and education. In: Summer School in August 2021, Paris. (Unpublished)

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Item titleViews
1Ijtihad: a reflection on its role and scope1889
2Issues in Muslim liberal and Islamic revivalist thought: an analysis of the views of Watt and Sikand1839
3Issues in Islamization of human knowledge: civilization building discourse of contemporary Muslim thinkers1735
4The methodological principles of Da'wah of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w)1559
5Islamization of modern science and its philosophy: a contemporary civilizational discourse1204
6Islam and the western philosophy of knowledge : reflections on some aspects: contemporary methodological issues1203
7The contemporary intellectual crisis and lack of clear perception of science and scientific thinking: the challenge of the Quran 1181
8The contemporary intelectual crisis and lack of clear perception of science and scientific thinking1146
9The foundation and principles of critical thinking1101
10Rise and fall of civilization: causes from the perspective of the Qur'an1043
11The empowerment of women: Islamic and western perspectives944
12Contemporary discourse on gender equality in Indonesia: an analysis of the views of Siti Musdah Mulia874
13The shariah and law : An analysis801
14Wasaṭiyyah (moderation) as the principle and objective of the Shariah as a solution for preventing violence and extremism = Wasatiyyah (kesederhanaan) sebagai satu prinsip dan objektif Shariah adalah satu solusi mencegah keganasan dan ekstrim772
15Wasatiyya as a higher principle of the Shariah: a civilizational approach758
16Murad Wilfried Hofmann's views of the western worldview on religon: an analysis640
17Islamization of human knowledge: an overview of the concept, scope and method543
18The development of Islamic thought in post-independent India an appraisal of the views of Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi on multireligious harmony and Muslim identity = Perkembangan pemikiran Islam era pasca kemerdekaan India: penilaian pandangan Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi tentang keharmonian kepelbagaian agama dan identiti Muslim517
19Islamic ethics in search: an analysis479
20Da'wah in contemporary Japanese society: a case study of Tokyo mosque447
21Religious issues and Islamic thought in contemporary world: a few reflections416
22The history and philosophy of Islamization of knowledge: a preliminary study of pioneers' thought363
23My relationship with the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)272
24A new framework for the unity of Muslims: some reflections271
25The epistemological foundation of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies a critical analysis259
26Facing COVID-19 in the light of the maxim “No harm shall be inflicted or reciprocated”259
27Purpose and Implications of Islamic Dawah253
28Religious harmony in India’s post-independence phase: a comparative study of the approach of Abul Hasan Ali Nadawi and Wahiduddin Khan205
29Religious issues and Islamic thought in contemporary world: a few reflections120
30Reinvigoration of the Islamic Civilization100