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  1. Yusof, Imran and Pathan, Al Sakib Khan (2016) Mitigating cross-site scripting attacks with a content security Policy. Computer, 49 (3). pp. 56-63. ISSN 0018-9162
  2. Mansouri, Houssem and Aliouat, Makhlouf and Badache, Nadjib and Khan, Al Sakib Pathan (2015) A non-blocking coordinated checkpointing algorithm for message-passing systems. In: International Conference on Intelligent Information Processing, Security and Advanced Communication ( IPAC 2015 ), 23rd–25th November 2015, Batna, Algeria.
  3. Mansour, Houssem and Badache, Nadjib and Aliouat, Makhlouf and Pathan, Al-Sakib Khan (2015) Adaptive fault tolerant checkpointing algorithm for cluster based mobile Ad Hoc networks. In: International Conference on Advanced Wireless Information and Communication Technologies (AWICT 2015), 5th-7th October 2015, Tunisia.
  4. Mansouri, Houssem and Badache, Nadjib and Aliouat, Makhlouf and Pathan, Al-Sakib Khan (2015) A new efficient checkpointing algorithm for distributed mobile computing. Journal of Control Engineering and Applied Informatics, 17 (2). pp. 43-54. ISSN 1454-8658
  5. Pathan, Al-Sakib Khan and Abdullah , Matin Saad and Al Shaikhli, Imad Fakhri (2015) Teaching and learning qur'anic Arabic utilizing adaptive and intelligent systems for collaborative learning (EDW B13-084-0969). Research Report. RMC, IIUM, IIUM. (Unpublished)
  6. Hossain, M. Shamim and Pathan, Al-Sakib Khan and Goebel, Stefan and Rahman, Shawon M. and Murshed, Manzur (2015) Advances in multimedia sensor networks for health-care and related applications. International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks. pp. 1-2. ISSN 1550-1329 (P) E-ISSN 1550-1477 (O)
  7. Pathan, Al-Sakib Khan and Fadlullah, Zubair Muhammad and Fouda, Mostafa M. and Monowar, Muhammad Mostafa and Korn, Philip (2015) Information integrity in smart grid systems. Information Systems. ISSN 0306-4379 (In Press)
  8. Pathan, Al-Sakib Khan and Mohammed, Mohssen M. Z. E. (2015) Building customer trust in cloud computing with an ICT-enabled global regulatory body. Wireless Personal Communications. ISSN 0929-6212 (p); 1572-834X (e)
  9. Boubiche, Djallel Eddine and Boubiche, Sabrina and Toral-Cruz, Homero and Pathan, Al-Sakib Khan and Bilami, Azzedine and Athmani, Samir (2015) SDAW: secure data aggregation watermarking-based scheme in homogeneous WSNs. Telecommunication Systems, 62 (2). pp. 277-288. ISSN 1572-9451 (O), 1018-4864 (P)
  10. Pathan, Al-Sakib Khan (2015) Building customer trust in cloud computing model. In: 2nd IEEE International Conference on Advances in Computing & Communication Engineering (ICACCE-2015), May 1-2, 2015, Dehradun, India, 1-2 May 2015, Dehradun, India. (Unpublished)
  11. Azad, Saiful and Hasan, Khandaker Tabin and Nandi, Dip and Pathan, Al-Sakib Khan (2015) A high-throughput routing metric for multi-hop underwater acoustic networks. Computers and Electrical Engineering, 44. pp. 24-33. ISSN 0045-7906
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  13. Mall, Dieynaba and Konaté, Karim and Pathan, Al-Sakib Khan (2015) Key revocation in wireless sensor networks: a survey on a less-addressed yet vital issue. International Journal of Ad Hoc and Ubiquitous Computing, 18 (1/2). pp. 3-22. ISSN 1743-8233 (O) 1743-8225 (P)
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  15. Karuppiah, A. Babu and Dalfiah, J. and Yuvashri, K. and Rajaram, S. and Pathan, Al-Sakib Khan (2014) A novel energy-efficient sybil node detection algorithm for intrusion detection system in wireless sensor networks. In: 3rd International Conference on Eco-Friendly Computing and Communication Systems (ICECCS 2014), 18th-21st December 2014, Mangalore, India.
  16. Mohammed, Mohssen M. Z. E. and Pathan, Al-Sakib Khan (2014) International center for monitoring cloud computing providers (ICMCCP) for ensuring trusted clouds. In: 20114 IEEE UIC/ATC/ScalCom Multi Conference, 9th-12th December 2014, Bali, Indonesia.
  17. Pathan, Al-Sakib Khan (2014) Basics of security and cryptography. In: Practical Cryptography: Algorithms and Implementations using C++. CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, USA, USA, pp. 1-10. ISBN 978-1-48-222889-2
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5Security wireless sensor networks: prospects, challenges, and future1636
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14Network management in distributed systems1482
15A detailed survey on various aspects of SQL Injection: vulnerabilities, innovative attacks, and remedies1480
16A walk through SQL injection: vulnerabilities, attacks, and countermeasures in current and future networks1480
17"무선 센서 네트워크에서 센서 노드들 사이의 메시지 암호화/복호화 방법" (Translated TITLE: Message encryption/ecryption method between sensor nodes in wireless sensor networks)1477
18A new data hiding technique based on irreducible polynomials1465
19Security attacks and challenges in wireless sensor networks1465
20Special issue on recent advances in next-generation and resource-constrained converged networks1463
21A new visual simulation tool for performance evaluation of MANET routing protocols1432
22PeerMate: a malicious peer detection algorithm for P2P systems based on MSPCA1424
23Security in wireless sensor networks: issues and challenges1420
24Accurate modeling of VoIP traffic QoS parameters in current and future networks with multifractal and Markov Models1412
25A resource-optimal key pre-distribution scheme with improved security for wireless sensor networks1411
26Network and traffic engineering in emerging distributed computing applications1403
27Peer-to-peer video-on-demand in future internet1380
28On the key factors of usability in small-sized mobile touch-screen application 1362
29Weakly connected dominating set-based secure clustering and operation in distributed sensor networks1352
30Public key cryptography in resource-constrained WSN1327