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  1. Mohd Arof, Abdul Kariem and Aziz, M. F. and Mohd Noor, Mazni and Careem, M. A. and Bandara, L. R A K and Thotawatthage, C. A. and Rupasinghe, W. N S and Dissanayake, M. A.K.Lakshman (2014) Efficiency enhancement by mixed cation effect in dye-sensitized solar cells with a PVdF based gel polymer electrolyte. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 39 (6). pp. 2929-2935. ISSN 0360-3199
  2. Mohd Noor, Mazni and Buraidah, M.H. and Yusuf, S. N. F. and Careem, M. A. and Majid, S. R. and Arof, A.K. (2011) Performance of dye-sensitized solar cells with (PVDF-HFP)-KI-EC-PC electrolyte and different dye materials. International Journal of Photoenergy, 2011. pp. 1-6. ISSN 1687-529X
  3. Mohd. Noor, Mazni and Buraidah, M.H. and Careem, M.A. and Majid, S.R. and Arof, A.K. (2014) An optimized poly(vinylidene fluoride-hexafluoropropylene)–NaI gel polymer electrolyte and its application in natural dye sensitized solar cells. Electrochimica Acta, 121. pp. 159-167. ISSN 0013-4686